Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings!

I LOVE Canadian thanksgiving! We had great weekend in St. George with Brian's family! Brent, Rachel and Momo were there and it is so fun to watch him and Bandit play together, they are the best of cousins! I'm pretty sure grandpa Casper (Ron and Laurel's dog) was very excited to get rid of them though haha, he's not quite as energetic as they are anymore. Bandit was REALLY sick our first night there and was up all night throwing up, but he recovered fast and was up real early to wrestle with Momo. They are the cutest!

Besides just relaxing (which I have been doing a lot of lately) and watching an awesome general conference, us girls went for breakfast at the Tuacahn and walked around the market they have there every Sat. There were so many cute stands! Grandma Laurel bought our little baby a cute knitted cocoon and matching hat there!

Here is my model Bandit. He's sporting the hat Laurel just got us! It has a little basketball on it, Brian loved it!

It didn't last very long... 

I think he thought the hat was a punishment, after he flung it off he played dead and usually only does that if I "shoot" him or he thinks he's in trouble haha. Silly puppy....

Then when the boys went to the priesthood session we went to HAIRSPRAY!!! It was amazing!
I love musicals! And I love how they always have one of these for each play! I'm getting quite the collection. 

It was one of my favorites! The dancing and singing was amazing! Can't wait for the new ones next year!

But we finished off the fun weekend with a delicious thanksgiving meal on Sunday and made the long drive home. I always hate going back to work after such a fun weekend! And to make my Monday even worse I called my mom while she was at my grandmas with my whole extended family for a big dinner, made me miss them all lots!! I hate missing out on the fun! But I got to talk to everyone and catch up. And I get to go home in a month! Woohoo!! 

But the apartment shopping back down in Provo has begun! It gets closer and closer to my due date! I wish it would slow down a little bit! But at the same time by back has been KILLING me from all the sitting I'm doing now! So it will be nice to have that over with. It has been really fun though getting ready for our little boy!

Here are the shoes Brian ordered! He is so proud of them :) I think he is hoping they will make him want to play basketball when he is older. 

I wish moving day was sooner so I could start putting his room together but I will have to be a bit more patient I guess. Babies are so fun!!

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  1. hahah you think babies are fun now , wait till they come out!!! love the blog updates!