Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mustache Baby Shower!!

I had the best baby shower EVER!!! My sister-in-law Rachel put so much work into it and I LOVED it!! She said she had lots of help from Laurel and Emily so thanks girls for such a fun day! I was looking forward to this for so long and it was way better than I could have imagined :) It was mustache themed! haha it was the cutest! I took so many pictures so here they come....

The food table was so awesome!!!

The cutest/yummiest cupcakes in the world.... mmm

cute mustache water bottles :)

And my personal favourite, the milk mustache! There were all kinds of milk and the little mini cartons with mustache straws were so cute!!!!!

The food was delicious!!!

And she had tons of fun mustache themed games to play....

We had to TASTE (it was pretty nasty) and guess the baby food!

Then there was guess the number of chocolates, guess my tummy size :s and match the mustache to the celebrity hhaha... that one was so awesome. 

And I don't think this game could have gotten any cuter but we played pin-the-mustache on baby Brian!! 

I think I took a shot of everyone playing haha but then thought that was maybe a little over kill for the blog so I just picked one of Brian's mom Laurel playing! Everyone did pretty good! My little cousin Andrea went first and got it on perfectly so she won the prize for this game!

This was the backdrop for the photo booth! There were bowties and mustaches to play with and she had a big empty picture frame and everyone had fun taking pictures! Rachel took them with her fancy camera and I can't wait to see them all!

Here is Sina and Madi playing with all the mustaches!


There was a booth for writing me pearls of wisdom too! It was really fun to go back and read all of those after the shower :)

And of course there were presents galore!!!! Me and my little baby got soooo spoiled! Can't wait to play with all the things we got and dress him up in all the awesome outfits!

It was the best shower ever and I am so grateful for all the hard work that was put into it! Everyone who came had so much fun! And Bandit loved the bowties too!!

Now I have my Canadian one to look forward to!! Hooray!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Halloween Treat!

I have had the craziest/best week EVER!!! It started off with Bandit and I cuddling to one of my fav movies monday night while Brian did homework...
The Nightmare Before Christmas!!

Brian hates that movie but me and my brothers would watch it every halloween AND christmas and its awesome! But wait, the week gets better....

I was woken up Tuesday morning at 7am by my MOTHER!!! She drove all through the night so she could surprise me and help Brian and I out for a few days. I was BALLING!! It was the best surprise I have ever had :)

Truthfully I have been very stressed out and having a very hard time with this bed rest thing. Not only is there the stress of having a preemie but my house was a mess, we need to move soon and I can't pack, I might have to quit work and we will have no money, blah blah blah..... I thought I was hiding it pretty good but moms know everything! I needed this short visit more than anything! She did so much for us. In between her cleaning our whole apartment (and I mean CLEAN) and all our laundry (there was a TON) we did find some time for fun too haha. 

She took me out to Joe's Crab Shack! yay! Brian was at school which worked out good cuz he doesn't like it anyway hha. (she did take him to Tx roadhouse another day so don't feel too bad for him)


And we did a lot of baby shopping too! She forced me to ride one of those electric carts that old/fat people drive. I guess I am pretty fat now but it was really funny cuz every time you back up it makes that terrible beeping sound and everyone looks at you haha. It was pretty funny I guess. 

On Wednesday was our ward halloween party so she helped us get ready for that too! We needed to decorate our trunk for the trunk-or-treat so decided that since we haven't carved our pumpkins yet we would do that and stick them in the back! 

Brian using the big knife to cut his top and scaring us all!! It was a miracle he ended up with all his fingers at the end. 

Mom struggling with her thick pumpkin ha... 
Scoopin out the guts! It stings my eczema really bad so I have to wear gloves :(

Everyone's finished pumpkins! Mom is the witch, I'm the cat and Brian is the vampire! Pretty impressive!

Then it was time to put on costumes! The reason why Halloween is so awesome!

We didn't match this year but I still think we look pretty cool!

Brian was a Mountie!

And I was a skeleton!

My mom didn't dress up cuz she went to visit her sister while we were at the party and I dressed up Bandit but he wasn't allowed at the party...

Bandit was a bandit! (I know... pretty complicated costume haha)

But then we ended off the night with Cheesecake factory! We got like 6 pieces and just taste tested them all! mmm it was delicious! Then I made everyone have a slumber party in the living room so we could spend every last second together! Mom left Thursday morning when I left for work and I cried the whole way there and am still crying a whole day later! I can't tell if it is because I am carrying a baby or because I am a baby! I always cry when I have to say bye. But it was especially hard this time cuz I was so grateful for the visit and all the help! It was a short 2 day visit but meant the WORLD! I LOVE MY MOMMIE!!! If I didn't love my husband so dang much I would live closer but it does make visits that much more special now! Only one more month until I get to go home and see the boys too! And I have my Utah baby shower on Sat which I am SO excited for! It has been such a good week and halloween so far :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pregnant Girl Problems....

Well I will start with the Dr. news cuz that's something people ask about but makes me stressed to talk about haha so I'll get it out of the way first... I went back in for an ultrasound and check up today to make sure things were staying the same. Well, they are not... my cervix was even shorter this time! NOOO!! I was at the office today for 3 HOURS (they are usually about 30 min) doing different ultrasounds and tests and the verdict is full bed rest and extra hormones! Awesome... not! I am still aloud to work though since my job isn't very physically demanding which is great news, not sure what we would do if I had to quit already! PLUS on top of everything else at the docs today I had to do my glucose test.... uuugh. That orange drink is the WORST!! I had to gag it down, it tasted like medicine and I don't handle that very well, especially when pregnant. Gross! But it wasn't all bad, I got to see my monkey again! He is looking healthy and as cute as ever! I guess he just doesn't want to stay in though, I must not make a very good home for him lol.

