Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Weekend of Picture Overload!

Don't I look so old!?

Boston is getting bigger and cuter everyday! He will be 4 months in 2 days! Holy Moly.... He is starting to fit 0-3month clothes pretty good, in size 2 diapers (not for fit but for sheer volume of bathroom it can hold... i'll spare you the gruesome poop/pee stories....yuck!) We are on formula and LOVING it! He eats 5 ounces every 4 hours... thats why he's getting so chunky hah. He can pretty much eat normal now, no more holding his breath and choking! We officially gave the oxygen and monitor back a while ago... we are free! And only getting up once in the night. That I can handle. Only on 2 medicines now, rolling over both sides like a champ, smiling TONS and laughing just a couple times! He is starting to be a little chatter box and grabbing at toys now. It's so fun watching him get older! It's going a little too fast for my taste but I'm told that's how it works.... so I'll just do my best at treasuring this short baby stage. 

But the real reason for the blog today is to brag about our awesome weekend with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Laurel! We always have so much fun when they come down! Last time they were here Boston wasn't doing a whole lot... mostly slept lol so I think it was a little more fun for them this time! 

Ron had a lot of fun making Boss smile and talk lots! 

He loved all the attention, everyone would just sit around and watch him all day hah. He was pretty good at showing off though. Lots of rolling over and smiling and he even laughed for Great Grandma! I swear this kid is gonna crawl soon... He sure likes to move!

(This is a video of him rolling over when he first started like a month ago)

He loves to snuggle though too! He got lots of cuddles in this weekend.  

He seemed to have these magic powers that when you cuddled him that weekend you would fall asleep for a few min with him too! 

Sleepy boys! 

But I had lots of time to myself while they all babysat for me! I got to go to the gym during the day instead of at night and got to go on a date with Brian! We love babysitters! 

They loved taking pictures and took a million!! So I tried to narrow it down to my favs... he is so cute though I still posted lots haha.... sorry for the picture overload! 

Love this face!

He got SUPER spoiled while they were there too, as always! We have such awesome parents! We did lots of shopping and got comments from strangers at the store of how cute my little newborn was haha. They are always pretty surprised to learn his is 4 months old!! Hopefully he will catch up one day....

Cute smile :)

He loves his grandma and grandpa, we miss them already!!

But Grandma Shari and his uncles are coming down in just a couple days and then Boston and I are headed up to Canada for just under 2 weeks!!! YAY!! I am SO excited! We have lots of family up there pretty anxious to meet him and Grandma Shari is always antsy to see him too! We love family!! I will take lots of pictures (again haha) 

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