Thursday, September 26, 2013


I feel like I have been a crafting maniac for the past few days.... when really I have only done 2 projects haha. But they took a long time...

It is almost October (what!?!) which means.... Halloween!!! I love dressing up for halloween and while I can I am making my little family coordinate. Until that day when Boston is too cool to dress up with his mom and dad haha. Not for a really, REALLY long time right? But this year my aunt Sina moved so handed us down some awesome costumes! And the one that fits Boss this year is a Lion. SO.....

We are gonna be Wizard of Oz! Boss is the Lion, Brian is the Scarecrow, Bandit Todo and I will be Dorothy! I spent HOURS.... like seriously ALL DAY LONG gluing these dumb red sequins onto some old shoes of mine. I didn't really know what I was getting into when I started, but I think they turned out awesome! I can't wait to wear them :) 

And then I got the crafting bug SO I found this awesome camera strap cover on Pinterest that I wanted to try it, since I have a wicked awesome camera now! 

This didn't take nearly as long as the shoes but still turned out pretty cute too I think!

LOVE these little flowers (which I did not make) but they matched perfectly so I had to get them!

So now I am trying to come up with some other crafts I could do. I really love sewing but can't seem to come up with good things to make :s So if anyone has any good ideas.....

But either than sewing and picture taking I have just been hanging out with Boston!!!
He is gonna be 10 months old in a couple days!!! What the crap!?

He's gonna be 1 soon.... waahh. 

I put these on Facebook but he loves the park now (just in time for it to start getting cold again haha)
He loves the swings.

Though he spends most of the day chewing on it instead of swinging on it....

He sure chews on everything! (that is Bandit's leash) He has his 2 bottom teeth in and I'm pretty sure he has more coming anytime now. 

Still no crawling but he rolls to whatever he wants... like daddies' pens and draws all over his face... He can get up on all fours but usually falls soon after. Shouldn't be too much longer before he is REALLY getting into everything. 

Still best buds with this little guy. They play tug-o-war with toys and roll around together. You should hear Boss laugh when he is playing with Bandit, it is hilarious. 

He is trying to hold his bottles on his own but usually aims for his eye instead of his mouth ha. And we are officially done formula!!!!! YAY!! Real milk is so much cheaper and so much easier...

He loves spaghettio's and cheese... but if you don't feed him fast enough he gets really mad.... He sure loves his food. 

We finally got his book shelves up which I love! He likes getting bedtime stories now it is SO DANG CUTE! 

And I forgot to blog about this, but I am going to now cuz it makes me so happy! My mom and dad brought all my Disney princess stuff down from home (which were in boxes in their garage) and while I was away in Canada Brian set up all my dolls and framed and hung all my paintings I did a few year ago. 

So I now have a princess room again :) My dad hated all my "disney crap" he liked to call it, and was so happy to get rid of it. So we set it up in the guest room so whenever he comes to visit, he gets to enjoy it all over again! haha

He even ordered this cute vinyl quote all on his own! What a good husband... and what a cute little model I have :) 

So if you ever need a place to stay in Orem... the princess room is always available!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

I am 24!!!!

I feel so old... I turned 24 yesterday! 

Its been an awesome year and I can't even tell you how spoiled I got this year :) but I guess I will try haha....

I got woken up with breakfast in bed which is always just so awesome! And I gotta say, usually Brian's  "meals" aren't always my favorite haha (it's the thought that counts right?) but this time it was incredibly delicious!! 

For those of you who don't know (ok everyone knows this) but I gained a lot of weight when I had Boston... I mean a LOT. And I have always been really good at going to the gym and usually that was all it took but since having a baby I was finding it super hard to loose the weight again. It's kinda disheartening to work that hard at something and not see any results, so my trainer a.k.a. my aunt Bobbi told me what I had to change in order to see the weight come off and well, as you can probably guess it was my diet... waaahh. I just LOVE food and love crappy food haha so it has been super hard but for a few weeks now I have been doing this awesome, incredibly strict diet. BUT once a week I get 75 min to stuff my face with whatever I want. It may sound silly but it works and is the only way I can get through the week without cheating haha. SO, what this whole long paragraph about my weight is supposed to mean, is my birthday was my cheat day but instead of my 75 min... I cheated ALL DAY LONG!! So can I just tell you how excited I was to wake up and eat bacon till I felt sick? haha It was the best start to my day I could ask for to say the least... and incase you are wondering I am starting to loose a little weight which is pretty exciting but I still have a LONG way to go. 

So I stuffed my face, went back to sleep and then this little gaffer slept in until 9:30!!! What an awesome gift for his momma :) 

When we got up I had flowers, a sappy love note (my fav) and a new movie waiting for me on the table! 

Then Boss and I had a "play date" planned at the park with all our friends from the neighborhood. It has been so fun having lots of young moms around that I get a long with. We have a lot of fun together! And Boston has a lot of girlfriends already haha. 

When we got back from the park I had this special delivery waiting from my in-laws who are just the best!!! I have always wanted an edible arrangement and that box is full of chocolate covered apples, bananas and strawberries.... mmmmm

Can you say best cheat day EVER!?!?! That is pineapple in the shape of a cupcake haha I tried taking a picture of me enjoying all the goodness, but I have come to realize that you just can't capture that much happiness in one picture! 

But Brian finally got home from work and told me that my awesome gift wasn't going to arrive until Tuesday, but went online and showed me what it was....

This AMAZING camera!!! Mine broke a while ago (My dad has lent me his for a couple months) so I really wanted/needed something to document everything going on, especially with Boston. I was expecting another little digital camera but this is WAY beyond what I was hoping for!!! I am so spoiled!! All our parents chipped in but it was still way to expensive. I am no photographer, but I am sure excited to play around with it on Tuesday!!! EEEEEE. 

It is late because Brian accidentally ordered the Chinese model haha so the regular English one is on its way!! (he is still learning how to shop online)

That night I got to eat at a delicious Japanese restaurant and then Brent and Rachel graciously babysat our little buggar while we went to the One Direction Movie!!!!! That's right..... and it was better that I could have dreamed haha. 

But now it's back to regular life and back to my diet. Birthday's are so fun!!!! 

We are looking forward to Halloween (I have started on costumes :) ) and my parents will come to visit  around then because my brother Brandon goes into the MTC on the 30th!!! Crazy! 

It sounds like Tyler, Steph and Vince might be able to come to St. George with everyone for Thanksgiving, YAY!! 

AND my other brother Brodie just got engaged to Angela who is just the best and we couldn't be more excited for their wedding coming up in December!

It's shaping up to be a perfect rest of the year :)