Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some Well Needed Updates!

Well I have been reprimanded from a few people for not having a very good Baby #2 update in a while haha so here it is….

I am almost 31 weeks!! Just over 2 months to go…. crazy!?!

I am feeling this little boy move and kick like crazy now which is really fun because I never really got to feel Boss all that much, it takes me a long time to feel movement! So by the time Boss was big enough for me to feel him he was out! 

I am still on zofran for nausea but only on the odd day so it is much better :) I am feeling really good actually, just fat. I officially weigh more than Brian now so that is always fun….But I think I am a bit smaller (maybe? haha) this round which is good since it looks like I will be going a lot longer haha. 

This is me with Boston at 29 weeks (just a few days before he came!) 

As far as appointments go, I am now at 3 Dr. visits a week! (sometimes 4) It is a little ridiculous… but I guess better safe than sorry right? Good thing I am not working this go around… I go in once a week for my hormone shots (ouch!!), once a month to my OB, once a week for a belly and cervical ultrasound with the specialist to take about a MILLION measurements and now just recently added is a weekly non-stress test with the specialist as well :( Boo….

Last ultrasound they said my baby was big and I had a lot of extra amniotic fluid, so they were certain I had gestational diabetes! Which meant another orange drink test! That's right… I had to do that twice, and it is seriously the worst. I have always had a problem with liquids that taste like medicine haha I gagged it down though and it came back negative! So turns out I just make huge babies… anyone surprised? But the amniotic fluid is still of concern. The baby's kidneys are working well so that is not the problem, so they don't really know what it is. Hence the NST every week now. I get hooked up to a machine for 30 min that monitors the baby's heart rate and any contractions I might be having. So far so good, but if my fluid gets any worse or if the baby shows any signs of stress these next few weeks they said they might have to get him out :S We are really hoping it will all be ok and I won't be dealing with another preemie!! 

My sister-in-law Rachel has been so good to help out and watch Boston during some of my appointments which is a HUGE help because he is a busy, busy boy and does not sit very well at all! haha. 

He's pretty stinkin' cute though…. that is part of the problem hha. 

He really is starting to get a 'tude on him. I am not a fan… He loves to do things mom and dad say "no" to and throws the biggest tantrums you have ever seen when he doesn't get his way. We are getting pretty good at ignoring him though until he finishes haha. 

Here is an example of one of those "NO" things, but this one was pretty funny so we had to capture it before getting mad at him haha. Poor Bandit...

He seems so old to me lately, he is starting to talk a lot more, copying more and more words! His fav is still "basketball" and that's all he wants to play with. He has basketballs and hoops in every room in the house I think haha.  
This is him playing hoops in the tub, his favorite. He is getting pretty good at it! When he was first making the baskets we would cheer and clap and he got so excited! By the time I was filming he didn't really care anymore haha so his reaction is pretty much nonexistent, but still cute!

Brian after bath time….. like I said we have a crazy, busy boy and bath times are usually a wrestling match to get him to sit still and we are usually soaked by the end haha.

He is still a total daddies boy… not fair.
This is them dancing to the rocky theme… at least someone thinks dad is funny right?

Brian is doing good! Just the same hard working dad! He is getting a lot more big clients at work and taking on a lot more responsibility, so we are expecting a raise here in the next month or so which is exciting! He still loves his job :) 

He is playing a lot of basketball which he loves too! He plays a lot of church ball and played in a mens 3-on-3 tournament last weekend! It was so fun to go watch him, he is still pretty freaking good at it!

Boss loved watching it too! He often tried to run out and join them though haha. 
Go Dad!!

And I am just growing this baby and trying to finish all these projects I have started haha.  

I am almost done Boss' big-boy rom downstairs!! It is gonna be so cute and I can't wait to show it off when it's all done! These are a few projects I finished for it over the weekend. I still have the quilt and the curtains to finish but then it's all ready for the big transition… I will take lots of pictures then! 

And I planted our garden!!! Not much to look at right now haha… just dirt, but I hope it works well! (side note… I do NOT recommend doing this when 7 months pregnant haha I was really regretting that the next day, but it will be worth it when it starts growing) Nothing like fresh veggies from the garden, mmmmm. And can you notice our grass growing!? So exciting :) 

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  1. You look great! And you're getting close, that's awesome. And I lived off of zofran my whole pregnancy, too. Sorry about all the tests and appointments! They are the worst (especially that horrid GD test...) And Boston is so cute! We should get together soon, and let us know if you guys ever need anything!