Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm a Belieber!!

Brian said he would divorce me if I titled my blog this so I guess we will see how serious he was haha. But I HAD to blog and just tell everyone how awesome the concert was! We had so much fun!! I have been to a lot of concerts in my short life but this one was honestly one of the funnest! They did some pretty amazing things with the set and well lets be honest.... I LOVE the biebs.

Laurel got us the tickets for my birthday and they were amazing!! We were so close :)

I took only like a gazillion pics but don't worry I wont post them all lol

This picture makes me laugh... the countdown for JB to come out was on and Brian is checking basketball scores on his phone lol.... obsessed!

He was awesome!! Brent and Rachel came with us and it was so fun!

It was the perfect little break before out lives became pretty chaotic! We moved into our house that day before the concert and then Boston came home the day after!! Holy smokes we were busy but that was the perfect last hoorah!

But you read right.... Boston is officially HOME!! ahhhhh (big sigh of relief) no more visits to the NICU! Although we loved all our nurses and doctors we are very happy to put that place behind us lol. He has come home on oxygen so we have a huge tank with a 50 ft cord for at home and then a little portable tank to take if we leave the house. They told us he might be on it a couple more months but I'm not sure I believe that. He is doing so good!

Love cuddling him all day! It's still kinda weird to me, but I finally feel like a mom!

He is such a good baby (knock on wood) He is eating good and sleeping good and so far breathing pretty good! He is so fun :) We went into the pediatrician when we got home and he weighed 6lbs!! And we don't have to see a doctor for another month hopefully, crazy!

He loves his swing :)

He got his first bath at home and was so funny! His hair was so curly and blonde after we washed it haha. And we put it in a sweet mohawk for a little while, he's such a cool dude. 

We have been adjusting pretty well, my mom was able to come for a couple days when he came home to help us settle and will be back at the end of the month but I think we are doing pretty good! She helped me get pretty good at the baby heimlich (he stops breathing a lot when he eats and turns blue... its pretty terrifying but we are getting good at preventing that now lol) Brian is very busy with school and work like always but is so helpful when he is home. He even gets up a night sometimes! Say what!? We will see how long that lasts... haha jk. 

I love being able to stay home with him! My life is awesome! We have so much fun together :)

Boston loves being spread eagle when he sleeps haha he is hilarious. 

We are so thankful AGAIN for all the prayers, I can't say it enough. He has done amazing and the difference from his birth to now is incredible. I think he is such a good baby to make up for all the stress he caused everyone in the beginning haha. But he is very active, alert, strong and happy. We couldn't be more grateful for all the miracles and blessings we have seen with him.  

Crazy to think this was just two months ago... feels like forever

Soon it will just be a distant memory, but doesn't he look awesome!?

We are just about settled into the house! When I have everything put away I will take pictures but I LOVE my house! It's so cute. We have had some pretty awesome life changes these past few months! Thanks friends and family for all the support!