Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorable Memorial!

Have I said recently how much I LOVE St. George!? I'm pretty sure I do every other post... but we have had another awesome mini holiday here at grandma and grandpa's for the long weekend!

"It's the long weekend!?"

We got here late Friday but packed a lot of fun in on Saturday!! We did lots of shopping at the awesome sales down here and got Brian some much needed dress clothes (it's amazing how fast that stuff wears out when you wear it everyday) and Boss some much needed summer clothes! 

Then Grandma and Grandpa took us to a carousel ride :) 

Not too sure about this....

Yup.. the music is WAY too loud!!

Boston has been going through a phase where he gets really scared of loud noises haha and the music on the ride was pretty scary....

Happy boy now that he's safely back in grandmas arms, loving the hot sun too!

And of course we did lot's of swimming!!

Boston is a little fish, he LOVES the water

Little swimsuit model....


Sunday we went on a fun hike trying to find these ancient Anasazi rock drawings, but we never did find them haha. In our defense the signs were terrible.... but we made some memories. Some may say it was a terrible wast of time and energy (Brian/Ron) But the girls and the baby had a good time :) 

But after our hike we came home and had a fire! 


cheese!.... or not. 

We love hanging out with family! Today we have just been relaxing, picnicking and swimming! We can hardly wait for our trip to Canada in a month. For those of you who didn't hear... my brother extended his mission in Cape Verde for a month. That little stinker! But it works out for us cuz that means Boston and I get to go up TWICE in July! How fun!! 

He is getting so big and is talking TONS!! He is so funny. Oh! and I forgot to blog about my first Mother's Day!! It was a perfect relaxing Sunday with breakfast in bed, presents and pampering. I have the best boys in the world!! Being a mom is so fun!

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