Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Got A Mover!!!

This little guy has been BUSY these past few days!!!

He has started saying dadda and the very occasional mamma :) (we worked so hard on mamma but dad still came first... what's up with that!?)

He is getting harder and harder to entertain. A few little toys on the floor doesn't quite cut it anymore haha. 
Luckily we already have a sweet toy room, He LOVES the stuffed animal pit in the Harry Potter closet under the stairs! 

He has started chewing on his thumb ALL THE TIME.... it is not sucking yet and as a dental professional I refuse to let this become a habit haha. We will see how it goes....

He figured out his walker and scooted all the way from the living room to the kitchen! 

And the most exciting new talent is CRAWLING!!! It is still a funny injured army crawl, but he is definitely moving forward and getting better at it everyday. 

This was when he first started, just a few little faceplants at a time haha

And this was today! He is getting faster! He crawls the best when you put some sort of electronic device in front of him.... his favorite is Brian's laptop but daddie doesn't seem to like him slobbering all over it for some reason? weird.... 

So proud of Boss this week! He keeps growing up :( 

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