Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Best Easter EVER!!!! I was so excited for Boston's first Easter and it was even more awesome than I expected because my mom and brothers came down for it :) 

They got here Sat night and Boston and I were so excited we couldn't sleep in.... Brian on the other hand didn't seem to have a problem haha. 

After their safe arrival we talked into the wee hours of the morning and then went to sleep and awaited the Easter Bunny's greatly anticipated visit! 

He did good this year! We all got spoiled with lots of Canadian candies/chocolate, 3D movies, clothes and fun toys for Boston. Lots were from grandma's and grandpa's but the Easter Bunny spoiled him too!

After going through all our baskets we had a fun Easter Egg hunt! Uncle Brandon took Boston which meant he did the worst haha I think they found like 3 eggs.... but Brian and Brigham ended up showing some mercy and handed some of theirs over. 

Egg Hog!

Bandit loved his egg filled with Pupperoni! It didn't take him very long to open it this year, he loves that stuff!

I was so excited to dress him up in his new suit from grandma Laurel! He looked so handsome today :) He's getting so BIG!

All ready for church!!

Cheese! We all snuck a bunch of eggs in the diaper bag to snack on during church to tide us over until our delicious Easter Sunday dinner... mmmm....

The Easter Bunny got Boston this sweet play-n-ride. It plays a bunch of songs and turns into a walker when he's older too! He is still a little small but my mom fashioned a smaller seat with a blanket and a pillow and he loved it! haha it was so fun! 

Then after dinner it was egg decorating time! I forgot to order my Ukrainian egg kit off Amazon :( We usually do some pretty intense eggs but we had to settle for dollar Walmart kits haha.... Brigham was not impressed.... but they ended up pretty cool anyways! 

We are having so much fun already! We are gonna go to the dinosaur museum tomorrow and then off to Canada on Wednesday! I am so excited! A little nervous too to leave Brian for that long... I think we have only been apart for one night since being married but I'm sure I will survive lol. Lots more blogs and pictures to follow!! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Weekend of Picture Overload!

Don't I look so old!?

Boston is getting bigger and cuter everyday! He will be 4 months in 2 days! Holy Moly.... He is starting to fit 0-3month clothes pretty good, in size 2 diapers (not for fit but for sheer volume of bathroom it can hold... i'll spare you the gruesome poop/pee stories....yuck!) We are on formula and LOVING it! He eats 5 ounces every 4 hours... thats why he's getting so chunky hah. He can pretty much eat normal now, no more holding his breath and choking! We officially gave the oxygen and monitor back a while ago... we are free! And only getting up once in the night. That I can handle. Only on 2 medicines now, rolling over both sides like a champ, smiling TONS and laughing just a couple times! He is starting to be a little chatter box and grabbing at toys now. It's so fun watching him get older! It's going a little too fast for my taste but I'm told that's how it works.... so I'll just do my best at treasuring this short baby stage. 

But the real reason for the blog today is to brag about our awesome weekend with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Laurel! We always have so much fun when they come down! Last time they were here Boston wasn't doing a whole lot... mostly slept lol so I think it was a little more fun for them this time! 

Ron had a lot of fun making Boss smile and talk lots! 

He loved all the attention, everyone would just sit around and watch him all day hah. He was pretty good at showing off though. Lots of rolling over and smiling and he even laughed for Great Grandma! I swear this kid is gonna crawl soon... He sure likes to move!

(This is a video of him rolling over when he first started like a month ago)

He loves to snuggle though too! He got lots of cuddles in this weekend.  

He seemed to have these magic powers that when you cuddled him that weekend you would fall asleep for a few min with him too! 

Sleepy boys! 

But I had lots of time to myself while they all babysat for me! I got to go to the gym during the day instead of at night and got to go on a date with Brian! We love babysitters! 

They loved taking pictures and took a million!! So I tried to narrow it down to my favs... he is so cute though I still posted lots haha.... sorry for the picture overload! 

Love this face!

