Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Banner Update!!

You know... I was so good at Boston updates but I find myself so busy now and really dropping the ball on poor Banner haha... I guess thats how it always goes though. 
Banner will be 6 months in just a couple days!!! Where has the time gone!? 
(don't mind the insane mane going on here... he got a haircut as you will be able to tell in the next few pictures hah) 

We have tried some rice cereal a couple times here... which as you can see from his face he totally enjoys hah.. not! He is definitely not the eater his bother was... 

We have just switched to 6 month clothes and I am guessing he is around 14-15 lbs now! 

He is getting so big so fast! 

He is the most smiley and happy baby EVER! He is so content and just so chill all the time... even with a cold and eye infection he is so easy! (and how much better does his hair look now? haha this is like his 5th haircut since birth... crazy) 

Is this not just the best sound in the world? He is laughing a lot now, mostly at his brother haha. He loves peek-a-boo and he LOVES to suck on his hands and his blankets. But unlike his brother he hates his binky.. its weird for me haha. (We just got rid of Boston's like a week ago for good... he seems to be adjusting decently lol) 

He loves the jolly jumper and is babbling a lot and rolled over a few days ago!! (just the once so far haha) 

I swear though... this kid is sooo cute but probably one of the laziest babies I know hahah. He is 6 months and just barely able to hold his head up lol. He loves to just lay on the floor and relax. Which is fine by me... It's just so funny how different his and Boss' personalities are already :) 

Boss loves having a brother but seems to think all these new baby toys being pulled out are for him too haha. He is very good at sharing but once Banner is in bed it's his turn to try them all out. And I just love this no shirt, one snow boot look... so classy! 

They are such good buddies and I love that they are starting to play together already! Two boys will be so fun! 

We love this little guy!! 

And if you have noticed all the boxes and mess in the pictures it's because the moving preparations have begun!! I have packed just about all I can until right before the move and have got rid of a lot of stuff! I am so excited to move (not to leave my ward... I am actually kinda dreading that) but I think we will love the new house even more! Everything will be set in stone on Friday so we are just keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

Here's the new house! Only a couple more weeks until it is ours! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Boston Bash for my TWO year old!!!

My little Boston will be 2 in 3 days!!!!
I can't believe I have a 2 year old :( 

I have been planning his party for a long time and I was so excited to finally get started! 
I spent all day Tuesday making his birthday cake and he definitely took advantage of me being distracted... look at the state of my pantry!! And look at who has their filthy paws all over my coveted Canadian chips! Stinker....

I decided on a Boston Celtics theme... for my basketball loving Boston! (notice the Boston get-up so he matches the whole theme as well haha)

I had basketball decor and real basketballs all over but I wasn't letting him touch anything until the party at 6 that night (Wednesday)... it was a great trial for this guy.

But dad finally got home from work with the balloons which meant the party was so close to starting!!

He LOVED the balloons....

We are still playing this game today... and probably until all the balloons are gone haha. 

Here is the finished product!!! I was pretty proud of this one... I LOVE parties!

It was a big hit with the birthday boy :) We had great grandma and grandpa Hamilton come and grandma Laurel came all the way from St. George too!! We just had burgers, cake and presents but it was so fun to celebrate with family! 

The cake!!

We had everyone sign the basketball with a little birthday message :)

It was really fun to watch Boston start to catch on to the whole idea of presents... made me super excited for Christmas, it will so fun this year!

He got spoiled of course! He loves basketball, cars and boats right now so he got lots of those and just LOVED it! He was so excited to wake up today and play with his new cars :) 

I thought this video of Brian trying to find the buttons on the 2 yr old toy was hilarious lol. 

He also got this awesome table and chair set from Ron and Laurel which was my favorite gift haha, it is so cute and the perfect little kid table! It will be put to good use for sure!!

And I really wish that blogger would let you put up longer movies because Boss was SO CUTE while we were singing to him laughing and smiling, but I can only put a few seconds up so I decided on the candle blowing because that is just funny...

Boss loves cake and ice cream (who doesn't!?!?) but the whole cake situation was much cleaner this year haha. 

The difference a year can make! 

We love this guy and are so proud of him! He is so, so, SO busy and crazy but he is always happy and just such a good boy! Couldn't of thought up a better kid if I tried :) 

Happy Birthday Boston!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Grand Opening!!!

We just got back from a fantastic trip to St. George for the grand opening of Ron and Laurel's.....
Pizza Pie Cafe!!!
(Laurel painted this!!)
They have been working SO hard on this restaurant and it is finally done and open! Hooray! 

It is amazing! It really is the nicest Pizza Pie yet! (I'm not biased....) but seriously, it looks so awesome and their opening night doubled any other stores opening! It's all pretty exciting! 

Brent is managing the restaurant until they move to Florida in the fall for school... I know what your thinking... scary!!!! But he is actually a pretty awesome manager, he can work really hard when he wants to hahah. 

They got Boss and Banner cute shirts for the opening! They looked pretty handsome...

So excited to go!!!

They had a family and friends only dinner on Sat so that the staff could practice and then had the actual opening on Monday so we were at the family dinner, the pizza was really yummy! We love pizza pie, and maybe this one tasted the best because it was grandma and grandpas place! 

