Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Luck O' The Irish

Well…. we had a pretty bad wind here the on St. Patrick's Day and it blew our fence down!! 

On both sides…. aren't we lucky!? Looks like the leprechauns played a trick on us instead this year :( We were hoping to do the landscaping in the backyard so we could have grass for the boys to run and play in… but that might have to wait till next summer now! The front yard and park will just have to do :)

I LOVE St. Patrick's Day, I am not sure why but I always look forward to it. I know some mom's think leprechaun traps and such things are over the top, but I have so much fun doing it and think it's a cute tradition so we are gonna keep doing it!  

Brian is never.. shall we say enthusiastic? about making traps haha, but once I make him start he actually gets pretty into it. This is his deep thinking face. We decided to just make one family trap this year so Boss and I were the decorating team and Brian was logistics haha. 

Boston was such a big help…. not! But he is so dang cute :)

Taking a break for a bottle… this is the only time he would let me keep the hat on for 2 seconds to take a picture haha. 

My little leprechaun…. he looks like he was partying a little too hard.. haha. 

Good thing we only did one… cuz the guys started to get distracted easily and resorted to making fart noises… boys…. 

All done!!! It is our cloud at the end of the rainbow and when you pull the gold down, the lid falls and traps him in the box! So tricksy….

These two have way too much fun together! 


Alas… we did not catch one… again. But we did get lots of delicious green treats to share!!

Boston loved the rainbow candy the best! 

Another St. Patty's success I would say!! (If you noticed we are wearing the same clothes it's because we didn't have time to make the traps Sunday night haha so we made them for FHE and the boys left the room while the "leprechaun" came!! We can still pull stuff like that while Boston is little haha) 

Here is the other movie of Boston walking that wasn't working last time I blogged! He is much better now but I thought he looked hilarious in this one :) 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Half Way!!!!!

This baby is half way to coming out!!! wahoo!! 
20 weeks :) 

Me at 20 weeks with Boston, I think if possible I am bigger this go around, but I started out much bigger so I guess it makes sense. 

Picture of boy #2 picking his nose haha (sorry it's kinda fuzzy, I didn't scan this one just took a picture of it). He is very healthy and growing big!! He is the size of a banana right now, haha. 

My appointment with the fetal medicine specialist yesterday went SO good! At 20 weeks I am measuring at a 4.8 (by now I was a 1.5 with Boston) which is actually far above average haha so I am on opposite sides of the spectrum this time. He is pretty confident that I will go much farther if not full term with this baby!! If everything still looks good at 24 weeks (which is 2 more appointments with him) then I can stop seeing him and officially be taken off the "high-risk" pregnancy label! I still have to take hormone shots every week which just doesn't seem fair… haha but I just do what they tell me. 

I have such a good friend/neighbor Jill that takes care of Boston during my ultrasounds if Brian can't make it, it is such a big help!! She has a cute little girl Emery who is Boss' age and as you can see, they kinda love each other :) 

We also got a visit from Laurel last weekend!! We love when Grandma comes to play :)

She found Boston his very own Bouncy Castle… haha thats right…. this boy has his own bouncy castle now! She got it at a garage sale for 7$! Boston is still too small to jump around in it but he loves sitting in there and playing with all the different balls! 

His favorite is always the basketball which makes his dad happy :) 


This kid is spoiled… Laurel was kind enough to babysit Friday night too so Brian and I could have a real date which we don't get very often so that was really fun!! 

Boston seems to be growing up a lot these past few weeks which is just kinda sad to me!! He is walking really good (as long as it is flat and free of obstacles haha) and has picked up a couple more words! One of course is "ball". He is a true boy, of all the toys he has, his favorite thing is a ball. He loves to throw and catch and kick and be outside…. he is busy! I definitely see lots of sports in our future :)

I had a couple cute videos of him walking and playing his favorite game with dad (getting the ball thrown at this face haha) but they aren't working… maybe next time!! 

We have been taking a lot of trips to the park! It has been so nice out here, I hope this spring weather is here to stay!!!

Fun on the slides! 


He has 4 molars and 8 front teeth is so we are getting there…. and last night he said another new word "bubah", he just walked right up to me and asked for his bubah and drank it all by himself which I have been waiting for FOREVER! haha. 

This photo is really funny if you know the story… We have to try and keep all the doors shut cuz if we forget he will walk into that room and shut himself in (which usually isn't a big deal, he just starts crying and we go get him) but this time he went into the bathroom. We have drawers right beside the door so he closed the door and opened all the drawers, so this is as far as we could get the door opened haha. If you zoom in and look close in the door crack you can see Boston freaking out haha. It took us probably 5 min to get him out, after yelling at him to shut the drawers (between our laughter) and trying with our fingers, we finally were successful with the broom and didn't have to break the door! Needless to say, we have to be extra careful with the bathroom door now :)

I can't wait to see Boston as a big brother! I think he will be so cute, kinda rough (he will definitely make sure his brother is rough and tough too) but that's what big brother's are for right? haha. Our house is gonna be a gong show soon….