Sunday, December 30, 2012


 Well it's almost New Year's Eve which means.... resolutions!! Love it!! I usually make really good ones and of course they only last about a week BUT this year is gonna be different.... haha. 

#1: Bring my baby boy home!!

#2: Back to wedding day weight.... this is gonna be a doozy... lol wish me luck!


#3: Start having regular family Home Evening. Now that I'm a mom I guess we should start haha. 

Now I know it's only three but usually I struggle with just one, but 2013 is gonna be a great year!! I can feel it. Boston has a few resolutions of his own too.... 

He has been doing so good that they took him off the caffeine again... I am VERY nervous cuz last time at about day 4 off caffeine he had a horrible day of really scary apneas and it set him back a little bit as far as oxygen goes.... so his resolution #1 is: NO MORE CAFFEINE! (he has to be off caffeine 10 days apnea free before he can come home. We are now on day 8 and counting.... could you imagine  taking him home that soon!? I sure can!!)

He is so low on oxygen now that if he keeps doing good while off caffeine for a few more days he will be totally off! So resolution #2 is: breathing all on his own!! 

AND he is eating all his feeding but 1 a shift (2 a day) without the feeding tube! So if he keeps doing so good and starts eating those other 2 the tube can come out. So resolution #3 is: NO MORE TUBES!! 

He is gaining weight good and tonight came in at 5lbs 6ounces!! Holy cannoli he is HUGE! 
Brian and I were given a big check list of things/classes we have to do before we can take him home but they told us to start finishing it up cuz we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully this boy accomplishes all his resolutions early in the year....VERY early in the new year. We are working really hard at getting into our house a.s.a.p. We have been approved just trying to close so we can move in and set up Boston's room before he comes home :) bringing him to our one bedroom apt that is already all in boxes would not be very fun lol. But this little miracle baby has been doing amazing. We are again very grateful for all the prayers. We will have to do another MRI before he comes home too and I am kinda dreading to see if things look worse than the last one, but they could look better too! So we will let you all know when we find out. But the progress he has been making has been very reassuring. I think he is gonna grow up to be a tough and smart little dude! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MAX! fetch me my cloak....

Merry Christmas!!! I LOVE this holiday, it really is the most wonderful time of the year! 

This holiday was a little different than we had originally planned. We were going to go to Hawaii with Brian's family, but then I got put on bed rest.... so we decided we would go to Canada with my family! THEN Boston decided to make an it was just Brian, Boston, Bandit and I this year. I was getting kinda bummed about it the closer it got, I love hanging out with our families (especially around Christmas) so I was being kind of a grinch about this year, saying it was so depressing we had to miss out on all the fun and be in the hospital the whole time.... but Brian made sure it was a memorable one! We ended up having a great time together as a little family :)  

Christmas Eve we went out for breakfast at Kneaders for all you can eat french toast (Brian's fav) and then we were invited for dinner at my aunt Sina's house and we had a lot of fun with her family eating TONS and acting out the christmas story! Then we headed off to the hospital and spent most of the day with Boston for his first Christmas!

He is doing great!! He is eating 4 full feedings a day on his own now so maybe the feeding tube can come out in a little while. He is still on caffeine but is on a lower flow of oxygen that he can come home on if he needs to (hopefully not!) And officially no infection so the IV was taken out.... hooray! Hopefully his lungs will mature a lot in this next week so that when he is eating good he can come home :) 

Cute Christmas jammies, all the nurses loved them lol

At the hospital Brian let us open ONE present each (I had to fight him hard on this one haha) and then we watched our fav Christmas movie... the Grinch! 

Boston loved the movie and his gift. He was such a happy boy that night and no scary apneas while we were there... it was a Christmas miracle!!!

After we went home Boston got a visit from Santa! Had I known he was coming we would have stayed... but the hospital took a picture for us. I had to scan it so it's not the best quality but I thought it was so cute!

Santa brought him a bunch of cute presents (blankies, hats, book, socks... all sorts of goodies) and left him a cute Santa hat of his own. I was amazed at how many gifts the hospital and nurses gave him! I guess that is one upside of spending the holidays in the NICU. 

Then I woke Brian up at 5:30 am to open presents!!! It was just us so the unwrapping was pretty fast but we got SO spoiled. My mom and dad got us a new 3D TV that I am SO EXCITED to use!! And Brian's parents made sure we had lots of awesome gifts to open while they were away having fun on the beach! Included were lots of 3D movies and an apple TV! All great accessories to our new TV. Oh and I got a rocking chair from Laurel and can't wait to use it (hopefully sooner than later) 

We went back to bed and when I woke up Brian had hot chocolate and donuts waiting for breakfast... mmm my fav. Then it was off to the hospital again! 

