Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad Is Cooler Than Your Dad....

Happy Father's Day!!!

Boston and I had so much fun spoiling Brian today... he made my Mother's Day so awesome so we had to try and top it! It was his first one too which makes it extra special so we/me-because-Boss-can't-do-anything got up really early to make dad breakfast in bed... yummy!

waffles and bacon.... LOTS of bacon. And of course presents!! What a lucky dad ;)

Then we were off to church and when we got back Brian said he got to pick out Boston's outfit since it was Father's Day haha... I usually don't exactly love the clothes Brian puts together... but I gotta say he looked pretty cute this time!

You can't really tell but he is wearing his little air jordans and his basketball get-up.... and yes, Brian brought the basketball for the photo too haha. Aren't they cute!?

We love daddy!

Then we had a yummy steak dinner and topped it off with a cookie dough Coldstone cake!

Then we let Brian pick the Sunday movie... lucky guy...
We watched it on his computer and Boston has recently discovered TV and LOVES it haha.... this is him pretty transfixed with the movie! 

Love this little guy! 

And then of course to end a perfect day for a perfect dad we watched the NBA game.... go Heat!!! (they lost but we don't want to talk about it....)

Boston and I can't sit through a whole game so we got a little distracted playing dress up and taking some selfies haha. Isn't this money hat so cute!?!?! Thanks auntie Rachel :) 

It doubles as a toy too. Love my little monkey!!! 

We love Brian lots and think he is the best dad ever! We had such a fun day and we think he did too.... can't wait for next year :) Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there!

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