Friday, November 9, 2012

Bouncing Baby Brat!

Well the dreaded Dr. appt has come on gone and it is actually good news this time! Say what?!?! Usually when I go in they tell me things have gotten a little worse but this time no changes! I am stable at where I was 3 weeks ago and that made me so happy! It's still not where I really want to be but at least it's not getting any worse yet :) I was told that if I keep staying at where I am, the chances of getting really close if not all the way to full-term is pretty good! woohoo!! They did say he is measuring about a week bigger then he actually is haha... uh oh, we got a fatty on our hands (we could have guessed that) but if he does come early that is good news too! I think the US lady got side tracked with all the measuring they do so she forgot to print me off one of the little bean but I have lots! I could tell this time though that he DEFFS has Brian's "ledge".  Anyone who knows Brian really well will know what I am talking about, he has a prominent ledge on his forehead and I think he has passed it on haha. Cute... I am so excited to meet this little guy! I am in the 3rd trimester now so not much longer!!
27 weeks :)

28 weeks!! sooo massive....

We did have to make a definitive decision about going to Hawaii with Brian's family for Christmas though... after discussing with lots of docs and family we made the hard decision of deciding to stay here :(  I have had several MAJOUR melt-downs about it but I think I can talk about it now without crying.... sort of haha. It will be really hard to miss out on all the fun but I just have to remember I am having a baby and once he is here and healthy it will all be worth it! And now we get to go up to Canada and spend Christmas with my family and hang out with Brian's fam in St. George when they all get back! So we get to see both family's this year. 

It could be worse.... right?

But I am feeling good and happy things are going ok. I get to go home in a couple weeks and have another shower!!! eeeee so fun! I have not been home in SO LONG! 

Oh and I found some more pics from halloween that I thought were funny....
I had the day off work so Bandit got dressed up and just hung out with me in bed all day! hhaha he is just the cutest!

Caught in the act... I don't think he was real impressed I was spying on him lol

Then he helped me hand out candy to all 6 trick-or-treaters!! He looks pretty territorial over his candy in this one haha.  

 But now halloween is over which mean... CHRISTMAS!!! And it is the perfect day to start decorating cuz it was the first snowfall today and we got TONS!! ok, ok... I won't put up all the decorations yet, but I had to put up my wreath because I have been waiting a whole YEAR since I made it to use it! 

I LOVE it!! and I love Christmas! Let the music and hot chocolate begin!!!

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