Monday, December 30, 2013

Tis the Season :)

Another Christmas come and gone…!?! What!? Why does it always have to go SO FAST?

Before we left for Canada (a.k.a. the day we got home from Thanksgiving break haha) we opened our presents from Ron and Laurel! 

Boston LOVES his car! He got so many fun things but this was one of his favorites, he loves beeping the horn :)
This is a short video of him dancing to his new movies that he loves too, he will only watch movies if they are singing and he loves dancing to them. Brian isn't sure how he feels about this just yet….

My highlight of the gifts was my food dehydrator so I can make my own beef jerky!!! yummmm. I have tried it already and it turned out pretty good for my first time… I will just keep practicing :) But we certainly got so spoiled before real Christmas had even begun! 

This is Boston the morning we were heading out to Canada. He could sense it and he was so happy! We had to wait ALL DAY for Brian to finish work (we were only going to Idaho Falls that night) and to say the least it was a VERY long day! 

BUT he showed up with christmas presents from the disney store! So we forgave him… Boston giggles whenever he sees his Sully bear and loves to give him hugs. And did you know the Disney Store is coming out with all the villain barbie dolls now!?! Well they are… and I have them! EEEEE. Yes I am 24 and still ask Santa for Barbies… what of it?

But we made the long drive back home and Boston did amazing! The roads were ok.. we had to go slow through the crazy mountains in Montana but for the most part a great drive for December. I was so excited to go home with my whole family this time! Brian hadn't been home for 2 years!!!! So it was so fun to bring him  :) 

I LOVE coming home to Medicine Hat. We were back for 9 days and we just relaxed at home and went to a bunch of movies and ate….so….much… I… want… to die… but that is what a Hill holiday is all about! Relaxing and getting fat, what more could you wish for?

Brian even helped out in the kitchen for our Christmas Eve fondue… it's a Christmas miracle!!!

My family Christmas Eve traditions include caroling at the hospital, coming home for chocolate and cheese fondue, and then going to a movie! Caroling went awesome this year… we had Brodie back with his ukelele skills so we really rocked it.... hahah. 

Brigham stirring the chocolate!


We open Christmas crackers while we eat… they all come with a joke, a toy and a crown. 

Satisfied boy with chocolate all over his face and cracker in hand...

What the….?

What in the world…..?

Get this off!!

We went to Frozen this year for our movie and it was awesome!!!!! Boston even sat through the whole thing which was amazing! They had a lot of singing which kept his attention pretty good, He was dancing away it was hilarious! 

Then we come home and read the real Christmas story and set out our stockings for Santa!!!!

Christmas magic!

Watching for Santa and his reindeer!

All our stockings… thanks boys for making this picture so memorable…

Our Christmas jammies! and Brandon popped in for a visit.. haha.

We got to talk to him Christmas Day! He looks and is doing awesome. He is in Queens (which if you know my brother… thinking of him in Queens is quite hilarious) and said he was pretty scared the first few days but he is loving it and doing good now! 

Christmas morning!!!! My mom had to work from 7-11am that day… and if you know ME you know that was torture to wait until 11 to open presents…. I usually wake everyone up at 5 and am so excited to get going! But I had to be patient this year…. it was good for me. 

Boston checking out his stocking! He was loving all the attention and new toys!

So spoiled!!!!

No all those clothes are not for Bandit… haha Santa went a little overboard on Boston's stocking this year :) 


He loves books :)

bandit did get some sweet bones in his stocking… he was in heaven. 

Boston's fav toy from grandma and grandpa!

He didn't want to get off!

My fav part was my dad getting surprised (it's hard to surprise my dad… he snoops and snoops until he finds his gifts… I guess that's where I get it from haha) with a gun!

My mom said she just walked into the gun store thinking she could just go in and come out with a gun… well she went up to the counter with everything and learned that you need a license to purchase such things haha. Luckily she had a family friend nearby in Calgary with one. 

My dad was excited haha… He's not a hunter… this is just for the Zombie apocalypse. 

My other favorite part was Boston got an electric toothbrush in his stocking and he just LOVED it! He would sit there and brush his teeth forever hahaha. It made his momma hygienist so proud!!! :)

and my OTHER fav part is our Christmas Day Crab Fest 2013!!! My mom and dad seriously buy SO MUCH CRAB!!!! It is an all you can eat buffet christmas day! As you can tell from Brian's face he was so excited hahaha there are lots of other things to eat, but it is growing on him. I think he had 2 whole legs this time haha. 

I think I won this year for most crab eaten. It is hard to beat my dad but I think I pulled it off… It was a successful crab fest!

We had a few family dinners in Taber and Barnwell which is always fun to see my whole extended families, and my cousin Kelsy got married over the break too! So it was such a fun trip to catch up with family and see everyone! 

But we are safely home now and I have so many new toys to find places for!! I am working on Boston's new room downstairs which will be my project for this next little while… but I am excited, it is gonna be so cute!!! I will post pictures when it is all done! 

He is doing awesome, he is such a chatter box, he talks ALL THE TIME…. his legible words still only consist of dadda but he is certainly trying very hard to fix that. He gets closer and closer to walking everyday and is already getting into EVERYTHING!! So I am honestly in no rush for that next step cuz I know it will just get worse. He has 6 teeth and I'm sure more are right around the corner. We go to to doctor in a couple days so I will post a better update then :) But we are all great!!

Brian did get into a car crash right before the holidays (everyone is fine and it wasn't his fault) so his car got taken away from the insurance company while we were gone :( It was a sad day for him… BUT that means we are shopping for a new van which is pretty exciting for me haha. So maybe in a few days I will have a new vehicle to blog about too! So many exciting things happening this new year! 

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