Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged... It has flown by! People have been bugging me for updates on Boston and I have been slacking.. sorry! But we have just been having so much fun :) He has been doing amazing! He probably weighs just over 8lbs now, has been off oxygen for over a week and eating like a horse.  He still needs extra calories and iron and vitamins mixed in his bottles but  he always has so it just the norm for us! The doctor is really happy with his progress and he has completed his second round of synergist, 2 more to go! He has started to roll over and lift his head really good too!

 It's so fun to see him getting bigger, he's already proving the doctor's wrong on some things which makes his parents pretty proud! Since he finally got off oxygen we were able to go and get some "new born"photos of him which I just adore :) He wasn't exactly a new born anymore (almost 3 months old... say what!?) which made it a little more difficult to pose him, but she did an awesome job! I love them all!

They are all on Facebook so if you haven't seen them yet go take a peek, I just can't get enough of how cute they are!! 

Bandit I think has finally realized that Boston is a little person but seems to be a bit confused as to why he won't play with him yet...

I love this picture haha. He comes and throws his toys on Boston and waits for him to play fetch hah, it's pretty cute. 

But we are all doing great! Brian is working super hard getting ready to graduate in APRIL! And I am LOVING being a stay-at-home mom, it's the best! I might have the desire to go back to work one day but right now my life seems a little too good to be true. Boston is such an easy baby... I hope that doesn't mean he's gonna grow up to be a terror haha so I will enjoy it while I can. 
We are also loving our new home and ward. Bandit loves having a huge yard to play in and I love not having to carry him down 3 floors to go pee 100 times a day lol. I have had some requests for house pictures so here they are....

Living room upstairs

Our sweet entertainment center and 3D TV which I LOVE!

Hallway to the bedrooms... look at all my closets!

Upstairs Bathroom, bad picture but it's purple and grey

Master Bedroom

Boston's room! I had so much fun doing this room, we still need the baseboards on the wall to separate the colors but haven't got to it just yet. 

And the love of my life.... my kitchen! The whole reason we picked this house lol

Dining room

Now I didn't take pictures in the basement because honestly it's basically empty haha. There are 3 big bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room and 2 storage rooms. So needless to say going from a 1 bedroom apt to a 5 bedroom house has left a lot of empty rooms, and they will probably stay that way for a while haha. My dad did say though he is bringing himself a bed for the guest room downstairs because he is too good for the air mattress.... and people wonder where I get princess attitude from. 

Ok I did take one... This was one of Brian's christmas presents from his parents and he is so proud of it haha. Good thing we have room now cuz it is HUGE! This is going to be the toy room... notice the cute harry potter room under the stairs? I would have loved that when I was little. 

I love having my own house and am very excited to throw my first party soon! Boston is getting blessed this Sunday and we are having the whole family over after for lunch! I will take lots of pics and blog again soon!

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