Friday, June 15, 2012

2 Looooong Years!!

Brian and I have been married 2 years!! It's kinda hard to believe we have made it this long :) This anniversary Brian spoiled me rotten! Our actual anniversary landed on a tuesday so that was kind of lame.... we both work and don;t get to see each other until about 7pm. But that night he took me to my favourite restaurant.... Joes Crab Shack!! mmmmm. This was extra special because Brian HATES seafood and so he had to put his tummies needs aside for one night but I LOVED it!!!
He even tried crab nachos and liked them!! (i think all the cheese and salsa helped)
I stuffed my face FULL of crab. My mouth is watering just thinking about how awesome it was! I think the bib makes it taste better too... that's why Joes is the best! So i think we were having a pretty awesome anniversary already, but Brian also booked us a night that weekend and the Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast!
 It was in Heber which is about 45 min away right up in the mountains!
We arrived! So excited!
If you ever get a chance to go, you should! It has been voted in the top 5 most romantic get-a-ways in the States! Pretty awesome! This was our first impression of the place. You drive up this windy gravel road and all the sudden see this beautiful house!
 I took a TON of pics so sorry... I tried to narrow it down to just my favs. It was so beautiful there!
Water wheel!
 Brian with his closed eyes and cool bird house!
               This was the backyard, so pretty! I could have walked around forever!
 They had six rooms that are all decorated differently, this was the only one left when we looked to book but it was so cute! It was the courtyard room and felt like a log cabin inside. I thought our little side entrance was cool!

Ready to go on our "hike". They had a little trail through the woods down to the grove where they usually have all their weddings. 
Pretending to be a bride again under the arch with my dandelion bouquet :)

The waterfall down by the grove!

On our way to the basement to play some pool and pick out a movie.... Brian had to stop to help this little guy. 

                           They had DVDs too but we opted for VHS cuz we are cool like that...
My fav thing was the canoe ride! I forgot how fun they could be. (especially when you don't have to paddle:) )

Our friend we made on our canoe adventure!
Heber was a tiny little town but driving in we saw this TX bbq and had to go back for dinner!
And of course the basketball game just HAPPENED to be on......
We went out for ice cream after and they had this cool Harry Potter train with a search and find! We didn't find everything... the list was a mile long!

 We woke up for breakfast and snagged this pretty spot instead of the shared table with all the other guests. (I think it was meant for the honeymooners, but the early bird gets the worm right?)
Stuffed french toast... so yummy!!
Writing our comments and saying goodbye :( We had so much fun! It was a short trip but it was memorable! I have the best husband ever and can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries together!

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