Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Boy, Oh BOY!

Well it is official!! The Hill curse of boys has struck again!!

Here is a nice butt shot haha. But we sure got a good look at the evidence! We are so excited! I went to Babys R' Us right after and bought his first outfit haha. Let the shopping BEGIN!

I think he looks pretty cute already!!

It was so fun with Brian there and going through every limb and organ we could find! So far everything looks great! No cleft lip which as a RDH I was very relieved about haha. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound so they can measure my cervix again... I guess it is measuring small so they are worried that I might deliver too early. So fingers crossed it decided to grow fast! There are some ups to it though... I'm not aloud to exercise or lift heavy things (which I didn't do much of anyways haha) and I get to see my little monkey again soon! 

He was kicking and hitting me lots in the ultrasound but I still haven't really felt him a whole lot! I have been patiently waiting for that exciting moment where I can actually feel him! People say I probably can I just don't realize it. Well if that is the case then that isn't' very exciting at all haha. But I am feeling great!

These 20 weeks have FLOWN by! Can't believe I am half way there! And it sounds like maybe even past that lol. Hope the rest goes this fast too!

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