Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend!


I love spring time, I love the Easter Bunny, I love the message of Easter, I love egg hunts, and I LOVE decorating eggs the most!!!

My family always did traditional Ukrainian eggs and this is the first year since being married that I got us our own kit so we could start as a family :) 
My jars all ready to be filled!

tah dah!!! they all kinda look the same in the jars so it's a good thing I labeled them haha! 

I got so excited I couldn't wait for Brian to get home from work so I did one right away :) This was my first egg of the day! 

Boston approved! I was taking cute pictures of him with the egg and then he crushed it haha. I hard boiled them though so it wasn't that bad. 

Brian FINALLY got home and we got to start on the rest!! (We did this for F.H.E. the Monday before Easter)

They take a loooonnnggg time but I just love doing them! I think I did eggs from 2-9pm that day haha. With breaks of course… Boston is not that patient :)

Brian's first egg! 

Some of the finished ones! 

My two favorites!

Brian only had the patience for two haha, but he has definitely improved from last time we did them with my family in Canada! 

We had a fun day together as a family doing our eggs… and then the next day Boston got SO SICK!!

This picture perfectly depicts what our week has looked like haha (minus the crying). He had got his 15 month shots a couple days before so I was expecting the rash and fever like he always gets… but for some reason this time was so much worse! He has never been so sick :( (well ok he has but you know what I mean…) 

He is so miserable! We are so used to our happy crazy boy and all he has done all week is cry and want to be cuddled and never sleeps. Which I didn't mine for the first day but now he is driving me crazy! haha I hope this isn't some sort of preview for what is yet to come with this next boy… 

But he finally slept through the night again last night and didn't have a fever this morning so it was an Easter miracle!!

We had an Easter egg hunt this morning which was so fun! Boston came in the room and was looking at all the eggs confused and then started saying "ball" excitedly over and over again haha…. I guess they do look like balls! But then when he discovered there was chocolate inside them he got really into it!

Happy boy with "ball" in hand and chocolate on his face! 

Love my boys!

He didn't want to put them in his basket, he wanted to try and hold them all!

He was so happy when he woke and and didn't have a fever at all so we decided he could come to church haha…. well that was a mistake. He is getting better but obviously still not feeling awesome. He barely lasted through sacrament and then Brian took him home. It has been a rough week for this little boy…. and parents. 

But after church we opened our baskets from the Easter Bunny!

The nursery at our church has a little toy drum that Boston just loves so the Easter Bunny was so kind and got him his own! He was pretty excited!

Our little drummer boy!

He got bubbles too and it was so fun to play with them! He would giggle so cute when they would pop in his face but we never caught that on video :(

Brian got spoiled by the Easter Bunny too… lucky guy!

And then we ended the day with a yummy Easter feast! I made a ham for the first time and it turned out delicious… mmm.. 

I also cut up a watermelon that Boss tried for the first time and he loved it! Who doesn't amiright?

And Brian was so proud of his milkshake contribution to the feast haha… they were a nice touch I must say.

But besides our sickly boy I would say this Easter was a success! We missed our families but Ron and Laurel and partying it up in Fiji right now and Boss and I get to fly home to see my family in one week, yay!!

And here to wrap this post up are a couple of videos of Boston that have nothing to do with Easter haha, enjoy!

He says "yes" to any "did you?" question now, Brian thinks it's pretty funny to play this game….

And my children getting along haha I love watching them play together, Boss loves his puppy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Conference Weekend!

What a fun Conference Weekend we had!!!! Ron, Laurel and Spencer all came up to stay for the weekend and we put them to work!!

We rented a rototiller and dug up the whole backyard!! How exciting! 

We never would have got this done without them. We did have somewhat of a yard but it was mostly weeds and gopher holes… so we thought having a fresh start would be the easiest. 

They came up Friday while Brian was at work and basically had it done by the time he got home! haha.   I tried to help rake it flat but they kicked me out… apparently they didn't want another preemie on their hands haha. 

We got it all dug up and flattened on Friday and then all seeded and fertilized on Saturday morning. We are so excited to have a yard to play in! Boston is going to love it! And we are so grateful for Brian's family for all their help, they were amazing!! Hopefully we should have some grass poking up in a couple weeks :) 

But we didn't work the whole weekend.. it actually went a lot faster than anyone thought it would. We had a lot of fun watching Conference together and hanging out at home too.

Thankfully Boston's naps were mostly during both sessions so he wasn't too much of a distraction. When he was awake he loved the hymns though, he would walk up to the TV and just listen, he is so funny!

It is a lot harder to listen with this crazy guy running around, but you forgive him when he comes to give you hugs! 

Grandma and grandpa brought a HUGE ( I didn't take a picture for some dumb reason but it is seriously the biggest thing I have ever seen!!!) Easter basket filled with toys and candy! Boston is so spoiled! 

We love Grandma visits and cuddles!

He loved the peeps! They were his favorite treat haha I think he hate the whole box in like 10 min. 

mmm…. sticky!

Playing with some stickers out of his basket :)

He got bubbles too!  They didn't taste very good but he loved when Grandma would blow bubbles at him! 

They didn't work awesome because it was so windy hah but that didn't stop him from giggling lots when they would pop in his face :)

I put together our 72 hour kits during one session which was fun! Notice how there are 4 piles!?!? Crazy to think we will be a family of 4 soon! 

We love when family comes to visit, it was such a good weekend!! 
 But either than that nothing too exciting going on...

Boston just had his 15 month check-up (although he is 16 months)

He is 26 lbs (80%) and 33 inches (75%) 
He is running all over the place making messes, still no new words (everything is a ball….) but is understanding a lot more of what we say. He is starting to get more independent and wanting to do things on his own (like stairs) haha which I guess is good. 

He can eat a whole apple all by himself! But he thinks it's a ball….

He gets into everything… I try to contain him to just the living room but once in a while he sneaks into places he shouldn't. I heard him calling for me one day and he was stuck under our bed haha. 

He sure gets injured a lot but he is a total boy and it doesn't even phase him. He is always COVERED in bruises and cuts. They are mostly his fault but this eye sore was kinda mine… I was letting him play with the hammer outside while we were building our fence and he hit himself in the eye haha… ooops.

I love this little guy! I can;t wait to see him as a big brother… it is gonna be hilarious. 

Baby #2 is doing awesome!! (Me at 18 weeks) 

22 weeks!

Everything is still looking really good and I have been feeling great lately, only one more appointment with the specialist and then I can be treated as a normal pregnancy after that. (I hope that means I can stop these painful shots every week soon!) They actually think I could be going over this time because I am measuring quite above average now hahah but I will try my best not to let that happen! I think it is safe to say Boston came so early because he was so sick and not because of me. But we are so excited and so thankful everything is going smoothly this time. July still seems so far away….

Life is good :)