Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pregnant Girl Problems....

Well I will start with the Dr. news cuz that's something people ask about but makes me stressed to talk about haha so I'll get it out of the way first... I went back in for an ultrasound and check up today to make sure things were staying the same. Well, they are not... my cervix was even shorter this time! NOOO!! I was at the office today for 3 HOURS (they are usually about 30 min) doing different ultrasounds and tests and the verdict is full bed rest and extra hormones! Awesome... not! I am still aloud to work though since my job isn't very physically demanding which is great news, not sure what we would do if I had to quit already! PLUS on top of everything else at the docs today I had to do my glucose test.... uuugh. That orange drink is the WORST!! I had to gag it down, it tasted like medicine and I don't handle that very well, especially when pregnant. Gross! But it wasn't all bad, I got to see my monkey again! He is looking healthy and as cute as ever! I guess he just doesn't want to stay in though, I must not make a very good home for him lol.

Looks more and more like a little person every time!

They always comment in the ultrasound on how much he punches me haha. I have FINALLY started to feel him kick (and I guess punch) a little! It has been really fun. One day it was so hard I could SEE it! It still isn't a ton but at least I know he's in there!

I also learned at the doc today that I am MASSIVE!!! I have gained so much weight... it's not even funny. I thought I was kinda staying the same but looking back at pics I can tell I am still growing! dang it...
Me at 24 weeks!


25 weeks! This dress used to make me look skinny... not so much anymore hah. 

But I have just one more baby thing and then I will be done! I have been SO bored on my days off because of this whole bed rest thing so I did another baby craft. Peepee Teepee's!! bbaahh

I died when I saw these on Pinterest cuz I thought they were so funny. They are to protect me from getting peed on by my little guy when in between diapers during diaper changes. All my baby crafts are gonna match cuz I'm too cheap to go buy new fabric but I think they turned out pretty good. Brian thinks these are ridiculous but we will see what he thinks after his first potty accident haha. 

I also finished my halloween wreath that I started last year. Just added a couple extra things to make it cuter! I love wreaths!!

And Brian has been such a happy guy lately because the NBA is starting soon which means that NBA Fantasy is starting soon also! Joy.....

Look how happy he is!!

His draft was on Sunday! (that's what this pics of) He is playing with his brother Tyler this year. They decided to boycott the usual "family fantasy time" and went off on their own because we all weren't taking it serious enough haha. We weren't good enough competition I guess lol. 

But just thought I would end this long post with this pic cuz this little guy is the cutest EVER and great company if you ever go on bed rest too!

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