Monday, June 23, 2014

Daddie's Day and Visitors!!

We have had a crazy, busy week!! I can't believe Banner is 12 days old already! It seems like so much has happened in those few days....
We celebrated Father's Day, we have the best dad in the whole world!!!

It was only a couple days after Banner arrived so as you can imagine, it wasn't the best planned celebration I have ever done haha... poor Brian. But luckily my mom was here and basically did everything!!! We went to Wal-Mart and got some little gifts and food to make a yummy dinner! 

Boston was such a good side kick to grandma while making lunch! haha. We had all Brian's favs... sweet potatoes, skewers, corn on the cob and fruit salad! My mom did it all and it was so yummy!! 

Then for supper we had scones! I don't think I have ever made Brian these but they are his absolute favorite thing to eat and my mother spoils him haha. Good thing she was here! 

We of course spent a lot of time at the hospital too! We all love Banner cuddles :)

But the rest of my mom's visit consisted of Banner visits, shopping, and her helping me get my house back together! I'm not sure what I would have done without her....
Here she is weeding my garden in the rain haha. She also organized all my closets, helped me finish Boston's room downstairs (so cute! I'll post pics soon), cleaned everything, and entertained Boston all week... just to name a few things she helped us with haha. 

Her parents came down to Utah for a couple days and stopped by to meet Banner, it was so fun to see them that day! 

But then she had to leave :( It was a pretty sad day for me... I always have a hard time saying bye, but it always seems to be much worse when I have a child in the hospital and she leaves haha I wonder why? I cried a lot that day.... like a LOT. But she will be back when Banner comes home! So hurry up and start eating Banner....

But just a couple days after my mom left Brian's family came down! Tyler, Steph and Vince are in St. George visiting for a couple weeks so they came for the weekend and we had a lot of fun! We hadn't seem them since Thanksgiving and we really miss them! 

I was glad they got to meet Banner while they were here :)

They are having their second little boy too in September! It will be so fun when we get together to see all those little boys running around! 

Grandpa was up in Canada on business when Banner first came so this was their first meeting too!

Glad to have grandma Laurel back!

They were only here for two days, so we spent a lot of the first day just catching up and visiting at the hospital, but then on Saturday we took the boys to the dinosaur museum! 

It was so fun! These two are so different, but played so well together! They were really cute :)


That little green sign in the back says "please do not let children climb on the dino" haha oops...

Building a dinosaur :) Vince is getting so big!! It was so fun to see him, he is talking so good now and just seems so old to me, he's gonna be an awesome big brother! 

I think the highlight for the boys was the water/sand area to play in, here is Vince all geared up to go! 

haha... we are working on smiling on command... 

Vince was so good and was making cute little dino piles and dams with the sand....

... and Boss was just throwing the dinosaur toys at everyone haha, oh boy...

Dino's are so fun! 

That Sunday was Brian's cousin's mission farewell so we all went to that but then we had to say goodbye to Brian's family too :( Why does everyone have to live so far away?!? Tyler is in medical school that starts a bit earlier so we won't see them on the houseboat this year either... but we will see them all at Christmas, we are already counting down the days! haha. 

So now it's just me and Boss at home again during the day... I bought a N64 and that has been keeping us pretty entertained haha. It works out well for me cuz Boston loves watching :) 

He is actually pretty good at playing it too though haha. Look at his little thumb on the control stick, he's so smart!! 

And Banner is doing so good!!! He is such a good little boy! He is off all oxygen and medication now :) We are just working on him eating all on his own, he is still eating through the feeding tube. It will most likely take him a couple weeks to get the hang of eating, he is still too early for that. But we just keep going to practice and one day he will get it! We really want to bring him home!!

Boston doesn't even realize how his life is about to change haha... he just thinks we are taking all these trips to the cool hospital for fun! He still hasn't met his brother yet :( He is not aloud in the NICU so I have had so much help from friends and family with watching Boston so I can go up twice a day and try feeding with Banner. 

Brian goes to get his cuddles in once a day right after work but then we have to switch off and he takes Boston home while I go in to feed again! It is kinda crazy but we are getting pretty good at it now :) 

And this last picture here depicts our hospital visits pretty well haha... they have snacks and drinks in the waiting room and I have eaten so many graham crackers and chocolate milks its insane!! Hopefully we don't have to do this much longer, we can't wait to bring Banner home and be a family all at once!!

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