Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quarter of a Century!

Brian turned 25!?!?! That sounds so old! He says he doesn't feel any different, but I'm pretty sure he looks different lol. He graduates in just a couple months and already has an incredible job lined up and bought me a beautiful house! Pretty good for only 25 right? He's pretty awesome.... 

He has done so much for our little family so I wanted to make this birthday extra awesome! And 25 seems like a pretty big deal so we needed to make it memorable. My parents just had their 25th wedding anniversary and for it my dad bought my mom 25 presents! So I thought what a great idea! I'm gonna do that for Brian's birthday....granted Brian's 25 presents were not near as fantastic as my mom's but it was still fun to watch him open them all! 

I had to wait all day until he got home from work/school to watch him open them but it was worth the wait! (I ran out of wrapping paper so ignore the cereal boxes in the back haha)

All opened! Half of them were his fav candies/food lol but he got lots of good presents too! 

I spent all day making his superman/basketball cake!

I love making cakes! It had been so long since I made one so I was really excited for brian's birthday so I could try a new one. I still need to learn how to make the layers more even (the bottom is always shorter than the top) but I think I'm getting better! I love this one :)

But after presents and cake all Brian wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch the new season of Modern Family I got him. So we ordered in Goodwood BBQ and just had a fun night laughing at that hilarious show. 

Boston loves that show too! 

He is so good and just plays and talks on the floor while we watch tv haha awesome...
He is getting so big! I already look at him and wonder where my tiny little baby went :( It is already going by way too fast!

I still haven't caught a roll on the camera but I think he is amazing at lifting his head for how small he is! (forgive the camera skills, I was super sick and delirious lol :s )

We went to the doctor and found out he is in the 0.1% for height and weight.... everyone is so proud of their 90% babies and here we are not even at 1 haha. He is 3 months old and weight 8lbs 11 ounces! I think it's pretty silly they measure him on the same scale as term babies because he is obviously way behind them but it's kinda funny to see the graph and how behind he looks haha. 

They are super proud of him though! And so are we... they told us expect him to be 9 weeks behind on everything because that's how early he was but he's not behind yet on anything! We are so grateful that he seems to be growing and developing right! He's such a tough little guy :)

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