Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorable Memorial!

Have I said recently how much I LOVE St. George!? I'm pretty sure I do every other post... but we have had another awesome mini holiday here at grandma and grandpa's for the long weekend!

"It's the long weekend!?"

We got here late Friday but packed a lot of fun in on Saturday!! We did lots of shopping at the awesome sales down here and got Brian some much needed dress clothes (it's amazing how fast that stuff wears out when you wear it everyday) and Boss some much needed summer clothes! 

Then Grandma and Grandpa took us to a carousel ride :) 

Not too sure about this....

Yup.. the music is WAY too loud!!

Boston has been going through a phase where he gets really scared of loud noises haha and the music on the ride was pretty scary....

Happy boy now that he's safely back in grandmas arms, loving the hot sun too!

And of course we did lot's of swimming!!

Boston is a little fish, he LOVES the water

Little swimsuit model....


Sunday we went on a fun hike trying to find these ancient Anasazi rock drawings, but we never did find them haha. In our defense the signs were terrible.... but we made some memories. Some may say it was a terrible wast of time and energy (Brian/Ron) But the girls and the baby had a good time :) 

But after our hike we came home and had a fire! 


cheese!.... or not. 

We love hanging out with family! Today we have just been relaxing, picnicking and swimming! We can hardly wait for our trip to Canada in a month. For those of you who didn't hear... my brother extended his mission in Cape Verde for a month. That little stinker! But it works out for us cuz that means Boston and I get to go up TWICE in July! How fun!! 

He is getting so big and is talking TONS!! He is so funny. Oh! and I forgot to blog about my first Mother's Day!! It was a perfect relaxing Sunday with breakfast in bed, presents and pampering. I have the best boys in the world!! Being a mom is so fun!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sun Junkies!

Another fun weekend to brag about!! Brian was given Brian Regan tickets from his parents for his birthday so we headed down to St. George again for a fun filled weekend! If you don't know who he is, he is a hilarious comedian and you should youtube him! I got such a good ab workout that night, he was HILARIOUS! It was such a fun date :) We ended off the greatly anticipated date night with a dinner trip to Anasazi. It is this awesome restaurant (they started it in Banff and opened one in St. George) where they bring your steak out raw on a really hot stone and you cook it yourself and dip it in these delicious sauces! And your table has a hot plate in it so we started off with a cheese fondu and ended with a chocolate one! We were stuffed. It was one of the best/funnest places to eat I have ever been. And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE eating out. 
And that was just Friday night! Saturday Brian's best friend Derek arrived in St. George with a few of his friends from Edmonton. So Brian had a fun weekend catching up and having some guy time. 

Boston and I had fun swimming in the pool! He loves the water :) We took TONS of video lol first child....

Laurel and I did a little shopping on Sat (hit some awesome garage sales lol) and got Boston this awesome new play mat (not at a garage sale). He was getting a little bored of his older one but this is definitely a step up. He will play here for hours!!!

Cute little boy!

We love hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa! After breakfast we went to put our feet in the pool and Boston was laughing hard for Ron! This is his first real laugh lol He's so funny. 

But we headed home Sunday and thankfully had no car problems this time! Now Boston and I are loving this Utah weather at home. We are outside lots! 

Which means we had to pick up a couple items to keep the sun out of our eyes haha how much do you love this cool cat!?

Too cool for school :)

The hat is a teensy bit too big but I'm hoping it will fit good when we are on the houseboat! Can you say way too excited for something 3 months away?

Boston watches over the plants while I pull weeds in the yard. It's a hard job.... notice my one little flower in the corner has popped up!? Hopefully the other 149 will work too haha. With my gardening experience not likely.... and yes that little hat on the walk-n-play is Boston, still a little small for it but he loves it! 

He's getting so close to picking up toys on his own! Concentrate Boss.....

I have never taken a picture of our house from outside... I have been slaving away on the front lawn. It was a dying, dandelion fest. Looks pretty decent now right... right!?  Next summer we will try and tackle the back year.... it's a pretty big mess. 

The only thing exciting about the backyard right now is my apricot tree!!! Isn't that so fun!? They are starting to come in and I am so excited to eat one. Yummm

I love Spring/Summer time! 

Now this last pic and video don't really go with the blog so I'm just gonna awkwardly post them at the end lol. Enjoy!

My Easter wreath that I forgot to put on my Easter post.... :)

This video makes me laugh so hard... it may not be as funny as I think it is but watch it to the end.... and if it's not funny then I'm sorry for making you watch it haha. 

Just some more giggles! 

Babies are so fun!! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boss Man Movie Overload!

We have had such a good weekend!! It started off with....

Brian's grad!!!

And yes... although it was a long and somewhat boring ceremony... those 5 seconds when they called Brian's name and he walked across the stage were pretty exciting! And how cute is he in his cap and gown!? haha. His parents came in for it too and then after we went out to eat with them and Brent and Rachel to celebrate! It was a fun day. 

Then on Sat we had an all day babysitter! Ron and Laurel took Boston for the day so Brian and I could have a fun day together. We did some yard work that desperately needed doing.... my front flower beds are gonna be pretty cute! (I'll take pictures when they are done) and then went on a dinner and movie date! G.I. Joe 2 was pretty good! 

And it's been so nice having Brian come home at 5 and actually be home! No homework or studying AND the part we are most excited about... salary! hah. We are gonna try and enjoy ourselves for a couple years until he has to go back for his MBA. 

And if you can stand it... Boston is 5 months old! He is getting so big :) I have a million cute videos of him but I went through some of them a couple days ago and picked a few of my fav ones to blog! (don't worry they are all just pieces.. not too long) and just a little disclaimer for my mom... they won't work on your iPad! You have to watch them on the computer lol

He is starting to talk a lot! I love all his little noises :)

He was rolling over so good but then decided to stop.... so he just rocks back and forth a lot now

And one of my fav things ever!!! We started rice cereal yesterday and I was laughing so hard. It was so funny! I tried to get it on camera as good as I could but it was hard to feed and film at the same time. This one is of his first few bites haha enjoy! 


I'm trying to let him sit on his own more but this is usually what happens haha...

Boston and I have so much fun together while daddy works hard all day :) I am spoiled! Boss is wearing 3-6month sleepers now which is pretty exciting. We got 4 month shots a couple days ago and he weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 5 onz! Holy fatness batman! And sadly... one of my greatest fears came true... Boston lost all his cute baby hair... but don't worry, it's starting to grow back in already, phew! And one last little side note... some of you may not know but Boss has a big red lump on his arm called a hemangioma so we went to the dermatologist yesterday too and were told it will go away by the time he is about 5 or 6 but we also got these drops to try that might help make it a bit smaller. So that was good news too! But we are all doing good! Playing outside lots since it has been so nice here and getting so excited for upcoming summer activities!! My highlights will be:

1. Brodie comes home July 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. My best friend Nicole gets married July 12th and I get to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my best roomie Jill gets married July 6th!!!!!!!!!

3. Kylie, Dallin and Aubrey are coming to stay in June and Tyler, Steph and Vince will be in St. George that month too so we get to see all of them!!


4. The Houseboat, Boston will love it!

Pretty exciting summer coming up eh!?