Thursday, September 26, 2013


I feel like I have been a crafting maniac for the past few days.... when really I have only done 2 projects haha. But they took a long time...

It is almost October (what!?!) which means.... Halloween!!! I love dressing up for halloween and while I can I am making my little family coordinate. Until that day when Boston is too cool to dress up with his mom and dad haha. Not for a really, REALLY long time right? But this year my aunt Sina moved so handed us down some awesome costumes! And the one that fits Boss this year is a Lion. SO.....

We are gonna be Wizard of Oz! Boss is the Lion, Brian is the Scarecrow, Bandit Todo and I will be Dorothy! I spent HOURS.... like seriously ALL DAY LONG gluing these dumb red sequins onto some old shoes of mine. I didn't really know what I was getting into when I started, but I think they turned out awesome! I can't wait to wear them :) 

And then I got the crafting bug SO I found this awesome camera strap cover on Pinterest that I wanted to try it, since I have a wicked awesome camera now! 

This didn't take nearly as long as the shoes but still turned out pretty cute too I think!

LOVE these little flowers (which I did not make) but they matched perfectly so I had to get them!

So now I am trying to come up with some other crafts I could do. I really love sewing but can't seem to come up with good things to make :s So if anyone has any good ideas.....

But either than sewing and picture taking I have just been hanging out with Boston!!!
He is gonna be 10 months old in a couple days!!! What the crap!?

He's gonna be 1 soon.... waahh. 

I put these on Facebook but he loves the park now (just in time for it to start getting cold again haha)
He loves the swings.

Though he spends most of the day chewing on it instead of swinging on it....

He sure chews on everything! (that is Bandit's leash) He has his 2 bottom teeth in and I'm pretty sure he has more coming anytime now. 

Still no crawling but he rolls to whatever he wants... like daddies' pens and draws all over his face... He can get up on all fours but usually falls soon after. Shouldn't be too much longer before he is REALLY getting into everything. 

Still best buds with this little guy. They play tug-o-war with toys and roll around together. You should hear Boss laugh when he is playing with Bandit, it is hilarious. 

He is trying to hold his bottles on his own but usually aims for his eye instead of his mouth ha. And we are officially done formula!!!!! YAY!! Real milk is so much cheaper and so much easier...

He loves spaghettio's and cheese... but if you don't feed him fast enough he gets really mad.... He sure loves his food. 

We finally got his book shelves up which I love! He likes getting bedtime stories now it is SO DANG CUTE! 

And I forgot to blog about this, but I am going to now cuz it makes me so happy! My mom and dad brought all my Disney princess stuff down from home (which were in boxes in their garage) and while I was away in Canada Brian set up all my dolls and framed and hung all my paintings I did a few year ago. 

So I now have a princess room again :) My dad hated all my "disney crap" he liked to call it, and was so happy to get rid of it. So we set it up in the guest room so whenever he comes to visit, he gets to enjoy it all over again! haha

He even ordered this cute vinyl quote all on his own! What a good husband... and what a cute little model I have :) 

So if you ever need a place to stay in Orem... the princess room is always available!!

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