Boston had a good night, it must have been all those visions of sugarplums :)

Our nurse put him in his stocking for us haha. It was the best gift of them all! 

After lots of cuddles with Boston we went to Le Miserable which was AMAZING!!! Then we got more hot chocolate and are now watching a Christmas Story, another fav of mine :) 
So although we wish we were with family, we had a great time together and are so thankful for how well Boston is doing so that we could enjoy being at the hospital these past few days. All his nurses and doctors have been great. We love him and we love Christmas!! We can't wait to bring him home. 

Bandit is wondering when he gets to meet his brother!

I have to bring his used blankies and clothes home to wash and Bandit loves rolling around in them before the Boston smell gets washed away. They are gonna be best buds. 

But we hope everyone's holiday was as fun as ours! This will definitely be a Christmas we won't forget! And hopefully one we never have to do again haha (as much as I love being in the hospital 24/7..... not)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

1 step forward, 2 steps back!

Well... we were warned that we would have a few ups and downs while in the NICU and they weren't kidding! Just when we thought things were going awesome we had to take a few steps backwards :( Poor little Boston just can't catch a break!

"Bananas over mommy" 
not sure what face this is he is making but I love it ahah

Since the PICC line came out I got to put him in my fav preemie outfit!
monkey butt haha

He was doing so good for a while, he was just on room air and breathing really consistently and being such a strong boy! But since he hit 34 weeks and was doing so good, the doctors decided it was time to come off the caffeine (which helps preemie baby's breath in the beginning while their lungs mature) so they took it away from him cold turkey!! He did really well for a couple days and we were so excited that things were looking up but then the apneas made a come-back :( I HATE those things. He turns all blue and his heart rate drops like crazy and it scares him mom and dad to death! So he was quickly put back on caffeine which stinks because he has to be off the "juice" and apnea free for at least 10 days before we can even think of bringing him home and he will be on caffeine another week. 

Love this little face!!

He has been back on his cola for 2 days now and was still having some episodes so we got bumped up on oxygen again..... and since the apneas were back and not even better or less frequent while being back on caffeine, the doctors were a little concerned about another infection.... great.... so the poor little mister got his 4th spinal tap (which means mommy had another melt down) and some blood drawn to be sent off for cultures and checked for White Blood Cell counts. Which also means we got an IV back in and back on antibiotics for at least 2 days until the cultures come back negative. 

So sick and tired of all these tests and pokes!

We got the results back from the WBC counts though and they all looked great, so hopefully that means the cultures will be negative and we won't have to worry about an infection and can get that IV out soon! But it also scares mommy because that means we don't know why the apneas aren't going away. I really hope and pray he's not going to have breathing problems forever because of the meningitis.... I am hoping it was just to early to come off caffeine and it is just taking a while to kick back in again. And I REALLY hope it's just cuz his lungs need a little more time to mature and that we can bring him home soon....

All these pics are before all the new are tubes back on. And he was not very impressed here that I unwrapped him haha. he was so cozy. 

He did have an eye exam and his eyes are matured and looking good... phew! They told us blindness was a big possibility so this was a HUGE relief! 

Diaper change! They are starting to be pretty nasty haha. He is eating really good and gaining weight like crazy!!! He is now 4lbs 15.5 ounces... almost to the 5lbs mark yay!! 

Loves to chew his fingers and stretch his little toes out!

Boston is such a tough little guy and has been such a champ through all this. The 2nd MRI results were not good… from the looks of the pictures about 1/3 of his brain is dead from the meningitis. That was a REALLY hard few days. They told us he may never have the ability to "learn" which means no walking, talking, much of anything really. So that was terrible news as you can imagine. But after a few days to soak it all in I am doing better and we are still just going to wait and see what happens when he grows up! But one thing is for sure we will love him to death either way. The developmental specialists are very impressed with how alert and strong he is so that was great to hear :) He is catching on to feedings a lot earlier than they expected too! We have heard that boys can be slower an stubborn with the lung issues so we will just pray that is all it is, he just needs a little more time is all!! But I wish he would hurry up and get over this apnea thing, I am really sick of getting new room mates and seeing them leave before us! Not fair!

But Christmas is right around the corner! I can't believe we have a baby to celebrate with haha, it is going to be a different holiday than Brian and I are used to (us spending it in the hospital and wishing we were in Hawaii with everyone else) But it will be a special Christmas too that we will always remember. We have gotten the best Christmas present we could ask for, a beautiful little boy!! We just love him to death :) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

What Meningitis!?

We are officially free of the meningitis infection!!
Such a tough little guy!

They did another spinal tap to check his white blood cell count (which mom was not very excited about, a lot more tears were shed that day lol) but he did so good!! And in the words of the NP the count was down "drastically" so he is off antibiotics and his PICC line can come out tomorrow! Which means we can start dressing his other arm too haha. 

