Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bye, Bye Brandon...

It hasn't been that long since I last blogged, but it feels like it because SO MUCH has happened!!! So I guess I will start at the beginning... 

Canadian Thanksgiving!!

Don't you just love when you get two turkey dinners? I sure do. Brian's cousin Christina put on a family dinner here which was delicious and so fun to see everyone and catch up! Boston loved it there...
They have a bouncy castle in the backyard! How fun is that!? 

He loved playing with all the fun toys and with Brielle and Brigham. They are all so funny :) 

But after thanksgiving I was looking forward to Halloween because that meant my family was coming... but I got a call from my mom and she found a last minute flight to Canada for 40$!!!!!! So Boss and I got to fly home for the weekend and be there for my brother Brandon's farewell :) 

We had a 4 hour bus ride down to St. George and then went to Vegas the next day for the flight! I was a little nervous, not only for the long trip by myself with a baby, but we had all got really sick a few days before and Boston was still pretty snotty and croupy. But this stinker did awesome!! Hardly a peep. He is a pretty good traveler (thank goodness!)

Brandon did awesome! It was one of the best farewell talks I have ever heard! (I'm not biased....) He is gonna be so awesome out there in New York. 

I was so happy I got to be there and see all the extended family and spend a little more time with Brandon before he left. He had a great turn out for the open house, he sure has a lot of friends! Who would have known....

This is him and all his high school friends doing the classic "Brandon face" he does in pictures. 

Funny faces with the Shockey's! Love these guys :)
It was a prefect Sunday! 
And the rest of the short trip was so fun too! Boston loves playing with his uncles...

...they are such good babysitters... haha, get it?

Boston really loves music... like I mean a LOT and loves to sit and listen to all his uncles play their instruments. They are teaching him already... he's gonna be a Ukulele rock star! haha is there such a thing?

Since Brandon is gonna be gone this Christmas my mom wanted to have a "mini Christmas Eve" haha. So we had a traditional chocolate fondue and each opened a present. Brandon, Brigham and Boston all got matching Canadian onsies...

I was seriously on the verge of peeing my pants all night because they looked so funny in them! I didn't snap one with Boston cuz he doesn't quite fit into it yet but Brandon and Brigham (mostly Briggs) spent like an hour posing all over the house in these and wanted pictures haha. 

such losers....

But then the weekend came to a close and we drove back down to Utah with my family to take Brandon to the MTC :( 
We spent all day Tuesday shopping for all the things on his list (mostly suits and white shirts) and then Wednesday went out for lunch, took some pictures and dropped him off for 2 years!!!!

Gonna miss this guy! New York is so lucky....

Boss is gonna be 3 years old when he comes home. Isn't that crazy!?!

He was so excited to go though and we are proud of him. Only one more to go!!
My mom and dad were able to stay a couple more days and that meant they were here for Halloween!

He wouldn't look at the camera... he just wanted to eat the pumpkin. 

Mine and Brian's pumpkins! 

It was so fun dressing up Boss in this lion costume my aunt made again! 

Wizard of Oz!!!! 

Bandit passed on the Todo costume and switched into this funny skeleton costume my mom got him for trick-or-treating! haha 

Cutest little skeleton :)

We went to Lindon first to trick-or-treat at great grandma's and to pick up our other grandma and grandpa for the Halloween festivities!

We got lots of attention at this house!

Then we went home, ordered pizza and the boys stayed to hand out candy while the girls took the Boss man out to a few houses. He is handing out his easter basket to get some cookies haha... I forgot to buy a trick-or-treat basket. 

Checking out his goodies!

It was so fun to have both our parents over! It was an awesome first Halloween for Boston. 
But then we had to say buy to my parents for a couple months :( I still hate doing that... 

But the next day was Brian's cousin's wedding so that was fun to go to with all of Brian's family!

Love visits from family!!


I even got a dance... which NEVER happens. It was a good night :) 

Whew... I think that is everything! What a long post... We have the best families and are all doing awesome! Brian is working very hard at work and Boston and I are playing just as hard!  

Can't wait for Thanksgiving and 1st birthday next month!!!


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