He got SUPER spoiled while they were there too, as always! We have such awesome parents! We did lots of shopping and got comments from strangers at the store of how cute my little newborn was haha. They are always pretty surprised to learn his is 4 months old!! Hopefully he will catch up one day....

Cute smile :)

He loves his grandma and grandpa, we miss them already!!

But Grandma Shari and his uncles are coming down in just a couple days and then Boston and I are headed up to Canada for just under 2 weeks!!! YAY!! I am SO excited! We have lots of family up there pretty anxious to meet him and Grandma Shari is always antsy to see him too! We love family!! I will take lots of pictures (again haha) 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top O' da Mornin!

 I just LOVE St. Patty's day! It is one of my favorites and just baffles me that we don't get the day off work but.... it's not up to me I guess. I just remember in elementary school making traps and being so excited to catch a leprechaun and get my wishes! The St. Patty's excitement hasn't left me and I'm so looking forward to making this day as fun for my kids as my parents did for me and my brothers!

My dad would spend hours helping me make the perfect trap, I always had the coolest ones! Traps are pretty serious business in this house....
I gotta say... usually Brian is not very excited to start trap making (to say the least) but this year he got pretty into it! The St. Patty's magic is pretty contagious! 

Here they are! After slaving away they are finally finished! I forgot the gold this year haha so we are attracting our little leprechauns with Lucky Charms! They work just as good incase you didn't know....

Ours kinda worked the same this year. Both have a string hidden under the lucky charms that when pulled make the hat fall down or the trap door close! Pretty awesome eh?  I was sure we were gonna catch one this year! 
But alas... those little leprechauns are tricky little buggars! We did get some awesome green treats this year though. Here is Boston modeling with the traps in the morning! 

Thought this was pretty funny... as I was taking pictures he rolled over onto the traps haha. I barely caught it on camera because I was going to grab him!

Boston got some pretty sweet "1st St. Patricks Day" jammies! I just love dressing him up! I can't wait until he actually knows what's going on :)

Bandit even got into it! 

But after having Lucky Charms for breakfast (I forgot the syrup for the green pancakes lol) we got all ready for church in our best green outfits!

It's been a great day! 

But besides St. Patrick's day nothing too exciting has been going on! 

Boston is "talking" a lot more and likes to play on his mat now! He grabs and pulls the toys so rough though that he ends up pulling the whole thing down on himself haha but he doesn't seem to mind. 

We try and go somewhere everyday even if it's just walking around wal-mart for fun haha. He loves shopping! People still think he's only a couple weeks old when they first meet him... so he's still pretty small but he will be 4 months on the 30th! Holy Smokes! 

Check out that belly! He has finally moved up to 0-3 month clothes, he grows like a weed! We are starting to get more smiles out of him but still not a ton. He just sits in his swing and talks to himself... 

He's so fun! 

Brian has been pretty stressed with work and school... he has a lot on his plate right now but he graduates in April and his mom and I are so excited to go see him walk the stage! We are forcing him to  of course, he would rather die but I want pics of him in his cap and gown so bad haha. It will be fun! He played intramural basketball at BYU again this year and it was their best year so far I think! He really misses playing and it's so fun to go and watch! Boston loves it too! But it's over now :( 

And I have been busy this week re-doing our living room. I painted one wall blue cuz I wanted a cute colorful wall in the house but I was having a hard time finding decorations to match and I had a few people comment that they thought it was ugly haha so.... I started over. I was struggling taking pictures of the place with my little camera so this is the best I could do...

We went with grey and yellow cuz I found this pretty fabric at Hobby Lobby and made new pillowcases! I re-painted the wall grey and got matching curtains. 

And then I went spray paint crazy and repainted a lot of little decorations I had yellow. The pictures really don't do it justice, I promise it's really cute this time! And if you don't like it well... don't tell me cuz Brian won't let me do it over a 3rd time haha. 

But that's it for us! I feel like this was a really long post. But Easter is coming up and my mom and brothers will be here for it! Then Boston and I are gonna go home with them for just over a week! So mark it on your calendars because he wants to meet EVERYONE!!! yay!