Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fatty McFatterson

Well,  I went in for my second ultrasound to check everything again and make sure this baby is gonna stay in there! I go in for one every 2 weeks now until the end to monitor things. I always get a little nervous.....
But the good news is I got to see my monkey again! He gets more cute every time! Can't wait till my next 2 week checkup to see him :)

Here is another awesome in-between the leg shot, it is for sure a boy haha. 

And the good-but-not-awesome news is that I am 1mm away from full on bed rest! Cutting it pretty close, but I am still aloud to go to work thank goodness! Just not much else... Brian has to do all the cleaning, laundry, shopping, lifting, etc. I feel like such a bum but he has been so good at helping and not complaining. He is so busy with work and school and now this! But I will admit that sitting on the couch with my feet up while he vacuums is pretty awesome haha. So we are just taking it 2 weeks at a time right now! 

But being on "restricted bed rest" I have been pretty bored so I was trying to think of more projects I could do that aren't too strenuous! So I went back on to "pinterest" and found these really cute bibs... so I thought I would try to attempt...

I just used left over fabric I had from the car seat cover but I think they turned out pretty cute! Sewing is hard haha. 

But I am 23 weeks now and feel like the biggest WHALE of life!! I am gonna be bold and just throw it out there that I have gained close to 30 lbs and I am only half way there! This sitting on my butt doing nothing thing isn't helping with that very much either haha. 

I am massive!

I FINALLY felt the baby move though! I was having a hard time sleeping one night so I was up at like 4:00am, but that's when it happened so it was worth it! I can feel him kick me once in a while and it is so fun! It still isn't hard enough for Brian to feel it on the outside so he is still waiting. But his little air jordans he ordered came and they are the CUTEST ever! He was so excited haha it was pretty cute. He is so happy it's a boy! 


  1. The bibs turned out sooo cute Brooke! Love them!

  2. ps. we have the same car seat as you! Great minds think alike!

  3. It's awesome! Did you get the stroller too? Cuz thats why I wanted it, that thing is amazing!