Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Are Having A….Drumroll Please…..


We are having baby BOY#2 in July!

Contrary to popular belief… I am actually really excited for another little boy for Boston to be buddies with! 

I was only 15 weeks at this ultrasound but my boys are good at showing off and we could tell right away what it was haha.

This was my appointment was with the fetal medicine specialist so they did a VERY detailed ultrasound and took about a million measurements and a few other tests. But the results were all great! I am measuring above average right now (I measured very short the whole time with Boston) but they are still going to be cautious. 
Profile of baby boy #2

I am NOT on bed rest yet (hallelujah) but I will be getting hormone shots every week (to help keep my measurements where they should be) and an ultrasound every 2 weeks until I am 24 weeks along just to make sure I am not shortening. If I do start getting to the point where I was with Boston we have a couple other options to try but so far the baby is healthy and so is momma! We couldn't have asked for a better appointment!

Me at 12 weeks

And a gigantic me at 15 weeks! 

Boston (if he had any idea what was going on) is so excited for a brother I am sure haha. 

He took a step yesterday! He was standing and moved his foot forward before falling over :) So I don't think it will be too much longer until we have a walker on our hands! 

But we are all doing great and can't wait for this little addition! And we are so excited for Tyler and Stephanie who are expecting just a couple months after us! It will be so fun to have all the cousins so close in age, they will be party animals! 


  1. Hooray! how sweet! Brothers will be amazing. congratulations :) your looking fabulous

  2. Thanks Rachel! I'm excited for you guys!! Can't wait to find out what you will be having!