Friday, May 9, 2014

Crazy Fun!

Holy Dinah we have had a few crazy fun weeks! I have pictures galore so beware…
Boss and I flew to Canada to see my family for week! Not for anything special, just for a well needed visit. It's gonna be harder (and a lot more pricey) to get back home when this next boy comes so we figured we better get back one more time before that happens!!

I LOVE going home!! We always have the best time, I really miss Canada. I wish Brian could come more often but someone has to work, right? haha. 

Poor Boss isn't used to the air up there, his eczema (thanks mom) and his asthma (thanks dad) flared up when we got there but it didn't seem to deter at all from the fun!

We did lots of fun things like swimming, eating out (I think I had a poutine each day I was there, I know… gross… but so good at the same time) and lots of visiting but we also went to the butterfly gardens which we have never done before! My family has lived in Med Hat for like a million years and just learned about it!

Ready to go in!

So excited!! Except Brodie I guess haha… 

There were millions of butterflies and they were HUGE!!! To be honest I was a littler nervous haha… I don't like bugs, even butterflies. But none landed on me and it was a really pretty garden so we all enjoyed it!


Playing I-spy with grandma.

It was so foggy in there my camera kept getting steamed up so some of the pictures are fuzzy, But Boston was having lots of fun! 

We have to be careful with him… he has no fear. He often would try to just run off the bridge into the water!

He has started this hilarious fake laugh, I'm not sure what was so funny here. 

And he throws EVERYTHING!! Watch out… he has an arm!

glamour shot!

These were the biggest butterflies, they were this pattern on one side...

and bright blue on the inside, they were actually very pretty!!


They had a little petting zoo on the way out too. He loved the goat and chickens. 

He tried to go swimming with the ducks…. gross!!!

Then later that day we had our Easter celebration haha. Me and Brodie missed real Easter so we just moved it a week :)

We had an egg hunt and then later on had a big family dinner with extended family, it was so fun catching up!

Ready go out to find the eggs!!!

There is little Angela in the back haha!

Brodie had an unfair advantage… I thought these would be tricky ones since I couldn't see up there, I had to throw them haha. I forgot about my weirdly tall brothers. 

There was a lot of screaming, running and wrestling… no major injuries though, just a little trampoline burn. Even Ange was in there with them, she is so crazy!

Boston again thought the eggs were "balls" (as is everything he sees)

So as soon as he would find one he would chuck it haha. 

Brigham got the most eggs, he was pretty proud of himself haha


"what are my crazy uncles running around screaming for?"

joining in on the yelling!

and again!

Me and Brigham spotted the last egg at the same time, this is everyone watching us wrestle over it. He won… if I wasn't pregnant though...

Easter baskets! Boss of course got so spoiled AGAIN… his basket was like 100x the size of everyone else's haha. 

calling the Avengers :)

Loves peeps!!

It was a fun Easter Day!! The rest of our days were a lot more chill… just hanging out with family but just as fun! Boston loves his Grandparents and had so much fun with Uncle Brigham when he got home from school! 

This is Brigham getting ready for school.. as you can see Boston is a little distracting haha. 

We went and had dinner with Brian's grandparents one night and I finally remembered to take a picture of Grandpa Leo and Boston! Brian asks me to get one every time I come visit and I always forget so I was pretty proud of myself haha. Brian thought Boston looked JUST like his grandpa when he was first born and called him "little Leo" haha so this was pretty important to him. 

They were funny together… Boston is pretty good at making people laugh!

It of course went by too fast again! But we did miss Brian (not sure why!) and were excited to come back to see dad! Boss got a cold from my dad the day before we left haha so I was a littler nervous about all the traveling I had ahead of me with a sick baby, but he of course did amazing! He is such a good guy! And we get to see my mom again in a month. It always makes it easier to leave when I know the next time I will see them. I still of course balled my eyes out at the airport and the security guards got really awkward about my tears haha but I am used to it by now.

We flew into Vegas and Brian's parents were back from their trip to Tahiti (jealous!!!!) so we spent the night with them!  

They opened a new Children's Museum in St. George so we went to check it out the next day and it was so awesome! Boston tried to eat everything he saw at first (no wonder he is sick haha) but he had so much fun!

Eating the eggs...

Putting them down the chute!

Milking the cow! 


They really need these at the real grocery store...

eating the fake bread :)

My little Columbus!

He LOVES other kids… that was his favorite part I think was all the friends he could make there. He would just follow them around and laugh and giggle with them, I think the other kids thought he was kinda weird haha. 

On another plane ride! You think he would be sick of them by now….

He loved dancing in the theater haha

Big bubbles!!

So cool :)

Near the end we discovered the Basketball room… uh oh. It was hard to get him to leave this room, we would move on but he would escape and run back to this room haha. 

He seriously loves basketballs and he will dunk on the hoops and actually hang there all by himself… his dad has had no influence on that of course :) Grandma and Grandpa have a hoop at their house too and I think Ron was getting tired out from having to lift him up there all the time haha, he has more patients than me thats for sure.

Playing hockey on the green screen, we got the top 10 score of the day! Wohoo

"Why am I here and not back at the Basketball room?"

King of the castle!!

It was a lot of traveling but so worth it! We are so spoiled with the best families!

But either than our trip nothing too exciting to report… It has been rainy here but also beautiful! I love that Summer is just around the corner, and that means Boy #2 in just under 3 months!! ahhh. So weird to think that I would have had Boston last week!! Isn't that so early!?! So we have officially been pregnant longer this time now. 

Boston is getting so big and is gonna be a hilarious older brother. He loves other kids so much… I think he will be a little rough with the new baby but that just means his brother will be tough like him too haha. 

Oh… and someone has discovered how to take off his diaper… great...

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  1. Oh no! I'm dreading the day Easy learns how to take his diaper off! sounds like a fun trip! so happy #2 is growing big and healthy!