Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boston Updates!

Well Boston had a really busy day on Monday! The poor little guy got another spinal tap (that makes 3) and a MRI done to see if we could maybe get a few answers as to his condition. They had us a little worried because he had kinda stopped responding to stimulation. He was pretty out of it and not moving much, but we think it was just the morphine they put him on for all his tests. After he had a while to recover he started moving and reacting to our touch again! So that was a good sign. I think he is just like his mom and gets pretty knocked out from drugs lol.

We came back late that night after all his test were done and he FINALLY opened his eyes for us and was being so cute and awake!! He is such a cutie!

We got news from the spinal tap.... his white blood cell and protein count were way down from his first one. Which tells us the antibiotics they have him on are doing their job in fighting the infection. They are still elevated so we still have some work to do but the fact that there was some improvement was very good! We are still waiting on culture results. Since the cultures from the common types of infection that cause meningitis came back negative, they are testing for some rare ones to see if we can figure out exactly what caused him to get meningitis. It won't change the treatment but might kinda give  us an answer, but nothing from those yet so it might just remain a mystery!

This was the end of a big smile he gave his daddy after a good head rub! haha thats pretty much all we can do right now is rub his cute little head to let him know we are there :)

He had a brain ultrasound that showed a small class one bleed in the brian that is very common with preemies and we are told nothing too major to worry about. They are gonna keep en eye on the bleed to make sure it doesn't end up blocking anything but since he did have that they wanted to do a MRI earlier than originally planned. We got the results back but honestly just kinda left us with more questions. They did not see any effects yet from the meningitis but we were told it was too early to see anything even if there is so we will have to wait a couple more weeks until his next MRI to see if the meningitis has effected the brain at all. But they did see a small area of the brain with some ischemia, which I guess is a fancy word for an area of the brain that did not get enough oxygen. But all they could tell us about it is wait till the next MRI to see if it has gotten better or worse and that we will have to wait until he develops to see the effects it might have which is the hardest part. It doesn't really sound like we are gonna get many answers until he starts growing. But the chances of his motor and cognitive skills being affected in some way have gone way up.

He has been such a brave little boy and we are so proud of him!

He has not had any apnea episodes while on the tube but they are gonna take it out again today so we will see if he has any more. Fingers crossed! He is also getting an EEG done today to see if he has been having any seizures, just ones that he hasn't been showing us so hopefully nothing there either! Still a lot of questions to be answered and it has been really hard for Brian when the doctors keep saying we don't know! We are really not fans of the waiting part but I guess there is not much else to do! He is getting the best care he can and we are very thankful for all the prayers in Boston's behalf. We are very hopeful and will take whatever challenges come our way! This boy is very loved already!!


  1. Brooke,
    I know we were only in YW together for a short time so its not like we are terribly close but i want you to know i have been keeping up on updates since i heard your news. I threatened preterm labour with my little girl the same time you had Boston (they managed to stop mine) but i understand how scary it can be, also even with her being full term she still has episodes of Apnea here at home with us. I know i dont completely understand what you are experiencing but i want you to know our families prayers are with you and little Boston. I hope he continues to grow strong and well. Thank you for posting updates so that those of us who arent so close anymore can still keep you in our thoughts.
    -Carol Larson

  2. Brooke and Brian you are in our prayers constantly. Boston is so lucky to have such amazing parents and extended family. Whatever challenges come your way just know we are feel cheering you on. I think of my sweet little Clare and all that she has and still goes through as I read your updates and can't imagine our lives without her. Stay strong and close to each other and your Heavenly Father.
    Love and hugs, Elaine Hall