Friday, December 14, 2012

What Meningitis!?

We are officially free of the meningitis infection!!
Such a tough little guy!

They did another spinal tap to check his white blood cell count (which mom was not very excited about, a lot more tears were shed that day lol) but he did so good!! And in the words of the NP the count was down "drastically" so he is off antibiotics and his PICC line can come out tomorrow! Which means we can start dressing his other arm too haha. 

Still loving the binky which mommy loves too!

He now weighs 4lbs 7ounces, so we are 1 ounce above birth weight. He is still so tiny but looks like a chunky monkey compared to what he used to be :)

Preemie clothes are still a little baggy but he might be too tall for them pretty soon. I love this one haha.

He has the canula back on with a very low flow. They say eating for a preemie is like running a marathon so since feedings he has gotten a little tired so needs a little help again to remind him to breath lol. But he is doing really good and are told this is very normal so we will give him a few more days to rest. He has started to have a few apnea episodes again, but the canula is helping him start breathing on his own again without stimulation. 

I get lots of kisses now :)

Since he has been moved to a little crib we are able to hold and play with him a lot more! It's so fun! This past week has been so much better. Now that all the tests and most of the tubes are gone and done with it is much easier to relax and just play with him. 


It's hard to think that there still might be something wrong cuz he seems so perfect right now. He smiles a ton and is much more interactive now! But he seems happy so a long as he is happy I will be too! 

big yawn!

We are so very thankful with the progress he has made and love him so much! Brian and I are going to try and go to St. George this weekend for his brothers mission report. I am a little scared to leave but he is doing really good and I will still see him sat morning and sun night so I guess it's not that bad lol It will be nice to go and see family and leave the stresses of the hospital behind for a little while. 

We have started packing and hope to move into our new HOUSE on the 30th!! Wohoo! Brian is all done with finals so only has one semester left and got a big promotion at work! He has been insanely busy these past few weeks with all this going on but he is awesome and took it all like a champ. We have a lot of life changes happening but they have all been good!! Life is grand.... :)


  1. Your attitude is inspirational. And i'm so happy with the progress!

    1. Thanks tiff, I don't always have a good attitude believe me lol. It's pretty rough some days but I feel good about everything, I think he is going to be just fine! And if not then I will just learn how to deal... But thanks for the thoughts and prayers, they mean so much to all of us!