Monday, December 3, 2012

Boston Bynum Hill

Well it happened quite a bit sooner than expected but we have a beautiful baby boy here! I went into labour Thursday night around 11:00pm and had him on Friday Nov. 30th at 12:24pm. He was 4lbs 6onz and 17.5 inches long! I got an epidural right away and it was HEAVEN!!  I got a few good naps in before they broke my water and I started pushing!
Right after the epidural, feeling good!

Since Boston was only 28 weeks they gave me lots of drugs and shots to try and stop the labour but he had other plans... he was coming either way! We were moved to an OR though so that when he got here they could just pass him through a window into the NICU. So Brian got to wear a pretty sweet get-up....

Ready to go! He was a good coach to have :)

But I have been healing really fast and feeling good. I know a lot of people are wondering about Boston's condition so I wanted to blog to catch everybody up.  He started with a lot of apnea episodes at first (which are common with preemies) but usually when given caffeine they get better. Boston's were not going away with the caffeine and so we had a wonderful nurse practitioner who started to think something else might be going on. She ordered a spinal tap despite what others were saying and we found he had a meningitis infection. 

They started him on strong antibiotics and sent away the spinal fluid for culture. The culture came back negative, but the white blood cells in the spinal fluid were extremely high. That means we know he has meningitis we just don't know what kind or how serious which makes treatment a little harder. 

They put in a breathing tube and gave him some medicine for his lungs and he started doing better so they took it out and put him on some morphine and we were just praying he started to get better. 

We got a call late last night saying his apnea episodes were getting worse. They had to start using a bag to help him start breathing again which they never had to do before. So they put the breathing tube back in. 

We were told the fact that his apnea was getting worse even though he was on caffeine and antibiotics means there has been some brain injury. The hardest part of it all is we won't know how serious or exactly the effects he will have until he starts growing and developing. 

He is under some special lights in these pictures to help his jaundice. That is why he is wearing the cute glasses lol :) 

It has been a very hard and stressful few days but we can feel the love and the prayers from everyone and are very grateful for all the support. We are very thankful for the knowledge that we have of a Heavenly Father who is watching over him and know he will take care of him. We will just keep praying and hoping and be ready to handle whatever we are given. Miracles happen everyday and we feel very blessed to have this sweet boy in our lives. 

We will try and keep everyone updated as much as possible and just ask that you keep remembering him in your prayers. 


  1. Congratulations on your sweet little boy! I didn't have a preemie, but I know what it's like to have a child with some serious health problems. Just remember that Heavenly Father sent Boston to you because you alone can handle this. You are in our prayers! If you ever need a friend, just know that I'd love to talk or whatever. Also, my mom lives in SLC and would love to visit you/bring you a meal/do anything you might need. Let me know!

    1. Thanks so much Kristy, it's so nice to know other people have gone through scary things with their baby's too and have gotten through it or learned to adjust. I sometimes doubt that I would be able to handle long term issues with Boston but I always know I won't have to do it alone. I love little June and think she is just darling! Thanks for thinking of us and tell your mom thanks too but we have had lots of help and support and will get through all of this just fine! Brian and I love your family and hope you are all doing well!

  2. oh Brooke he is so sweet! You guys are in our prayers constantly. We love you!

    1. Thanks so much Brittany! He needs all the prayers he can get lol. And when (if ever) he gets out of the hospital he will need to meet Autumn!