Monday, August 26, 2013

Powell 2013!!

I can't believe another summer on the houseboat has come and gone already :( 
We had SO much fun and everyone (except for Tyler...dang medical school) was able to come this year!! 
We missed you Tyler!! 

We got to spend a couple days in St. George with the family before we were able to load the boat which was super relaxing...

Maybe a little TOO relaxing...

Brian works so hard all year so that he can take this week off for Lake Powell and do absolutely nothing, and he sure deserves it!! 

But we were able to get on Monday night and head out to park the boat on Tuesday. 

Waiting to load!! So excited we are here!!!

Boston loves boat rides!!! 

We had so much fun with Boss this year. He seriously just LOVES the water. He will dunk his whole face in and just laugh and laugh, I think he was a fish in another life. 

Fishy lips!

Our little Sea Monster!

He even went tubing and Jet Skiing with us! 

He wasn't too keen on the life jacket haha but once we got going I think he forgot he had it on...

We definitely partied hard!

And Brian of course is always so excited to board and surf behind the boat everyday. 


Considering we only go this one week a year he does amazing! I wish we had the means to go more in the year because he loves it so much!

My surfer dude! All the boys are super good at wake surfing! 

It sure is tiring though... 

I wasn't able to do much last year due to being pregnant and all... so I was pretty excited to try boarding again, Brian is a good teacher! I was crossing the wake pretty good on both sides but am still WAY too much of a wuss to try getting any air. Its really scary....

But wake surfing is much more relaxing so I did a little better! I even tried a little carving without the rope which was fun. The falls aren't nearly as bad as the wakeboard so I get a little more adventurous haha.  

My cheerleaders!

We love hanging out with the whole family and love all the babysitters haha!

Laurel watched Boston and TON so Brian and I could party the whole time. We even went on a long jet ski ride to the very end of the lake and found a cool little beach... thanks grandma!!

And it was so funny seeing Boston and Vince together. They are gonna have so much fun with they are a bit older. 

We will sure miss this little boy!

He is getting so big and has such a funny personality. He loved "pushing" everyone in the water..

You can see his little hands in the corner pushing Brian in haha

We love Powell and never want to leave!!!

Love this happy guy!

Boston was teething the first few days on the trip which wasn't very fun... but he is a tough dude though and they cut through pretty fast. So now he has two teeth coming through which makes this Dental Hygienist pretty proud :)
I think being in the water made him more happy then he would have been at home though so maybe it was good timing!   

He also learned to sit up really good on his own while we were on the boat! It was a huge relief for Brian and I because while he was in the hospital they said that would be a huge milestone for him and that if he could learn to sit then that would be a pretty big sign that he is developing well... so we were anxiously awaiting that one. Good job Boss!!!

But now we are home and back to real life.... so we will just have to dream of the houseboat now until next year!!! 


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