Monday, June 11, 2018

PJ Masks Party!

Banner is 4!! My sweet little Banner baby is turning four and I am NOT ok with it. And I also feel pretty bad because we are moving in a couple weeks so this party is not up to the same caliber as my usual parties. This is the SECOND time Banner has got ripped off because we are moving right around his birthday… poor kid. But I will say of all my kids to do this to,  he would be the best one. 

I took him to Party City and we bought out the entire store of PJ Masks stuff (his latest obsession) and although I wish I had the time and materials to make this the party I wanted, he said it was the best party ever so... mission accomplished I guess!

I threw Banner a huge Captain America party last year with a bunch of friends and family and he was… overwhelmed to stay the least haha. Banner is so sweet and SO shy and doesn't like big crowds. So when I asked him what he wanted this year he said a PJ Masks party and he just wanted his brother and grandma Shari to come :) He is so laid back and enjoys the simple things in life so we had a simple party but we all had so much fun. 

Since there were only two guests (his siblings) AND since I had no time or supplies,  I went out and bought expensive masks for the party and they love them! They haven't taken them off since. Everyone else got paper masks haha

 We also had treat bags and Banner's favourite treats! I was going to print off pictures and tape them around the drinks but I packed all our paper! Dummie...

I did have every intention of at least making a cake… But I had a garage sale the day before and was packing and working all week so… DQ Cake to the rescue!! I will say it is much less work and stress to do an ice cream cake (and I think everyone honestly enjoys them more anyway haha) and Banner LOVED the PJ Masks picture on his cake. 

Dad, grandma and uncle Brigham dressed up as the bad guys! 

We made pizzas for supper!

Played with bubbles outside :) 

Had ice cream cake! 

Can you tell how uncomfortable he is with all the attention? haha he is so like his dad that way. 

And of course he was spoiled with presents!!! He got this awesome light-up Iron man suit from grandma and was Gecko Iron-Man all day :) He also got a Star Wars sword and every PJ masks figure and car he could dream of! He was in heaven. 

Banner really is the sweetest kid. He is so funny and DOES talk a lot when he is comfortable around you. He LOVES the colour green and loves his family, especially his Grandma Shari. He is always so polite but SO SO stubborn. Have I mentioned he is like his dad? They are twins in EVERY way. He can throw the best tantrums (we did name his after the Hulk after all) but luckily they are very few and far between. He loves primary class and loves pizza and movie nights. He has amazing dance and ninja moves and loves music. He is the cutest 4 year old I know and we love him so much!!

I love my family and am so grateful that they all show up to celebrate my kids every party. Banner had the time of his life and is already planning his party next year haha. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Oh Deer Vann is Here!!!

The day has finally come people!! My bestie of like 1000 years had a perfect baby boy and I was SO EXCITED to throw her a baby shower. It is the first thing I asked her when she told me she was pregnant haha. The Nielson house was my second home growing up so it was so fun to see everyone in the same room again. All 3 of her sisters and mom were surprising her by coming!!! She has one sister in AZ and another sister and mom 6 hrs away so it was a big deal! 

I kind of mushed a bunch of themes together to fit their little family. Her husband is a big hunter and they had this little antler mount up in baby Vann's bedroom (it was her husband's first deer…cute!) I planned the whole shower around it! They also love the mountains and outdoors so we ended with a hunter/woodland/mountain theme :)

I loved making the paper mountains and mountain garland, they turned out so cute! And how great is that moss table runner!?

I never got a good table shot with ALL the food on… dang it! But you get the idea! 

Acorn Bites! (s'more ritz and kisses)

Veggie Kindling

Woodland Cookies!
We found this set of woodland animal cutters at IKEA and I am in love. I should have spread all the animals out more so you could see all the cute ones, but there were hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels, bears and my fav moose were at the bottom!

Birch Twigs

Mountain Tarts!
My first time doing tarts instead of cupcakes… I may be doing this forever now haha so good!

Berry Picking
I was having technical difficulties with my chocolate fountain…. the heater went out so when we poured all the chocolate in it got cold and lumpy and clogged… it was a disaster!!

My poor mom got chocolate all over her trying to help my get it fixed haha. We ended up just throwing all the chocolate in the crock pot… crisis adverted!

Nicole has this adorable dresser in her living room that we decorated to match the theme! I found that bath robe at Chapters and just about died from cuteness! 

I am a huge fan of relaxed games at parties. I just have stations and people can do the games on their own time and we announce winners at the end of the shower. 

Station 1: Name the baby animals

Station 2: Guess the price of the basket

Station 3:  Guess the number of candies in the bottles

Station 4: Guess the baby food flavours

The party favour table!!

I made cork planter magnets and I love them so much! Definitely recommend… cute and pretty minimal work! 

I love this girl and baby Vann (and Brant by default haha) so much!!! She really is a best friend for life and I was so happy I could throw her a good party. Love you Coly!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ninjago Birthday Party!!

It is happening people... I have a 5 year old!! Technically not until the end of the month... but we will be out of town the next few weekends and this was the only birthday-month-Saturday that we could make work!
This year's theme is Ninjago!!!

It is Boston's latest obsession and if you don't know what it is... it is Lego Ninjas haha. There is a tv show and a movie that just came out. We took the kids to it and they were in heaven! Boston is at the age where he is getting into Lego and who doesn't love ninjas? So it is easy to see why these kids love it so much. 

The spread!

Ninjago Powerade (I forgot my chalk board signs :( so writing under the pictures will have to do)

Ninja Fruit Staffs and "Serpentine" Veggies (bad guys on Ninjago)

Ninja cheese and meat plate (meat MIA for the picture haha)

Ninja Cookies! These looked so cute when I first made them but after they dried overnight the black started to bleed a little so they weren't quite perfect... but close!

Krispie Sushi

Ninjago Cake!!

The food color pen is my new favorite thing!! And it was chocolate cake of course! 

Party favors!!!! We had lego treat bags, ninja staffs (pvc pipe, pipe insulation and gold duct tape!)...

and masks!!! I forgot to take a picture of all the party guests in their masks :( so you will have to take my word that they all looked so cute!!! 

My little ninjas!!! There was a lot of staff fighting when all the guests arrived haha luckily they are pretty soft! I had made the staffs in just the black and Boston proceeded to tell me that Ninjago have GOLD weapons haha so I made him a special birthday boy gold staff and added it to the ends of everyone else's. 

We had a yummy lunch when everyone arrived and then we decorated our ninja stars!!

We had a long "Ninja Training Obstacle Course" down to the basement. They crawled through the streamers, went through a tunnel, jumped over some buckets and had to carry marshmallows in a spoon across the room to complete training. 

Once they were trained ninjas we used our throwing stars to kill the baddies! 

Then we used our ninja staffs for the piñata! 

Then presents and cake! This boy got spoiled, so much lego and more weapons, his two favorite things haha. He was one happy boy today!!!!

I love throwing parties but I love this boy even more! He has been such a miracle and bright light in our lives ever since he came around. He is so smart, sensitive, fun, brave and goofy. He is the BEST big brother in the whole world. I know everyone says that... but I really think he is up there. He is a good friend and just loves people!! He gets so excited over the simplest things in life and I hope that never changes! He is excited to start school next year and I can't believe I have a 5 year old!! Happy Birthday Boston! We love you SO much!!