Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bun In The Oven!!

This post is a few weeks late, so I'm sure everyone already knows BUT..... Me and Brian are having a BABY!!! ahhhhh. I am due Feb. 19th which puts me at about 14 weeks! I am very fat (I started showing REALLY early)

Me when we found out (about 2-3weeks)

Me at 4 weeks!! (definite bump already)

But there is only one baby and Doc says everything looks healthy! yay. We have our next appt on Thursday which I'm excited for, It's always fun to see the little bean growing inside you.... so crazy!! Brian missed the first appt :( He was really sad but has work off thurs and will be at the next one! I got to see the heartbeat last appt so this one we should be able to hear it hopefully!

Little Bean!

It was fun telling our families. We skyped mine and while we were talking to them I emailed my dad a picture of the pregnancy test (I knew he would get it right then cuz he always has his phone) and they were all so excited! It was fun to be able to see their reaction. Made being far away not so bad. And for Brian's family I drew Ron a picture (we send pics we draw on our Ipads back and forth) of our baby and pasted the pregnancy test on it too. Then we just talked to them on the phone but that was really fun too! They seemed excited to have another grandbaby! A few weeks later we sent a picture to my extended family to break the news to them! I found it on pinterest (of course) and thought it was pretty cute:

But now I am out of the 1st trimester and hoping this sickness ends soon!! I think it is getting better, I only have to take one Zofran pill a day as opposed to 3! So that is kinda reassuring it is slowing down.... I think. But either than the puking I feel great :) hah

Me at 12 weeks.... HUGE!!!

I see lots of girls posting pictures at like 20-30 weeks even and it makes me feel REALLY fat. I am like 4 times the size! Makes me nervous for what I will look like at 9 months haha. My mom gained about 70 lbs with me though so I guess this is her payback? (I'm sure she is grateful I posted that for all to know too). But I think I have caught up on the baby news! Now on to other exciting things.... My mom came to visit for a week!!! My brothers went to EFY in Idaho so they came for a couple days then we dropped them off and we got to play just us girls for a whole week! It was so fun. We went to this Bear Park in Idaho on the way home (I forgot to get the pics from my mom:( ) which was so awesome! The bears came right to your window and they had a pretty sweet petting zoo after too. She bought the baby a little stuffed bear souvenir. We went to 7 peaks water park with Sina and her kids. Then we shopped till we dropped everyday! (literally had a nap after shopping almost everyday). She went a little crazy with the baby stuff... we were supposed to just get maternity clothes as I already don't fit in any of my normal clothes, but somehow also came out with a baby bedroom set, a boppy pillow and 3 outfits for each a boy and a girl haha. So I guess once we found out the other 3 will become presents. I can already tell though this baby will be the best dressed! Oh and bottles and baby spoons.... lol my mom has always been a sucker for a sale. She definitely passed that on to me too. But on our last day we went to the Utah aquarium because we both love places like that and our husbands (who would have complained the whole time) were gone! It was pretty fun!
Me petting some sting rays!

Mom playing with the otters (who ran away right before the picture lol)

Goofin' off in the gift shop! I'm holding another stuffed souvenir my mom bought the baby, a stuffed sting ray!

Mom lookin' pretty hot as an otter. 

I'm always so sad when trips like this are over... I keep thinking I will start crying less when they leave but I don't! I miss my family lots but thankfully I get to see them quite regularly. We had a lot of fun and this week just made me even more excited for this baby!! Baby stuff is pretty cute! But now it's back to work for a few more weeks until the houseboat!!!! Can't hardly stand it! We love summer!

Oh and I almost forgot.... Bandit got fixed a little while ago haha. I just think the pics in his cone are hilarious:

He was pretttty mad at us for a few days...

He had to wear it for 10 days but it is finally off and he could FINALLY have a bath!!! yay
poor little guy...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cakes, Cars and 4th of July!

This summer has been FLYING by!!! We have had so much going on lately, with work and all our extra activities we definitely have been keeping busy.  Our ward has discovered my husband can not say no! We were in charge (with one other lady) of a stake picnic! thats right.... STAKE! If you don't know what that means, well... it means a LOT of people. I went friday to prep with Sis. Glover (who was awesome) and then we were there all sat serving and having fun! It was a lot of work but I think it turned out very well. We were then asked to be one of the main people in charge of a tri-ward camp. I was so stressed out! But thankfully it was cancelled due to all the fires here in Utah, which have been so scary! During these 2 weeks of craziness I also made 2 birthday cakes!! This was actually fun for me  though. I love my new hobby of cake decorating and am so excited I am starting to get requests! I am no professional (thanks to my mother-in-law my fondant skills look excellent thanks to my cake cricut she got me for Christmas) but I think I am improving! Here they are:

The dentist I work for had a daughter turning 17 and asked me to make her cake! I was so excited!
 It was a little tilted but still pretty cute if you ask me! ( I am a little biased though )
The next weekend my little cousin Madi turned 8 and wanted a cute cake too! 
              She picked out the colours and the shapes, I thought it turned out really cute too!

We then found out that our Honda Civic (that we shipped off with my parents to be sold in Canada) sold!!!!! yay! The plan was to sell the beautiful Civic (who we will miss dearly) and buy 2 older cars so Brian can stop taking the bus for 4 hours a day, and so I could buy a more family-friendly ride! I found my car pretty fast. I have always wanted an Audi A4. Probably thanks to my parents who have brainwashed me into thinking they are the best cars ever (which they are). We went and looked at quite a few but this one was definitely the nicest for the best price. I am so excited to be driving a dream car of mine! It is an older 2001 but I still think it looks brand new!

What a beauty!!
Don't look too close because I haven't had a chance to wash the outside yet haha....
A real back seat!! And 4 doors! No more crawling around to get in, I hated that. 
Looks pretty good for a 2001 right?
And it's a dream to drive! Brian thinks it will break down any day, but I KNOW it will last longer than his haha. We have a little competition going on (if he ever picks are car that is.....)

And the last think I have to blab on about today is July 4th! I will admit, I was pretty bummed to miss Canada day, but we ended up having a really fun time thanks to Sina and her family. They always think about us and invite us to such fun things! I love having some family close. They had a neighbourhood "parade which was so cute! All the kids on the block decorated their bikes and rode around behind a police and fire escort. Pretty fancy! Then then had a delicious BBQ with all the neighbours. Brian had much more than his fair share of burgers thats for sure!

We brought Bandit to the parade and he got LOTS of attention from all the kids. He loved it!
Cute Madi with her awesome 4th of July bike! Andrea's was amazing too but I forgot to take a pic :(
The starting line! Pretty impressive if you ask me. 
All the kids ready to go! There were so many, we were so surprised!
 After the days festivities, we just decided to walk around outside and see the millions of fireworks goig off everywhere! There were tons.
Yup, that's the very start of a firework haha. My camera skills were not at their best that night. I was watching too closely and forgot about taking pictures, so this is the best I got haha.

All in all we have had a great month! And can't wait for the rest of the summer. My family is coming down again the end of July and we still have the houseboat at lake Powell to look forward too! More posts to come!