Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Recents...

I have the cutest baby EVER!!!!

haha this hat….

I haven't written a Boston update in a long time and people have been asking so here it is! 
He turns one in just a couple weeks (what the?!?!) and birthday party plans are coming along swimmingly haha. 

I do not know what he weighs but lets just say it is A FREAKING LOT!!! He is a solid little dude. I'm guessing 23-25lbs. 

He is crawling around like a monster and pulling himself up on everything!  He can stand up in his crib now which is super weird for me… when I walk in to get him and he is standing there waiting for me he seems so old!!! He will take a few steps with his Elmo walker but I think it will still be a while before we get any real steps from him :) 

Aren't these long johns hilarious?

He can feed himself now, I feel like I have been waiting forever for this one. I still obviously feed him with a spoon if it's like soup or something but either than that he prefers to do it himself now, which I don't mind!!

He still just has the 2 teeth (top 2 any second now). He is still not taking his bottle on his own yet the little fart… He can cuz I have seen him do it, I think he is just lazy and knows I will do it for him. 

He is starting to copy things you do and it is so entertaining!
Don't mind my hair haha… this is when we were all really sick…

He says dada on command and mama when he is crying. He says baba too (that is what I call his bottle) but I'm pretty sure it is just a noise he makes hah. 
Him and Bandit still play tons together! They are so fun to watch. Boston laughs whenever Bandit's hair brushes his hands or face. 

He is in 12, almost 18 month clothes and size 6 diapers already haha. Oh my…
But that is it I think!! 
In other happy news...

Brodie and Angela's wedding is getting so close!! How cute is this picture!? I am so excited Ange will be an official part of the family soon!! 
They asked me to make their sign-in book which I am super excited for, it's gonna be such a cute wedding!!

I am so, so, so EXCITED for Thanksgiving in a couple weeks. Brian's WHOLE family will be there, we are finally gonna get a family picture and I am just so looking forward to Boston's Sesame street themed birthday party!

Here are the invitations we sent out! ( yes I know silly, but I couldn't help it)
I am all done the decorations and will just have the cake to make in St. George. It's gonna be the best!

We have been braving the cold weather and going to the craft store almost daily haha. 

I made our Christmas stockings which was fun! 

We had Disney character ones my mom and dad made growing up, I wanted them similar but Brian loves the Grinch so I thought we would do the Grinch/ Rudolph characters. 

And my aunt Sina gave us a real size christmas tree this year when she moved!!!

It was so fun picking out all the decorations! 

I love Christmas and can't wait to go home with Brian this time haha. 

A lot of fun coming our way these next few months!! Lots more blogs to come!

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