Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm Coming Home!

Boston and I have had the best/most eventful couple weeks ever! I feel like there is so much to blog about because we did so much so... buckle in, this might be a long post! 

I already blogged about my family coming down for easter which was so fun! But I never got to finish telling about the rest of our little holiday! We packed a lot of fun in those few days while we were in Utah. 

We took Boston to the dino museum which he loved! (despite the look of this picture haha....)

And the next day the aquarium! My mom and brothers love going to places like this, it was a blast! 
We also went to the new outlets which are awesome. If you have a chance to go you should, we got lots of sweet stuff there :) I LOVE shopping!

But then it was time to say bye to Brian for 13 days (which I was very nervous for, that's a really long time) and do the long drive with Boston up to Canada (which I was also very nervous for)

But I'm not sure why because he did AMAZING! I don't think he even made a peep! 

We had to stop at the army surplus store on our way because my brother Brigham really needed a gilly suit for paintball... which is ridiculous haha. But we had fun looking around at all the crazy army stuff. My brothers got some more sweet knives (they have a million, don't ask me what that fetish is about...) and I got some delicious homemade pepperoni sticks for the drive. mmm. 

But we made it home and then all the fun visits began! Boston hadn't met anyone back home yet so I was so excited to run around and show him off. 

My gorgeous cousin Reagan! 

Abby, Beth and Lexi giving Boston tons of attention! He loved it :)

Boston and I traveled to Lethbridge, Taber and Barnwell a few times and all over Med hat to make sure we visited as many people as possible! Honestly I think thats what most of our two weeks consisted of was just visiting with family but that was exactly what I wanted to do and had so much fun doing it! I Love my family!! 

We got together with all of Boston's little second cousins that were all born around the same time. Aren't they all so cute!? Boston was pretty fixated on Aubrey during pictures hah. They did a lot together while we were there, they are best friends already!! 

Boston had a lot of fun with his grandpa! He had his first piano lesson... my dad said he fell asleep while they were playing haha so hopefully that doesn't mean he inherited his daddies musical abilities (which are none) 

It was Boss man's first General Conference  while we were up there too, he slept through most of it kinda like his uncles lol :)

And one of my fav things we did was take him to the leisure center for his first swim!! It was so cute!!! He loves the water and my mom was just loving all the smiles and giggles we got while in the baby pool. Brian was really sad he missed this but we took lots of pictures and video for him!

And I got to hit all my fav places to eat... Timmy's, Osho, Sushi & Thai, Poutine and stocked up on yummy chocolate bars and ketchup chips. And for those of you wondering yes.... yes I did gain 10 lbs while being there lol. So needless to say our trip to the homeland was a success! 

My mom took us to great Falls and then we flew into Vegas and spent a night in St. George with Brian's parents. Spencer and Kamra were there and we had so much fun with all of them too! 

We got to take Boston in the hot tub which he just LOVED! Grandpa Ron got him a lifejacket which is still a tiny bit big but it was so funny to put him in it and watch him float all over. 

We love St. George! And get to come back the first weekend in May with daddy this time! Wohoo

We had a little bit of an issue when trying to get home lol..... Boston and I left for Orem and got about an hour and a half out of St. George and my car stopped working!! We rolled to the side and called Ron sheepishly and asked for some help! My fuel pump went... booo! It was snowing lot's but Boston and I just hung out together in the car until Ron and Laurel showed up with the tow not far behind. As soon as Brian got out of his test and saw the gazillion texts I had sent him he started driving and picked us up! So we still got to see him and get home that day which was a big relief!! 

So I was finally home, but could I relax? Not for long.... Brian and I were laying in bed and I could hear Bandit chewing on something in the living room so I came out to see what it was and the little fart had somehow got baby tylenol!! He never gets into things but I guess he decided he would start. He dug to the bottom of the diaper bag, ripped open the ziploc bag and got the childproof (not dog proof) cap off the tylenol and ate the WHOLE BOTTLE!!! ahhhh. I was freaking out! I called the 24/hr vet and told them what happened and they told me to get him there NOW! They said that is a deadly dose for a dog that size... so Brian rushed him to the vet and he was there for about 24hrs. Long story short.... or maybe not that short... He is home and healthy and happy as a little dog should be. All he has to show for it is a shaved leg where they put the IV's in which looks pretty hilarious but he is ok! We got him there fast enough... phew! 

So we are home safe and sound and missing Canada already but so happy to be him with Brian and Bandit too. 

Brian has two more finals and then he is GRADUATED!!! I can't even describe to you how excited he is. That's gonna be a big day!!

And the last thing I will blog about today (sigh of relief) are the ADORABLE pictures my sister-in-law Rachel took of Boston. Brent and Rachel babysat Boston while we borrowed their car to pick up our lawnmower and while we were gone she took some awesome pictures. I have most of them on facebook if you haven't seen them! I love them all!!! She says photography is just a hobby she is starting but I think she's pretty awesome! 

Look how cute my little boy is!?

Little stud muffin!

He is 4 1/2 months now and is growing up so fast!!