Sunday, December 9, 2012

We made it!!

Baby Boston has made it through his first week!! He is looking cuter everyday and is doing SOOO good in the hospital!!! Of course we won't know of any brain damage effects for a long time (I try to not think about it but it is always in the back of my mind scaring the crap outta me....) but he is doing as good as we could hope for right now! The many prayers from friends and family have DEFINITELY been working miracles.
No more cords!!!!

Doesn't he just look the cutest without all that stuff on his face!? Boston is totally off all air and oxygen and is breathing all on his own! And we have been apnea free for 2 days now! (knock on wood....) 

He loves his sucky!! Even if it is as big as his face right now lol
He still has a very small feeding tube (they took it out for pictures) but he eats more and more everyday. I have been able to start trying to feed him twice a day! Not much luck yet but I am told it will take preemies a week or so to get the hang of it so we are just having fun hanging out right now! He lost a lot of weight since birth and was looking very skelator lol but he has been gaining a little bit everyday again so hopefully he starts to fatten up here soon! (You would think with his genes this shouldn't be a problem)

"Mommy's Big Guy"

He has been keeping his own temperature up really good so he is out of the "box" and we are able to dress him in his own big boy clothes now!!! Grandma Shari got him a MILLION preemie outfitts! When I saw how small they were I thought he wasn't gonna fit in them, but there is even room to grow! Crazy..... We have to keep his one arm out while the pick line is still in. It will be there until he is all done his meningitis medicine, probably another week. 

Cuddling with mommie!

We are able to hold him twice a day now too so Brian and I usually take a turn. I love cuddles and my hour just seems to go by WAY too fast. But it is fun to wrap him in his own blankies now and since he is out of the box I get to give him TONS of kisses! The doctor said if he keeps doing this good he will probably be moved into the "healthy" pod and get his own little crib in a couple days! 

We are so proud of him and hope he just keeps getting better everyday. The difference a couple days has made for him is amazing, he looks like a whole new baby! 

We did have to say bye to grandma today though.. and I did not take that very well....

She has been such a HUGE help and it has been very comforting to have someone around who knows what's going on! (My mom is an NICU nurse so she knew everything! We picked her brian to death while she was here) But she said she wasn't going to leave until she felt he was healthy and stable so I guess that is a good sign too lol. 

We will miss her lots and lots but she will be back when Boston gets to come home! Hopefully sooner than later!

And after a week of bad news (it seemed) we got a call from our realtor and we have officially got our house!!! I am SO excited to move and hope I am able to get Boston's room all ready before he comes home too. We will be spending Christmas at the hospital which wasn't planned but my dad and brothers will be coming down boxing day to hang out for a little while so I am looking forward to that! These past few days have been so great and much less stressful! Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayers for Boss man.... keep them coming!!!

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