Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Vegas Success!

Boston got his first hair cut last week!!
Brian did it (scary!!!) but he did an excellent job!! 

Boss did awesome, he just sat there and watched. I think he liked the feeling of the buzzer on his head haha. And he loves his electric toothbrush so as long as he had that he was pretty still. 

And this boy still loves the water! Baths are starting to get a little messy now with all the splashing and throwing of toys but it is pretty funny to watch! 

Tah-dah!! All clean and ready to go to grandma Laurel's tomorrow!! 

On Valentine's Day I got these beautiful flowers delivered from my secret boyfriend on the side… the note said a few sappy things but then ended with I can't wait for Vegas tomorrow!! It wasn't a surprise, I actually planned the long weekend away in Vegas, but reading it got me really excited to get away for a few days!

We drove to St. George as soon as Brian was done work Friday and spent the night with Brian's parents. I am sure they loved that we crashed their Valentines night haha. Then we kissed Boston and Bandit goodbye and headed to Sin City for the long weekend baby free! Woohoo!!

We did most of our regular favorite Vegas things… buffets, Cheescake Factory… LOTS of food! We didn't get the 24 hour buffet pass this time and so we didn't feel quite as fat. Pretty fat… but not quite as fat as last time haha. 

We tried our luck at the slots again with 3 dollars we had in my wallet… but we aren't very lucky. We lost it all :( It's probably a good thing we don't gamble very much haha. We also lost 10$ to a tricksy little Elvis on the strip… Brian was taking a picture of me in front of the Bellagio fountains and he popped into the picture. He then asked Brian for a tip and didn't believe Brian when he said he had no cash on him. So to prove the Elvis wrong Brian pulled out his wallet and opened it to show him that he did in fact have no change… only he did have cash, he had a 10$ bill. haha I told him not to give it to him but Brian felt bested by the Elvis and handed it over. That was an expensive picture and it didn't even turn out good haha. 

We walked around to a couple hotels we missed last time, but being fat and pregnant I was getting tired and sore pretty fast. But we of course made it to the Sugar Factory to get my celebrity lollipops! 

We also found the world's largest gummy bear for Boston :)

Brian was being my paparazzi so I felt like a real celebrity haha. I think I have about a million pictures just like this one….

We went to the M&M world this time too, it was actually pretty fun!!

It has 4 floors!!!! 

We had lots of fun just hanging out us two again for a few days. We went to a few movies and just relaxed :) 

When I went to Vegas with my mom a long time ago we found a Steak n' Shake which was one of Brian's favorite burger places in Texas. So our last night Brian and I made the trip (much longer than expected haha) to the famous restaurant!

Brian was so happy, and it was actually very good!

But we are home now and my mom and brother Brigham are visiting for the week! How fun! Boston is  getting so spoiled with all the attention from his grandparents these past few days. And we are all getting very excited for this baby #2! I am still as fat as ever but not feeling quite so sick, so I'll take it!

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