It was fun to see it all together! We saw bits and pieces here and there but it was really fun to see the final product! They have been crazy busy there, but that is a good problem to have when opening a restaurant I guess :) 

We give it two thumbs up!!! (I guess Boss only thought it was worthy of one lol) But can you see the tables!? I should have taken a picture because they were my fav part! And all the Pizza Pie's are decorated with license plates from all 50 states, but Ron and Laurel put up a few from Alberta too! So  thats an automatic 50 cool points right there! 

We were only there for the weekend and Ron and Laurel was so busy (as you can imagine) but they still made time to play with Boston and we had a really great time!

Not only did we go to the opening but Brian and I got to go to the Air Supply concert Sat night!!! haha

Ron and Laurel got the tickets a long time ago before they knew their opening day, well they were a bit pre-occupied so we got to take the tickets!! We got a babysitter and had a hilariously fun time! We were't sure what to expect... but it was so fun! They guys are like 80 now lol but they can still sing amazing and all the old crazy ladies were a whole other show on their own! It reminded me of what I will be like at a JB or 1D concert when I am in my 70s haha. Great memories were made! 

But we are home now and I have started the dreaded packing! We have sold our house finally :) It is under contract so it could still fall through but as of right now we have to be out by the 23rd! (technically not till the 31st but we have to be out before we go to St. George for Christmas!!) We can NOT find another house haha so we might be homeless for a couple months until one we love comes up, so I will have to try and be patient. But it's pretty exciting! 

The only down side is I can't put up my tree or all my new decorations for Christmas :( boooo. We have to take our stocking to St. George though so I put those up and I finished Banner's yesterday! It's pretty cute...

It snowed here for the first time and Boston LOVED it! He loves to be outside rain or shine....

It didn't make the whole snot situation any better... but that's winter I guess lol

I didn't even tell him to eat the snow... just instinct I guess 

And I thought this was so funny... He would always sit like this in the summer and just hang out on the deck but this snow shoes are so fat the get stuck and fall off haha! No wonder my kids have colds right now...

Banner is like me and likes the warm indoors haha. At least until he is running around with his brother...

This kid is the happiest and most content little dude ever! He is always smiling and I LOVE it!!

The end of this post is pretty random... but check out how this kid fell asleep.. haha. He's pretty awesome. 

Can't wait for Boston's 2nd birthday party and Thanksgiving next week!! Eeee!

Friday, October 31, 2014

This Is Halloween....


It is seriously so fun....playing dress up, carving pumpkins, candy!?!? What's not to love?

Since pulling out all the Halloween decor I have learned that Boss LOVES pumpkins, I had to buy him his own play pumpkin because he kept trying to steal all mine haha.  

How cute is this little dino? If you have noticed his red nose it is because he face planted on the driveway haha. He survived...

We had a ward party last Saturday and got all dressed up and had a blast! Boss was a T-Rex...

Banner was the cutest owl I have ever seen....

I was pikachu....

And Brian was Ash!! We were one of the select few adults who dressed up at the party haha. But I'm glad I have a hubby who will do just about anything to make me happy, dressing up on halloween included! We had a lot of fun at the party and I even got 2nd place in the chili cook off!! 

I had to include this... Banner HATED the hat part of his owl, he would scream and scream when I put it on so this was the best face I got out of him with it on lol. Still pretty cute though...

Then on Monday for F.H.E we carved pumpkins!!! I think this is my fav part about halloween. Here is Boss drawing on his, he thought this was so awesome. I got the idea from my cousin Kylie, it might be common knowledge to let your kids colour on it first but it never occurred to me until I saw her little girl having fun doing it! 

Scoopin out the guts! 

Finished products! Brian's, Mine and "Boston's"

But then Friday finally rolled around and it was time for candy!!!!!

My aunt Sina gave me about a million costumes before she moved away haha so I had to do a wardrobe change because I couldn't decide between the dino and kangaroo... I mean look at that fat butt!!! It's so cute!!!!

We went to Brian's work in the morning and trick-or-treated to all the cubicles there for a little while. This was when Boston first started to figure out how awesome halloween really is haha. He was already hopped up on sugar before the real trick-or-treating had even begun! 

Everyone would ask him to jump like a kangaroo and it was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen! I wish I had caught it on video! He was having a lot of fun despite having a bad cold! 

And this little gaffer is just so good and so cute! We stopped by Brian's grandma's house after for our first house! They got spoiled there... 

And then Boss and I headed out while Banner and Brian stayed home to hand out candy/watch basketball lol. Notice yet another wardrobe change haha... I told you... millions! He had spilled all over the kangaroo too so we were kinda forced to :) 

Our neighbour hands out home made cookies which was Boston's favorite, he loves cookies! Who doesn't amiright!?

We went out for about 45 min and got a ton of goodies!! Checking out his spoils! 

He was so excited he just popped the candies in his mouth wrapper and all... "It tastes better this way mom I swear!"

It was another successful Halloween! I'm kinda sad it's over... :( but now we got American Thankgiving and CHRISTMAS to look forward to!! YAY!

And just one more adorable picture of my boys to top it all off!!