Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Perfect Love Story...

I am laying in bed at 2 in the morning (I think I am inheriting my dads insomnia... awesome...) realizing that it is our 3rd anniversary today! Yes, it snuck up on me this year.... and as I lay beside my snoring husband and dog, and faintly hear my snoring baby in the next room (who is 6 months old now by the way.... when did that happen?),  I can't help but think of how awesome my life is! Now this is not a post everyone in the world (not that the whole world cares about my blog) is gonna want to read.... so why post it? Well because this is my form of journal, and I can do what I want here! And yes, this is very public and not all things should be shared on public blogs, but my posterity may be reading this one day!!! And if they are and I am gone, I want to be able to say to them... I hope you pick/have picked someone who makes you as happy as Brian makes me!

Our dating days!! Seems like forever ago.. haha

It wasn't exactly easy in the beginning...  being second cousins and all (this may come as a shock to some people reading this who don't know hahah), we had quite a few people upset at us (yes, yes... we are aware it is weird) and have had some pretty upsetting things said... so mean in fact, that we almost gave up. We still have our family and real friends though and it is the BEST decision I have ever made! If  I could do my life over again, the only thing I would change would be to date him sooner! I am grateful everyday for Brian and my happy marriage. When you are making a decision of who to spend eternity with...  there are more important things to consider than mean people's opinions who aren't even in your family (who's lives, by the way, are not effected by your decision in the slightest) 

"Haters gonna hate"

Eternity is a long I hope you find someone who makes you happy. I hope you find someone who lets you be you.... but who makes you a better version. Better at your job, a better church member, a better friend, and just a better person in general. I hope you find someone who lifts you up and supports you in everything and anything you want to do. I hope you treat each other with love and respect everyday. I REALLY hope you find someone who makes you laugh and smile every single day :) I hope you get married in the Temple. And if you didn't well.... I pray you remember what is really important in life and that you work together to go someday so we can all be together forever and ever!!! (It will be fun I promise....) 


And I REALLY, REALLY hope that when you decide to start your own family.....
your kids turn out half as cute as mine!! 

And if hard times ever come your way....
(yup... same child haha)
I hope you will lean on each other and that they will bring you closer together as a family. 

Marriage is hard sometimes (I know some of you are thinking 3 years? You know nothing, you are newly weds!) but I already know in these 3 short years that with Brian and the gospel, I can do anything! 

I have never doubted Brian and I love him more every day. I hope my family and my future family (and the whole world really) get's to have that someday. I am truly blessed! 
Still feels like the honeymoon sometimes! 

This guy has everything on my "check-list" and then some. He gave me my perfect love story! And if you don't know our story.... well I wrote everything down, from the day we started dating to the wedding day in my paper journal! It's probably the only thing in there haha. So if you are reading this and I am not around to tell it to you.... go find it and read it! It's pretty awesome :)

This was a weird post for me, I rarely share my feelings this publicly. In fact, I am kind of against it haha. So this will most likely be the last post of it's kind. If you read it and hated it well.... I warned you. Brian knows how much I love him and I tell him in person everyday. Maybe at our 50yr I will blog again and see how differently my blog turns out. (Will we still have blogs in 50 years!? that will be weird.....) But one thing is for sure, I will still be with Brian and still be the happiest girl on the planet. 

Marriage rocks!!!! Happy Anniversary Brian!

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