Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthdays & Baby Fun!

Well September has been an EXCELLENT month already!! We found out were having a boy, I turned 23!!! (I'm so old....) and little Bandit turned 1!! I am sad to admit that we actually kinda forgot about his birthday haha. I know! I'm a terrible mother. It was on the 1st and I realized we missed it like a week later.... so sad.
BUT, as soon as I remembered I ran to the store and bought him some new toys and his fav. treats! He quickly picked out his fav toy and has been carrying it around with him for days! Cute little sock monkey :)

He always brings one to bed, it's so cute! We will see how long this one lasts, he wrecks his toys really fast! 

My birthday was awesome too! I had to work but after Brian brought me home beautiful flowers and the movie "The Lucky One" which we watched after dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!! (I had already got my big present, my extensions the week before)  Mmmmm. Best dinner EVER! I forgot to take any pictures that night... oops

But I saved all my birthday money I got from family and went shopping too! And I spent it all on baby things cuz I'm so excited and it's all I can think about! haha. 

I got a diaper bag! I love it :) 

Then I went and bought some fabric to make this! A car seat cover! 

Now this is my first real sewing project so don't look too close haha... but I think it turned out pretty cute. The other side is a green, fuzzy, ohh-so-soft fabric that I LOVE! I got a lot of other projects to try but I figure I got some time. Baby's and Birthdays are so fun!!!

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