Sunday, December 30, 2012


 Well it's almost New Year's Eve which means.... resolutions!! Love it!! I usually make really good ones and of course they only last about a week BUT this year is gonna be different.... haha. 

#1: Bring my baby boy home!!

#2: Back to wedding day weight.... this is gonna be a doozy... lol wish me luck!


#3: Start having regular family Home Evening. Now that I'm a mom I guess we should start haha. 

Now I know it's only three but usually I struggle with just one, but 2013 is gonna be a great year!! I can feel it. Boston has a few resolutions of his own too.... 

He has been doing so good that they took him off the caffeine again... I am VERY nervous cuz last time at about day 4 off caffeine he had a horrible day of really scary apneas and it set him back a little bit as far as oxygen goes.... so his resolution #1 is: NO MORE CAFFEINE! (he has to be off caffeine 10 days apnea free before he can come home. We are now on day 8 and counting.... could you imagine  taking him home that soon!? I sure can!!)

He is so low on oxygen now that if he keeps doing good while off caffeine for a few more days he will be totally off! So resolution #2 is: breathing all on his own!! 

AND he is eating all his feeding but 1 a shift (2 a day) without the feeding tube! So if he keeps doing so good and starts eating those other 2 the tube can come out. So resolution #3 is: NO MORE TUBES!! 

He is gaining weight good and tonight came in at 5lbs 6ounces!! Holy cannoli he is HUGE! 
Brian and I were given a big check list of things/classes we have to do before we can take him home but they told us to start finishing it up cuz we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully this boy accomplishes all his resolutions early in the year....VERY early in the new year. We are working really hard at getting into our house a.s.a.p. We have been approved just trying to close so we can move in and set up Boston's room before he comes home :) bringing him to our one bedroom apt that is already all in boxes would not be very fun lol. But this little miracle baby has been doing amazing. We are again very grateful for all the prayers. We will have to do another MRI before he comes home too and I am kinda dreading to see if things look worse than the last one, but they could look better too! So we will let you all know when we find out. But the progress he has been making has been very reassuring. I think he is gonna grow up to be a tough and smart little dude! 

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