Looks more and more like a little person every time!

They always comment in the ultrasound on how much he punches me haha. I have FINALLY started to feel him kick (and I guess punch) a little! It has been really fun. One day it was so hard I could SEE it! It still isn't a ton but at least I know he's in there!

I also learned at the doc today that I am MASSIVE!!! I have gained so much weight... it's not even funny. I thought I was kinda staying the same but looking back at pics I can tell I am still growing! dang it...
Me at 24 weeks!


25 weeks! This dress used to make me look skinny... not so much anymore hah. 

But I have just one more baby thing and then I will be done! I have been SO bored on my days off because of this whole bed rest thing so I did another baby craft. Peepee Teepee's!! bbaahh

I died when I saw these on Pinterest cuz I thought they were so funny. They are to protect me from getting peed on by my little guy when in between diapers during diaper changes. All my baby crafts are gonna match cuz I'm too cheap to go buy new fabric but I think they turned out pretty good. Brian thinks these are ridiculous but we will see what he thinks after his first potty accident haha. 

I also finished my halloween wreath that I started last year. Just added a couple extra things to make it cuter! I love wreaths!!

And Brian has been such a happy guy lately because the NBA is starting soon which means that NBA Fantasy is starting soon also! Joy.....

Look how happy he is!!

His draft was on Sunday! (that's what this pics of) He is playing with his brother Tyler this year. They decided to boycott the usual "family fantasy time" and went off on their own because we all weren't taking it serious enough haha. We weren't good enough competition I guess lol. 

But just thought I would end this long post with this pic cuz this little guy is the cutest EVER and great company if you ever go on bed rest too!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings!

I LOVE Canadian thanksgiving! We had great weekend in St. George with Brian's family! Brent, Rachel and Momo were there and it is so fun to watch him and Bandit play together, they are the best of cousins! I'm pretty sure grandpa Casper (Ron and Laurel's dog) was very excited to get rid of them though haha, he's not quite as energetic as they are anymore. Bandit was REALLY sick our first night there and was up all night throwing up, but he recovered fast and was up real early to wrestle with Momo. They are the cutest!

Besides just relaxing (which I have been doing a lot of lately) and watching an awesome general conference, us girls went for breakfast at the Tuacahn and walked around the market they have there every Sat. There were so many cute stands! Grandma Laurel bought our little baby a cute knitted cocoon and matching hat there!

Here is my model Bandit. He's sporting the hat Laurel just got us! It has a little basketball on it, Brian loved it!

It didn't last very long... 

I think he thought the hat was a punishment, after he flung it off he played dead and usually only does that if I "shoot" him or he thinks he's in trouble haha. Silly puppy....

Then when the boys went to the priesthood session we went to HAIRSPRAY!!! It was amazing!
I love musicals! And I love how they always have one of these for each play! I'm getting quite the collection. 

It was one of my favorites! The dancing and singing was amazing! Can't wait for the new ones next year!

But we finished off the fun weekend with a delicious thanksgiving meal on Sunday and made the long drive home. I always hate going back to work after such a fun weekend! And to make my Monday even worse I called my mom while she was at my grandmas with my whole extended family for a big dinner, made me miss them all lots!! I hate missing out on the fun! But I got to talk to everyone and catch up. And I get to go home in a month! Woohoo!! 

But the apartment shopping back down in Provo has begun! It gets closer and closer to my due date! I wish it would slow down a little bit! But at the same time by back has been KILLING me from all the sitting I'm doing now! So it will be nice to have that over with. It has been really fun though getting ready for our little boy!

Here are the shoes Brian ordered! He is so proud of them :) I think he is hoping they will make him want to play basketball when he is older. 

I wish moving day was sooner so I could start putting his room together but I will have to be a bit more patient I guess. Babies are so fun!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fatty McFatterson

Well,  I went in for my second ultrasound to check everything again and make sure this baby is gonna stay in there! I go in for one every 2 weeks now until the end to monitor things. I always get a little nervous.....
But the good news is I got to see my monkey again! He gets more cute every time! Can't wait till my next 2 week checkup to see him :)

Here is another awesome in-between the leg shot, it is for sure a boy haha. 

And the good-but-not-awesome news is that I am 1mm away from full on bed rest! Cutting it pretty close, but I am still aloud to go to work thank goodness! Just not much else... Brian has to do all the cleaning, laundry, shopping, lifting, etc. I feel like such a bum but he has been so good at helping and not complaining. He is so busy with work and school and now this! But I will admit that sitting on the couch with my feet up while he vacuums is pretty awesome haha. So we are just taking it 2 weeks at a time right now! 

But being on "restricted bed rest" I have been pretty bored so I was trying to think of more projects I could do that aren't too strenuous! So I went back on to "pinterest" and found these really cute bibs... so I thought I would try to attempt...

I just used left over fabric I had from the car seat cover but I think they turned out pretty cute! Sewing is hard haha. 

But I am 23 weeks now and feel like the biggest WHALE of life!! I am gonna be bold and just throw it out there that I have gained close to 30 lbs and I am only half way there! This sitting on my butt doing nothing thing isn't helping with that very much either haha. 

I am massive!

I FINALLY felt the baby move though! I was having a hard time sleeping one night so I was up at like 4:00am, but that's when it happened so it was worth it! I can feel him kick me once in a while and it is so fun! It still isn't hard enough for Brian to feel it on the outside so he is still waiting. But his little air jordans he ordered came and they are the CUTEST ever! He was so excited haha it was pretty cute. He is so happy it's a boy!