Still loving the binky which mommy loves too!

He now weighs 4lbs 7ounces, so we are 1 ounce above birth weight. He is still so tiny but looks like a chunky monkey compared to what he used to be :)

Preemie clothes are still a little baggy but he might be too tall for them pretty soon. I love this one haha.

He has the canula back on with a very low flow. They say eating for a preemie is like running a marathon so since feedings he has gotten a little tired so needs a little help again to remind him to breath lol. But he is doing really good and are told this is very normal so we will give him a few more days to rest. He has started to have a few apnea episodes again, but the canula is helping him start breathing on his own again without stimulation. 

I get lots of kisses now :)

Since he has been moved to a little crib we are able to hold and play with him a lot more! It's so fun! This past week has been so much better. Now that all the tests and most of the tubes are gone and done with it is much easier to relax and just play with him. 


It's hard to think that there still might be something wrong cuz he seems so perfect right now. He smiles a ton and is much more interactive now! But he seems happy so a long as he is happy I will be too! 

big yawn!

We are so very thankful with the progress he has made and love him so much! Brian and I are going to try and go to St. George this weekend for his brothers mission report. I am a little scared to leave but he is doing really good and I will still see him sat morning and sun night so I guess it's not that bad lol It will be nice to go and see family and leave the stresses of the hospital behind for a little while. 

We have started packing and hope to move into our new HOUSE on the 30th!! Wohoo! Brian is all done with finals so only has one semester left and got a big promotion at work! He has been insanely busy these past few weeks with all this going on but he is awesome and took it all like a champ. We have a lot of life changes happening but they have all been good!! Life is grand.... :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

We made it!!

Baby Boston has made it through his first week!! He is looking cuter everyday and is doing SOOO good in the hospital!!! Of course we won't know of any brain damage effects for a long time (I try to not think about it but it is always in the back of my mind scaring the crap outta me....) but he is doing as good as we could hope for right now! The many prayers from friends and family have DEFINITELY been working miracles.
No more cords!!!!

Doesn't he just look the cutest without all that stuff on his face!? Boston is totally off all air and oxygen and is breathing all on his own! And we have been apnea free for 2 days now! (knock on wood....) 

He loves his sucky!! Even if it is as big as his face right now lol
He still has a very small feeding tube (they took it out for pictures) but he eats more and more everyday. I have been able to start trying to feed him twice a day! Not much luck yet but I am told it will take preemies a week or so to get the hang of it so we are just having fun hanging out right now! He lost a lot of weight since birth and was looking very skelator lol but he has been gaining a little bit everyday again so hopefully he starts to fatten up here soon! (You would think with his genes this shouldn't be a problem)

"Mommy's Big Guy"

He has been keeping his own temperature up really good so he is out of the "box" and we are able to dress him in his own big boy clothes now!!! Grandma Shari got him a MILLION preemie outfitts! When I saw how small they were I thought he wasn't gonna fit in them, but there is even room to grow! Crazy..... We have to keep his one arm out while the pick line is still in. It will be there until he is all done his meningitis medicine, probably another week. 

Cuddling with mommie!

We are able to hold him twice a day now too so Brian and I usually take a turn. I love cuddles and my hour just seems to go by WAY too fast. But it is fun to wrap him in his own blankies now and since he is out of the box I get to give him TONS of kisses! The doctor said if he keeps doing this good he will probably be moved into the "healthy" pod and get his own little crib in a couple days! 

We are so proud of him and hope he just keeps getting better everyday. The difference a couple days has made for him is amazing, he looks like a whole new baby! 

We did have to say bye to grandma today though.. and I did not take that very well....

She has been such a HUGE help and it has been very comforting to have someone around who knows what's going on! (My mom is an NICU nurse so she knew everything! We picked her brian to death while she was here) But she said she wasn't going to leave until she felt he was healthy and stable so I guess that is a good sign too lol. 

We will miss her lots and lots but she will be back when Boston gets to come home! Hopefully sooner than later!

And after a week of bad news (it seemed) we got a call from our realtor and we have officially got our house!!! I am SO excited to move and hope I am able to get Boston's room all ready before he comes home too. We will be spending Christmas at the hospital which wasn't planned but my dad and brothers will be coming down boxing day to hang out for a little while so I am looking forward to that! These past few days have been so great and much less stressful! Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayers for Boss man.... keep them coming!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boston Updates!

Well Boston had a really busy day on Monday! The poor little guy got another spinal tap (that makes 3) and a MRI done to see if we could maybe get a few answers as to his condition. They had us a little worried because he had kinda stopped responding to stimulation. He was pretty out of it and not moving much, but we think it was just the morphine they put him on for all his tests. After he had a while to recover he started moving and reacting to our touch again! So that was a good sign. I think he is just like his mom and gets pretty knocked out from drugs lol.

