Friday, May 11, 2012

It has happened!

 I guess I can officially call myself an adult now! I have started a blog! I'm not sure I will have many exciting things to blog about, buuut I have been really bad at journal writing so maybe this will help! It will also help in keeping my family up-to-date on the hill life. Canada is so far away!!! I am still working at Swanson Dental and LOVING it! Brian has only one more year of BYU left, wohooo! He also landed an incredible summer internship/job-he-doesn't-get-paid-enough-for this year which we were SO excited about. It is going to be great for his resume and job hunting next year. Way to go Bri! Bandit is as cute as ever! He recently chewed a hole in the carpet (awesome...) but either than that he is a perfect little puppy! We are getting excited for upcoming summer activities (like the visit from my family next weekend! ahhhh!) and are dreading the new assignment from our bishop... planning a ward BBQ on our own... HELP!! Bri and I are gonna be lonely this summer... Brent and Rachel have moved to Virginia for a few months :( and Tyler, Steph and my cute little nephew Vince are headed off soon to Missouri for medical school! booo. So we are just trying to soak in all the Vince-ness before he is gone! It will be so weird not having them so close. But we are incredibly excited for Tyler, he gets closer and closer to Dr. Hill every day! And just ignore spelling/grammar errors in this post and posts to come... it is not my strong point.
Here are a few pics of us form Easter:

 We got a visit from the Easter Bunny

We hid an egg for Bandit filled with Pupperoni.. He loved it!