Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Home and Native Land!!!

This post will most likely have an obnoxious amount of pictures and videos but.... we had SO MUCH FUN these past couple weeks that believe it or not these are just a very select few! 

We started off our holiday by having a house full of people for once! My cousin Kylie and her husband Dallin and cute baby Aubrey came to visit for a week from Canada! And then that weekend Brian's two brothers and Steph and Vince were here too :) We had so much fun together shopping, Wii playing and going to Seven Peaks together. For some ridiculous reason we didn't take any pictures with all of us together :( how lame!! But we had a blast catching up with everyone and having all the babies play together!! 

Then we headed off to St. George to spend July 4th with Brian's family. 

We all woke up early to go see the parade! Notice Boston's patriotic overalls? How cute is he!?!?

They threw lots of candy and some toys! It was so fun to watch Vincent run out and grab the candy, he is getting so BIG!! 
We hadn't seen Tyler, Steph and Vince in almost a year so that was pretty exciting. We had a fun 4th together swimming, BBQing and ended the day with awesome fireworks. 

We celebrated Steph's birthday that day too which was awesome so we could be there!!

She got a sweet camera for her birthday so thanks to her we actually got a few cute pics of Boston for once haha.... I love having talented sister-in-laws to take pictures for me. I can't get enough of this little guy!! 

Then Boss and I kissed Brian goodbye and flew off to Canada the next morning! Now.... usually Boston is great on the plane... but I gotta say, this time he was a terror!!!!!! 

He looks innocent and all.... but don't be fooled!!

I think the getting up early for the parade, staying up late for the fireworks, and getting up early again to get to the plane really took it's toll on the little gaffer.... He SCREAMED for nearly the entire flight. Needless to say we spend most of the trip in the tiny washroom so we didn't disturb the other passengers (at least I hope we didn't) 

But we finally landed and I had a tearful reunion with my mom, mostly becuase I was SO GLAD the stupid plane was over haha. 

We had a 4 hour drive back to Medicine Hat with mom so we of course stopped on the way and let Boss have his first taste of Poutine!!! mmmmm.... I miss that stuff, definitely one of the first things I get when I am home. 

We had so much fun with my family, they hadn't seen Boston is 3 months so he was almost a different baby when they all met again. Him and Brandon bonded instantly.... haha. He is off to New York on his 2 year mission in Oct so we were trying to soak in all the Uncle Brandon we could!!

Brandon took about 500 videos with Boss but this one made me laugh... Boston is getting much better with his hands and is starting to chew on everything!! 

But we didn't just suck on Brandon's fingers the whole time.... My Grandma & Grandma Platt had a family reunion celebrating 50 yrs of marriage! Holy Cow!!! They just got back from their 5th mission so we hadn't been together with my mom's whole family in a LONG time so that was one of my highlights for sure! 

Then we traveled to Lethbridge visiting family and then off to Edmonton for my best friends wedding!! I got to be a bridesmaid which was SO FUN and the wedding was absolutely perfect! I can't wait for pictures :) 

My mom and I brought Brandon to babysit while we were in the temple....

They were being goofballs on the drive up!! Brandon would make a double chin and Boston would copy him, we thought it was pretty hilarious. The video is really shaky because we are driving so sorry. (Yes I am aware my baby is out of his carseat in the car.... He survived)

Eating in the car was an adventure too.... we did this a lot on this trip haha. 

"I'm sick of traveling mom!"

When we weren't driving all over Alberta we were just relaxing at my mom and dad's new home (I feel as though every time I come visit they have a new car and new house)

Grandpa gave great whisker rubs!

He was also a great babysitter haha... Boston would just sit and watch him play Call of Duty while my mom and I shopped. 

My brothers are getting so old! I love coming to visit, we have so much fun together. And they just LOVE Boston to death. He get's incredibly spoiled.... I feel like I didn't even see Boston for 10 days because he was always having too much fun with everyone else haha. It was a nice holiday... 

The boys loved giving Boston baths too.... He loves the water!

***WARNING: Nude baby****

He is such a goof... we would laugh at him in the tub all night, he loved the attention. 

All clean!

But now we are home (the flight was a MILLION times better...) and we are so glad to be back with Brian. 10 days is a long time away from dad! 

Our summer is far from over though! Boss and I will be flying back AGAIN in 2 weeks to welcome home my oldest brother Brodie from his mission to Cape Verde and will hang out another 10 days! Then My aunt Bobbi and her family will come for a visit which I am SO looking forward too and then off to the houseboat! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

We are busy bees! Brian doesn't get to have as much fun as us but someone has to work right? He takes good care of us. 

Boston will not stop growing! He is 7 months old and has started to roll over like crazy!

We had to pack the swing away which made me really sad.... he is growing up too fast :( He is a MONSTER!!

He loves book now too which is really fun, he actually sits and looks at the pictures. 

I keep getting a little stressed that he might be behind.. because he definitely is behind other 7 month olds, but I have to remember he was a preemie and he is learning everyday. He will catch up one day!! But I just love him and am so proud of all the things he has already learned!