Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinterest is awesome!!

Well I'm 21 1/2 weeks now! Crazy! My next ultrasound is on tuesday, I'm a little worried but I'm sure everything will be great! I am excited to see my little guy again, that's always fun!

This photo is really blurry for some reason but you can still see how huge I am!

I have been feeling great... finally! I feel like I can enjoy pregnancy now instead of cursing it haha. 
I still can't feel any moving, at least not enough to be sure if it's the baby or not. I'm getting a little impatient! I wish he would just go ahead and kick me already! But Brian and I are getting excited to be parents! I have been trying out a few "Pinterest" projects...

How cute are these onesies!? I have 2 more to make but I need to decide what to put on them first! He's gonna look so handsome in them :)

Ever since we found out it was a boy Brian has been getting into being a dad a little more. I think seeing the baby made it a little more real for him haha. 

Here he is practicing carrying all the stuff, looks pretty good to me! 
He even went online and bought little air jordan high tops haha. I can't wait for them to come!

I have been trying non baby-related things too from Pinterest, mostly recipes but they have all turned out very yummy! I think the most successful were the P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps! They were so good that I even got Brian to eat lettuce...and lots of it! 
Can you believe it? It's an early Christmas miracle!

Mmm they were so good...

But I'll keep you updated on future projects! (Mostly for my mom cuz I'm sure she's the only one that reads this haha) Life is awesome!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthdays & Baby Fun!

Well September has been an EXCELLENT month already!! We found out were having a boy, I turned 23!!! (I'm so old....) and little Bandit turned 1!! I am sad to admit that we actually kinda forgot about his birthday haha. I know! I'm a terrible mother. It was on the 1st and I realized we missed it like a week later.... so sad.
BUT, as soon as I remembered I ran to the store and bought him some new toys and his fav. treats! He quickly picked out his fav toy and has been carrying it around with him for days! Cute little sock monkey :)

He always brings one to bed, it's so cute! We will see how long this one lasts, he wrecks his toys really fast! 

My birthday was awesome too! I had to work but after Brian brought me home beautiful flowers and the movie "The Lucky One" which we watched after dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!! (I had already got my big present, my extensions the week before)  Mmmmm. Best dinner EVER! I forgot to take any pictures that night... oops

But I saved all my birthday money I got from family and went shopping too! And I spent it all on baby things cuz I'm so excited and it's all I can think about! haha. 

I got a diaper bag! I love it :) 

Then I went and bought some fabric to make this! A car seat cover! 

Now this is my first real sewing project so don't look too close haha... but I think it turned out pretty cute. The other side is a green, fuzzy, ohh-so-soft fabric that I LOVE! I got a lot of other projects to try but I figure I got some time. Baby's and Birthdays are so fun!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Boy, Oh BOY!

Well it is official!! The Hill curse of boys has struck again!!

Here is a nice butt shot haha. But we sure got a good look at the evidence! We are so excited! I went to Babys R' Us right after and bought his first outfit haha. Let the shopping BEGIN!

I think he looks pretty cute already!!

It was so fun with Brian there and going through every limb and organ we could find! So far everything looks great! No cleft lip which as a RDH I was very relieved about haha. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound so they can measure my cervix again... I guess it is measuring small so they are worried that I might deliver too early. So fingers crossed it decided to grow fast! There are some ups to it though... I'm not aloud to exercise or lift heavy things (which I didn't do much of anyways haha) and I get to see my little monkey again soon! 

He was kicking and hitting me lots in the ultrasound but I still haven't really felt him a whole lot! I have been patiently waiting for that exciting moment where I can actually feel him! People say I probably can I just don't realize it. Well if that is the case then that isn't' very exciting at all haha. But I am feeling great!

These 20 weeks have FLOWN by! Can't believe I am half way there! And it sounds like maybe even past that lol. Hope the rest goes this fast too!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labour Day Adventures!!

Brian and I have really been enjoying our long weekend together! It's not very often we have a day off at the same time so we have been trying to make the most of it! We made a tent to sleep in friday night after we had gone out with Brian's family for dinner! It was awesome, my brothers were bragging about an awesome one they just made so I got a little jealous. We used to love making forts and watching movies in them!
Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Then on sat. Sina and her family invited us on a hike up to Secret Lake!
Brian and Andrea geared up to go!!

It was the perfect day for a hike and starting raining the second we finished! Good timing. 

Brian looking tough with the picnic basket :)

The hike up was pretty steep and rocky, not sure how long it took but we finally made it to the lake and it was so pretty!! And we got to dig into our delicious picnic... mmm 

There were two moose right on the other side and they started wrestling! I didn't snipe a pic but it was pretty awesome!

And Sunday was my first official day in my new calling as 2nd counselor in Young Woman's!! I was SOOOO excited and got to teach a lesson on Temple marriage. I feel much more in place in YW then in Relief Society haha. And I get to go to activities too! woohoo

But now it's Monday and we have just been bumming out at home! We went out for breakfast and have been watching Super Natural all day (Brian's fav) Bandit has been loving us home all day too!

Kinda sad to go back to work tomorrow, but I am 19 weeks now and get to find out what we are having in a week!!! yay!

Get your guesses in now!!