Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ode to Brian!

My husband is 26!!!

Weird… we are getting so old. That means I am going to be 25 this year :( bummer… 

But Brian was very adamant about having a low key, cheap birthday (since our trip to Vegas was technically his birthday present too haha)

But you can't just do nothing… right? I made a little mountain dew cake and got the new Thor in 3D, nothing too exciting but just a little surprise!

Brian usually comes home for lunch everyday but on his birthday was a huge business expo at UVU and he was picked to man the booth, so Boston and I surprised him by going to his expo to visit him instead! 

Surprise!! (Boston would not look at the camera hah)

It was actually pretty fun for a business expo, Boss and I walked around to all the booths and stole all the free stuff (lots of candy and pens haha) and got a free lunch since Brian was part of it.

Then when he was done we went to the Pizza Factory for supper. Brian's go-to place for a special meal is usually Tucano's, but because of all the free food at the expo he wasn't hungry enough for an all-you-can-eat extravaganza lol. 

After supper we took Boston to the Provo Rec Center and we had SO MUCH FUN!!! Boston has always loved swimming and this place was quite the site! They had a big jungle gym for little kids, he loved the slides and all the steering wheels, and he was loving the lazy river too. This kid is a hoot in the water! I wish I could have taken pictures, but my camera is not water proof and you can't lock the lockers there so it was too risky!

After we were all tired out from swimming we stopped and Brent and Rachel's for cake!! These hideous green ducks are what Brent gave Brian for a gift… which he found while dumpster diving, how gross! And if you notice Boss is sucking on one so that is just… awesome :) 

Last year after I SLAVED away all day making Brian an amazing basketball/superman cake (it was one of my best yet) he went on to tell me that he would rather just have a DQ cake because they taste better haha… needless to say I was kind of devestated. But I have had a year to get over it and you know what? Buying an ice cream cake is so much easier! And it does make Brian very happy so I guess thats good too.. haha. I will just have to practice my cake skills on other people's birthdays! 

Boston is also a huge fan of the DQ Blizzard Cake….

Uncle Brent was nice enough to share his piece, which I think he ended up regretting cuz this kid can eat ice cream like it's no one's business!


It was yet another successful birthday I would say! We love Brian and think he is just the best! He works so hard so that I can have a house and be a stay-at-home mom with Boston and soon to be baby boy #2, which I just LOVE!  

He is such a good dad and Boston loves when his dad come home to play! Boss is definitely a rough and tumble boy and I don't think I am energetic enough for him haha. He just get's so excited to see his dad everyday because he knows he is gonna have so much fun!

But in other news… between Vegas and Brian's birthday my mom and brother came to visit for a couple days over reading week! We always have so much fun and get SO spoiled when they come! 

We of course ate lots of yummy food and did a little shopping like always, but this time we also went to the trampoline park and the nickel-cade! 

This was our second time to the tramp place and it is so fun!

Boston loved jumping high on the tramp with Brian :)

My mom would throw him in the foam pit (not very hard don't worry) and he would laugh his head off, it was so cute!

Fun with grandma! 

My mom and I stayed with Boston in all the little kid places while the boys did the intense stuff…

I would go and check on them once in a while though to see what they were doing, this is Brian trying to walk the tight rope over the foam pit hahaha he just really sucks at it… to be fair though I didn't do much better but I am pregnant and fat and off balance so, it doesn't count haha. 

I had fun jumping in with Boss too, that stuff is deceivingly hard to get out of!

We made it!

I thought this movie was funny… Boston has learned peek-a-boo and does it at the most random times haha.


The boys pooped out from climbing out of the foam so much...


Boston loves the baby basketball court haha, he is such a boy!

These pictures are form the next night at Nickel City:

We got so many tickets all together and each got a sweet weapon! We had some pretty epic battles at home. 

Mom was so good to play games with Boston while we all had fun playing laser tag and such haha but he was pretty cute trying to throw the ski balls!

We have had so much fun these last couple of weeks that the next ones are going to seem so boring!

But I did have another ultrasound and everything is still looking great! I am measuring about 4x as long as I was with Boston which is amazing news and the baby boy is healthy! I start my weekly shots next week which kinda scares me but I'm sure they will be fine :)

Boston is "walking" pretty good, he can go about the length of our living room if he really concentrates haha but he is getting better at it everyday! It is so cute watching them figure out their balance and feet. 
I let him try feeding himself with a spoon for the first time haha, It was a disaster but he seemed to have fun! 

