Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lake Powell Adventures!

Well the week of fun that Brian and I look forward to all year has come and gone!! This summer is FLYING by! But we had so much fun at Powell this year :)

We always park by "Pride Rock" so I always get so excited after driving in the boat for a couple hourse to see it!

We were all making fun of Laurel because she is always a little stressed until the boat is parked haha but I thought it went pretty smooth this year. I love the week we go because the lake is pretty empty. It's like we have our own private lake! This year was a little different too because there were only 6 of us for a few days and then the last half was only us and Ron and Laurel. It was super relaxing though and Brian got TONS of time behind the boat which he loved. 

He didn't do a ton of wakeboarding this year because the first day I think he got a little concussion from doing tricks haha. He is always a little rusty at first cuz he only goes once a year but it must have been a pretty bad fall to keep him off the board the rest of the time! He seems fine now though hah. 

We had a lot of fun with Brent and Rachel, we hadn't seen them forever because they were in Virginia all summer so it was a fun reunion! 
Just chillin in the boat. 

The weather was PERFECT this year for a pregnant lady. It was cloudy so it wasn't scorching hot but deffinitly hot enough to get a tan/fried and play in the water all day. We had a couple rainy nights but not until later when we are all inside anyways. I was kinda sad though because I wan't aloud to wakeboard or tube with the boys this year :( 

It was fun watching them though! They are CRAZY! Brent skidded on the water like a rock 5 or 6 times haha it was hilarious. I don't think it helped Brian's boarding injuries either :)

Rachel was kind enough to go on a much more tame ride with me haha. I love tubing!

We were sad when they left but they bought a house this year and had to go get it ready before school starts again! I can't wait to go visit. But we woke up one day after they left and it was SO WINDY!! The water was too choppy to do anything behind the boat so we decided to jump on the new jet skis and take the 45 min ride to Rainbow Bridge!

It was a pretty crazy and bumpy ride the whole way. I was pretty scared at first of tipping, but after a while I got used to it and it was so much fun! (I was not driving so it wasn't that bad haha)

Once we made the drive it was a 1/2 mile hike to the bridge. It was the perfect day to go and it was so cool! It was one of my favourite things we had ever done at Lake Powell. 

Brian had a good wake surfing year! He was trying the last couple of days to do a 360 and got SO CLOSE!!! he got all the way around easily but was always a little too far down the wake to recover. It was fun watching him get closer and closer though. 

I love his concentration face :)

Action shot of a 360. Go Bri!

I had to fight Brian and his mom a couple days to let me go haha but I eventually won and let go of the rope this year! It was so fun. I didn't last very long but I was much better then last year so that was exciting. 

I probably only lasted 1 min but it felt like forever!

Laurel and I were getting made fun of for always plugging our noses. But no one likes lake water up the nose!

The week went by so fast! But now we are home reunited with Bandit (Brian missed him like crazy, it was kinda pathetic) and Brian starts school tomorrow! He is a little nervous of doing school and work at the same time but he got a huge raise at work and a great job offer after he graduates!! I am so proud of him, it is a nice feeling to know we already have a good job. Now we just get to wait for other offers and pick the best one! He has his own car now too so no more bus!! Only one more year of school! woohooo. But so long summer! Until next year.....

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