Thursday, February 21, 2013

Busy weekend for Boston!

Happy Belated Valentines Day!! I love love day, and this year was especially awesome because we got to share it with Boston too! Brian had work and school (boo....) but when he got home we had a jam packed night full of fun! I made him dinner with all his favs! Steak, sweet potatoes, jello and homemade rolls. 

Usually he takes me to some fancy place that I love but he hates haha but this year we decided to only venture out once since we had little bean with us. So instead we ate in and then went to "Safe Haven" which was amazing!! I just love Nicholas Sparks books/movies and this one was up there on the list. Boston did so good! He got a little fussy right at the end but I would still give him an A. 

And then Brian spoiled us with awesome presents!!! I got the entire series of FRIENDS on bluray (he left it on the table when he left for work so Boston and I could spend all day watching it while he was gone :) )and beautiful flowers that he hand picked! And Boston got a new little sunday outfit. 

Here he is checking out the bright red present!

We got dad some new basketball shoes so he got a little spoiled too.... so needless to say V day was a great success! And then just a couple days after my whole family came down!!! YAY! I was So looking forward to this visit because it was the first time uncle Brandon and Brigham got to meet Boston! And my dad hadn't seen him since the hospital!

Instant best buds!

I'm an uncle!!
We had so much fun together... we always do. Our weekend was filled with lots of eating and shopping. But what else would you expect from a Hill holiday? Visits always go by way too fast but now that Boston is better we can go home and visit a lot more now! 

They all came down last weekend because we blessed Boston that Sunday :) It was a perfect day! One we have been waiting for forever it seems....

Brian did an excellent job, it was the best baby blessing I have ever heard! A lot of things were said that  were very specific to little boss man and put my mind at ease on a couple of worries I have had. Couldn't have gone better!

Doesn't he look cute!?

Ready to go! Didn't make a peep in sacrament meeting thank goodness...

We had tons of family show up and are so grateful to everyone that came and made that day even more special :) We just had a little lunch after and this was extra fun too because my grandma and grandpa Platt drove all the way down for it to meet Boston! And I haven't seen them in so long because they were in London on their mission and just got home! So that was fun to see them too!

Boston had all his grandparents and 2 sets of great grandparents there! So fun!

But our week of fun is now over and it is back to reality again... although now that my reality doesn't involve work it's not so bad lol. Although the day before my family left Brian and I came down with a nasty cold so we have been a hurting unit for a few days now. Hopefully it goes away soon and HOPEFULLY Boston doesn't get it... uuugh. I hate being sick. 

Just a quick update.... Boston has been rolling over a lot more and finally started "talking" and smiling!! it is the cutest thing ever! These milestones keep coming up and we keep knocking them out of the park! So far no delays for Boston... The big ones are still coming up but he is just doing awesome. I love this little guy!

He has been getting a lot of baths (which he loves!) because he has decided to become a puking machine!! I am talking full on projectile, whole feeding upchucks once or twice a day. It's great... lol. We are now on a new medication for heart burn to see if that helps and so far it has so hopefully that is behind us too and I can start doing less laundry again. Oh the joys.....

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