We came back late that night after all his test were done and he FINALLY opened his eyes for us and was being so cute and awake!! He is such a cutie!

We got news from the spinal tap.... his white blood cell and protein count were way down from his first one. Which tells us the antibiotics they have him on are doing their job in fighting the infection. They are still elevated so we still have some work to do but the fact that there was some improvement was very good! We are still waiting on culture results. Since the cultures from the common types of infection that cause meningitis came back negative, they are testing for some rare ones to see if we can figure out exactly what caused him to get meningitis. It won't change the treatment but might kinda give  us an answer, but nothing from those yet so it might just remain a mystery!

This was the end of a big smile he gave his daddy after a good head rub! haha thats pretty much all we can do right now is rub his cute little head to let him know we are there :)

He had a brain ultrasound that showed a small class one bleed in the brian that is very common with preemies and we are told nothing too major to worry about. They are gonna keep en eye on the bleed to make sure it doesn't end up blocking anything but since he did have that they wanted to do a MRI earlier than originally planned. We got the results back but honestly just kinda left us with more questions. They did not see any effects yet from the meningitis but we were told it was too early to see anything even if there is so we will have to wait a couple more weeks until his next MRI to see if the meningitis has effected the brain at all. But they did see a small area of the brain with some ischemia, which I guess is a fancy word for an area of the brain that did not get enough oxygen. But all they could tell us about it is wait till the next MRI to see if it has gotten better or worse and that we will have to wait until he develops to see the effects it might have which is the hardest part. It doesn't really sound like we are gonna get many answers until he starts growing. But the chances of his motor and cognitive skills being affected in some way have gone way up.

He has been such a brave little boy and we are so proud of him!

He has not had any apnea episodes while on the tube but they are gonna take it out again today so we will see if he has any more. Fingers crossed! He is also getting an EEG done today to see if he has been having any seizures, just ones that he hasn't been showing us so hopefully nothing there either! Still a lot of questions to be answered and it has been really hard for Brian when the doctors keep saying we don't know! We are really not fans of the waiting part but I guess there is not much else to do! He is getting the best care he can and we are very thankful for all the prayers in Boston's behalf. We are very hopeful and will take whatever challenges come our way! This boy is very loved already!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Boston Bynum Hill

Well it happened quite a bit sooner than expected but we have a beautiful baby boy here! I went into labour Thursday night around 11:00pm and had him on Friday Nov. 30th at 12:24pm. He was 4lbs 6onz and 17.5 inches long! I got an epidural right away and it was HEAVEN!!  I got a few good naps in before they broke my water and I started pushing!
Right after the epidural, feeling good!

Since Boston was only 28 weeks they gave me lots of drugs and shots to try and stop the labour but he had other plans... he was coming either way! We were moved to an OR though so that when he got here they could just pass him through a window into the NICU. So Brian got to wear a pretty sweet get-up....

Ready to go! He was a good coach to have :)

But I have been healing really fast and feeling good. I know a lot of people are wondering about Boston's condition so I wanted to blog to catch everybody up.  He started with a lot of apnea episodes at first (which are common with preemies) but usually when given caffeine they get better. Boston's were not going away with the caffeine and so we had a wonderful nurse practitioner who started to think something else might be going on. She ordered a spinal tap despite what others were saying and we found he had a meningitis infection. 

They started him on strong antibiotics and sent away the spinal fluid for culture. The culture came back negative, but the white blood cells in the spinal fluid were extremely high. That means we know he has meningitis we just don't know what kind or how serious which makes treatment a little harder. 

They put in a breathing tube and gave him some medicine for his lungs and he started doing better so they took it out and put him on some morphine and we were just praying he started to get better. 

We got a call late last night saying his apnea episodes were getting worse. They had to start using a bag to help him start breathing again which they never had to do before. So they put the breathing tube back in. 

We were told the fact that his apnea was getting worse even though he was on caffeine and antibiotics means there has been some brain injury. The hardest part of it all is we won't know how serious or exactly the effects he will have until he starts growing and developing. 

He is under some special lights in these pictures to help his jaundice. That is why he is wearing the cute glasses lol :) 

It has been a very hard and stressful few days but we can feel the love and the prayers from everyone and are very grateful for all the support. We are very thankful for the knowledge that we have of a Heavenly Father who is watching over him and know he will take care of him. We will just keep praying and hoping and be ready to handle whatever we are given. Miracles happen everyday and we feel very blessed to have this sweet boy in our lives. 

We will try and keep everyone updated as much as possible and just ask that you keep remembering him in your prayers.