Monday, January 20, 2014

Movie Updates!!

Well Boston has been sleeping FOREVER and I find myself a little bored… so I thought what better way to take up time but do a little family update! And I had a few cute movies I wanted to put up too :) Aaannnddd I have laundry that I don't want to do just yet haha. 

Boss is doing awesome! He is eating ALL THE TIME… if I put him in front of the TV he will sit there for a long time while he munches so I can get some chores done. That's right… I am trying to force my child to become a couch potato haha

He is crawling around and getting into EVERYTHING!! This is him crying because I told him he couldn't suck on the fly swatter (gross!!!!!). He has also found the toilet bowl brush, dirty clothes and a rotten banana peel…? I believe he had some help from Bandit with that one, but needless to say I am having to pay a lot more attention to what doors and cupboards I leave open haha. And He's not even walking yet...

He has started to say mama now so that is 2 words down! haha. If you ask him where Mamma, Bandit and Dadda are he will point to them! And he has started to clap and jump on the bed… 

Him and Bandit are still best friends!! This video may look like Boston is mean to Bandit but I assure you he loves it, they play together all the time, I just love them :)

We have come to the conclusion that Boston is in fact a "daddie's boy". He gets so excited when Brian comes home and cries and cries when he leaves :( They have so much fun playing together.

This is one of their favorite games… so cute!

Brian is doing good too. He works lots but finds time to play hard too. He is playing church ball and BYU intramural basketball again this year. We like going to watch him play, he is still pretty awesome! He detailed my van this weekend (glad to see that summer job is still getting put to good use) and it looks brand new!! I dunno what that has to do with a Brian update, but I thought it was noteworthy haha. 

And as for me... I am just sick and fat!!

Me when we found out about baby #2

Me at 8 weeks right before we left for Christmas… I hate how fast I show!!
And if you can believe it I am even bigger now at 12 weeks…. it is sad.

I am still sick… I tried switching my medicines and that was a mistake. So I am back on my usual meds and feeling pretty good now! As long as I keep taking my meds and keep my belly full I am usually o.k. I have to say I really hate this part of the whole thing haha but it is usually worth it in the end :)

We are so excited for this little person inside me and can't wait to find out if its a boy or girl in 4 short weeks! We have names picked out already… everyone seems to love the girl name… and so far the only person that likes our boy name is my mother haha… but they will warm up to it! Cuz we aren't changing it :) 

I am trying to get Boston's room finished downstairs so we can make the transition soon. It is gonna be a race car room because we got him a race car bed for his birthday! I am way more excited about it then he is but it's gonna be awesome!! If you put the mattress low it still has pretty tall sides so hopefully the switch will go smoothly and we won't have too many falling out of the bed incidents! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Crazy New Year Already!?!

Well… we made it Facebook official this morning but it is true!!! 
We are having another bean in July!

A lot of people knew already because our family pictures kind of gave it away.. haha. I have the curse of showing at 5 weeks so it's kinda hard to keep it a secret when you look so fat so early on! But we are so excited/nervous!!!

We got our first ultrasound and everything looks o.k. so far! 

I am classified as "high risk" because of Boston… so next month I go into a specialist to come up with a game plan for this pregnancy, we are gonna try and keep this baby in there a little longer this time! 

I will most likely be having ultrasounds every other week (which is so fun) and Progesterone shots every week (not so fun….) but hopefully things go a little more smoothly this time. Fingers crossed :)

I have been SO SICK!!!!! Much more sick than with Boston, but since with my miscarriage I wasn't sick at all they tell me this is a good thing :s When I went home to Canada I got some super drugs though! So with my mix of Canadian and American drugs I have been able to keep the puking at bay… for the most part lol. 

We had a fun little New Years Celebration at home! Actually, I fell asleep right after Boss went to bed and Brian woke me up at 11:59 for my New Years kiss haha and that about sums up our party….

Boston had his 1 year check-up and it went pretty good. He is a whopping 24lbs which is now in the 60% so he keeps growing and growing!! He is doing pretty good on milestones except for speech. The Dr. is a little concerned that he can only say DaDa right now… so we are working on that a little harder. But the worst that could happen is he needs a little help down the road and we can handle that! 

But for the most part he is doing great! He is getting really close to walking, he waves, gives kisses, and  is getting into everything!!!!! 

He got the flu a few days after his shots… so this picture basically depicts our last few days… except he is not crying in this one haha. But I think he is starting to get a little better. He only woke up once last night so that is progress! 

And we got our new VAN!!!!

I LOVE it!!! I feel like such an old mom now… but I'm about to have 2 kids so I better just embrace it!! 

2014 is gonna be a fun/crazy year for us :)