Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MAX! fetch me my cloak....

Merry Christmas!!! I LOVE this holiday, it really is the most wonderful time of the year! 

This holiday was a little different than we had originally planned. We were going to go to Hawaii with Brian's family, but then I got put on bed rest.... so we decided we would go to Canada with my family! THEN Boston decided to make an it was just Brian, Boston, Bandit and I this year. I was getting kinda bummed about it the closer it got, I love hanging out with our families (especially around Christmas) so I was being kind of a grinch about this year, saying it was so depressing we had to miss out on all the fun and be in the hospital the whole time.... but Brian made sure it was a memorable one! We ended up having a great time together as a little family :)  

Christmas Eve we went out for breakfast at Kneaders for all you can eat french toast (Brian's fav) and then we were invited for dinner at my aunt Sina's house and we had a lot of fun with her family eating TONS and acting out the christmas story! Then we headed off to the hospital and spent most of the day with Boston for his first Christmas!

He is doing great!! He is eating 4 full feedings a day on his own now so maybe the feeding tube can come out in a little while. He is still on caffeine but is on a lower flow of oxygen that he can come home on if he needs to (hopefully not!) And officially no infection so the IV was taken out.... hooray! Hopefully his lungs will mature a lot in this next week so that when he is eating good he can come home :) 

Cute Christmas jammies, all the nurses loved them lol

At the hospital Brian let us open ONE present each (I had to fight him hard on this one haha) and then we watched our fav Christmas movie... the Grinch! 

Boston loved the movie and his gift. He was such a happy boy that night and no scary apneas while we were there... it was a Christmas miracle!!!

After we went home Boston got a visit from Santa! Had I known he was coming we would have stayed... but the hospital took a picture for us. I had to scan it so it's not the best quality but I thought it was so cute!

Santa brought him a bunch of cute presents (blankies, hats, book, socks... all sorts of goodies) and left him a cute Santa hat of his own. I was amazed at how many gifts the hospital and nurses gave him! I guess that is one upside of spending the holidays in the NICU. 

Then I woke Brian up at 5:30 am to open presents!!! It was just us so the unwrapping was pretty fast but we got SO spoiled. My mom and dad got us a new 3D TV that I am SO EXCITED to use!! And Brian's parents made sure we had lots of awesome gifts to open while they were away having fun on the beach! Included were lots of 3D movies and an apple TV! All great accessories to our new TV. Oh and I got a rocking chair from Laurel and can't wait to use it (hopefully sooner than later) 

We went back to bed and when I woke up Brian had hot chocolate and donuts waiting for breakfast... mmm my fav. Then it was off to the hospital again! 

Boston had a good night, it must have been all those visions of sugarplums :)

Our nurse put him in his stocking for us haha. It was the best gift of them all! 

After lots of cuddles with Boston we went to Le Miserable which was AMAZING!!! Then we got more hot chocolate and are now watching a Christmas Story, another fav of mine :) 
So although we wish we were with family, we had a great time together and are so thankful for how well Boston is doing so that we could enjoy being at the hospital these past few days. All his nurses and doctors have been great. We love him and we love Christmas!! We can't wait to bring him home. 

Bandit is wondering when he gets to meet his brother!

I have to bring his used blankies and clothes home to wash and Bandit loves rolling around in them before the Boston smell gets washed away. They are gonna be best buds. 

But we hope everyone's holiday was as fun as ours! This will definitely be a Christmas we won't forget! And hopefully one we never have to do again haha (as much as I love being in the hospital 24/7..... not)

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  1. So awesome! What a fun little Christmas!!! Boston is so precious. Sending prayers and love your way!! I can't believe how strong you are as a mom. You inspire me! You're the best mom Boston could ask for and I'm sure Brian is too!! I'm glad he is progressing!! You guys are in our prayers! Love you Brooke!! Xoxo