Sunday, August 12, 2012

St. George Magic!!

We just got back from a WONDERFUL long weekend in St. George! It had been so long since we have been there and we always have so much fun with Ron and Laurel! It was nice to just relax and burn by the pool but it was also SO FUN to go baby shopping with Laurel :) We went to Kid to Kid and found some steal-of-deals! It is all used but the stuff we found looks brand new! We still don't know what we are having (Sept. 11th!!!!!) so we just got a few (hundred) things that I wanted gender friendly anyways so I don't have to re-buy it.....cuz I am cheap like that haha.

Here is Bandit breaking in one of the purchases!

I was also surprised with Aladdin tickets!!!! I love Disney and I LOVE musicals so I am always so excited to see another! And I love the out-door Tuachan theatre, they can do the coolest things there! AND we were FRONT ROW!!! It was so fun to be so close... it was like Aladdin was singing just to me haha :)

Look how close!

Ron was so excited to participate in photo time haha

So excited!!

It was amazing! One of my favorites for sure! Brian had to miss it unfortunately. He was only able to come for a couple days and had to be back at work :(  But I made sure to fill him in on everything! I was a little nervous for the drive home because I had Bandit myself and he is usually so scared in the car that someone has to hold him but he did really good! He just slept in his bed beside me the whole ride home! Good job Banders!

Such a cutie!

So it was back to reality for a little while.... we had 2 weeks (now only one) to get through until the houseboat trip! I have been feeling a LOT better lately, I still take zofran but as long as I do no throwing up!! yay.

I am 15 weeks now! 

Me and Brian went to another Dr. appt and heard the little beans heartbeat! It was so cool! And nice to have another sigh of relief that everything so far is going ok. The Dr. said the baby was moving a lot so I cant wait until I can start feeling that too! Our big ultrasound is just a couple weeks away! Crazy!!! We are starting to prepare a little more and it keeps getting more exciting. We have been looking at 2 bedroom apartments and Ron and Laurel had the stroller and swing I really wanted delivered!! I set them up right away.... Brian said I was being a little crazy because we will be moving soon and he wanted to keep them in the boxes but I was WAY to excited to do that. I told him to just wait until the bedroom set came before we move too haha. 

It's called the Snugabunny! haha cutest swing ever! I keep turning it on and listening to all the songs... Brian seriously thinks I have gone mad lol. 

I tried putting Bandit in the swing and he got so scared he ran and hid under the bed haha.... I guess we won't be doing that again for a while. 

But life has been good! Me and Brian are working hard, getting excited for this baby and he finally got a car too!! We are picking it up tomorrow! We are having a blast and can't wait for the houseboat trip with the fam! Summer is the best :)

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  1. Soooo fun! Baby shopping is my FAVOURITE thing to do now! Too bad we didn't live closer to you so we could shop together!!