We are all doing great and can't wait for all our next adventures coming up!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Vegas Success!

Boston got his first hair cut last week!!
Brian did it (scary!!!) but he did an excellent job!! 

Boss did awesome, he just sat there and watched. I think he liked the feeling of the buzzer on his head haha. And he loves his electric toothbrush so as long as he had that he was pretty still. 

And this boy still loves the water! Baths are starting to get a little messy now with all the splashing and throwing of toys but it is pretty funny to watch! 

Tah-dah!! All clean and ready to go to grandma Laurel's tomorrow!! 

On Valentine's Day I got these beautiful flowers delivered from my secret boyfriend on the side… the note said a few sappy things but then ended with I can't wait for Vegas tomorrow!! It wasn't a surprise, I actually planned the long weekend away in Vegas, but reading it got me really excited to get away for a few days!

We drove to St. George as soon as Brian was done work Friday and spent the night with Brian's parents. I am sure they loved that we crashed their Valentines night haha. Then we kissed Boston and Bandit goodbye and headed to Sin City for the long weekend baby free! Woohoo!!

We did most of our regular favorite Vegas things… buffets, Cheescake Factory… LOTS of food! We didn't get the 24 hour buffet pass this time and so we didn't feel quite as fat. Pretty fat… but not quite as fat as last time haha. 

We tried our luck at the slots again with 3 dollars we had in my wallet… but we aren't very lucky. We lost it all :( It's probably a good thing we don't gamble very much haha. We also lost 10$ to a tricksy little Elvis on the strip… Brian was taking a picture of me in front of the Bellagio fountains and he popped into the picture. He then asked Brian for a tip and didn't believe Brian when he said he had no cash on him. So to prove the Elvis wrong Brian pulled out his wallet and opened it to show him that he did in fact have no change… only he did have cash, he had a 10$ bill. haha I told him not to give it to him but Brian felt bested by the Elvis and handed it over. That was an expensive picture and it didn't even turn out good haha. 

We walked around to a couple hotels we missed last time, but being fat and pregnant I was getting tired and sore pretty fast. But we of course made it to the Sugar Factory to get my celebrity lollipops! 

We also found the world's largest gummy bear for Boston :)

Brian was being my paparazzi so I felt like a real celebrity haha. I think I have about a million pictures just like this one….

We went to the M&M world this time too, it was actually pretty fun!!

It has 4 floors!!!! 

We had lots of fun just hanging out us two again for a few days. We went to a few movies and just relaxed :) 

When I went to Vegas with my mom a long time ago we found a Steak n' Shake which was one of Brian's favorite burger places in Texas. So our last night Brian and I made the trip (much longer than expected haha) to the famous restaurant!

Brian was so happy, and it was actually very good!

But we are home now and my mom and brother Brigham are visiting for the week! How fun! Boston is  getting so spoiled with all the attention from his grandparents these past few days. And we are all getting very excited for this baby #2! I am still as fat as ever but not feeling quite so sick, so I'll take it!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Are Having A….Drumroll Please…..


We are having baby BOY#2 in July!

Contrary to popular belief… I am actually really excited for another little boy for Boston to be buddies with! 

I was only 15 weeks at this ultrasound but my boys are good at showing off and we could tell right away what it was haha.

This was my appointment was with the fetal medicine specialist so they did a VERY detailed ultrasound and took about a million measurements and a few other tests. But the results were all great! I am measuring above average right now (I measured very short the whole time with Boston) but they are still going to be cautious. 
Profile of baby boy #2

I am NOT on bed rest yet (hallelujah) but I will be getting hormone shots every week (to help keep my measurements where they should be) and an ultrasound every 2 weeks until I am 24 weeks along just to make sure I am not shortening. If I do start getting to the point where I was with Boston we have a couple other options to try but so far the baby is healthy and so is momma! We couldn't have asked for a better appointment!

Me at 12 weeks

And a gigantic me at 15 weeks! 

Boston (if he had any idea what was going on) is so excited for a brother I am sure haha. 

He took a step yesterday! He was standing and moved his foot forward before falling over :) So I don't think it will be too much longer until we have a walker on our hands! 

But we are all doing great and can't wait for this little addition! And we are so excited for Tyler and Stephanie who are expecting just a couple months after us! It will be so fun to have all the cousins so close in age, they will be party animals!